Thursday, May 3, 2012

Aging via Tavis - Anna & Adrienne. Ain't no Pretty Picture to paint...

Tell me about it, Tavis! This opens up an altogether different social & economic setting for the Average American who is not even ‘average’ anymore. For the most part, many of us Boomers will have to resort to tribal living where 3-4 are living together taking care of our parents – and working part-time just to pay the rent. You’ll also see a rise in food stamps; crime and all the other sordid activities that accompany a break-down in a system – ie: our normal way of living. Gone is the American Dream – and it’s happening elsewhere, too. It’s really too bad. You want parents to live a nice long life; but if you cannot take care of yourself, you definitely cannot take the time off to care-take anyone else, family or no family. And, esp so if ‘We Kids’ – the Siblings do not get along. It’s a horrible situation. Yes, I saw that Anna is coming to Chicago – tomoro after she does her show with you and will comment on that Situation. For those Chicagoans wanting to know – here’s that URL! However, I see that the Show is already sold out.,0,3269694.htmlstory I founded AFSEE: Advocates For Senior Equality & Enrichment ©2002 upon my 50TH Birthday and after years of observation, ‘Aging’ hasn’t gotten any better or prettier. Sounds like a great Interview! Cheers, ASK: Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter STUDIO 1437 Chicago – IL USA 5-3-2012 – 5:25 PM CST As posted on Koopersmith Tavis Smiley FB Page Anna Quindlen FB Page

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