Monday, April 30, 2012

One eBook down. Many more to go...

I hate to see April leave. But April Showers bring May Flowers. Those were the flowers that bloomed too early in Chicagoland, USA – in March of this year instead and now they have all wilted. And, where was I while all this Natural Phenomena was happening? Inside. Hard @ work on my eBook and it is now 95% done. Yes, April’s been a great Month. Short by most standards as I could certainly use the extra Day, but lots got accomplished. It’s good to have looming self-imposed Deadlines as those keep you pinpointed to the task @ hand. Plus, I keep remembering those Writing FB sites (as The Writers Store owned by Jesse Douma & Debra Eckerling) that ask about YOUR WEEKLY GOALS. It’s not that they are hounding you or are just plain nosey. GOALS really do work. Those kept me on track also. Not that I had time to literally write them down, but they were in the back of my mind. Probably the coolest Thing that happened tho was that I am in contact with Mr. William Hastert – all becuz of Facebook here – he is/was my 7TH Grade English Teacher ‘back in the Day during the 1900s - that fueled this book initially. When teachers were teachers and they worked hard for us, selflessly as they were. This was way-back in 1964! And, yesterday he sent my Class Pix from Homeroom to me for 'da book.' Class of 70. Boy, did I look like a Geek. Luckily, he had written out the names of all the kids – my classmates – otherwise, I may not have even known myself! This Insertion will add such Charm and take it to another entirely different level. Thank you, Mr. Hastert for caring - like you did all the way 'back then.' New Month – New Goals. And an extra Day. Might as well get a head-start! Cheers, ASK: Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter Studio 1437 Chicago, IL USA 4-30-2012 – 6:23 PM CST Online at Koopersmithin’:

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