Sunday, April 22, 2012

ASK's Record Progress: How many Words makes for a Book?

ASK’s VOCABULARY RECO FOR EARTH DAY 2012: Overheard on TV the other Evening. 30 Rock now tells us that NEW WORDS are all the Rage. That’s good to know. As there are 73 New Terms that I have personally created for my 4TH coming eBook. It totally amazes me what U can do with only 26 Letters in the English Alphabet. Oh, how I wish there were more (of them)! The FUN part is coming up with a Definition that sounds serviceable – the easy Part is that the Words just seem to materialize from out of the blue…or whatever Colored Room I happen to be in. I’m sure I’d have a few more of these new and improved Terms If We did have a few more letters in the Alphabet. I wonder what I can or should do about that! Any ideas? All in the course of a writer’s day - on my way to what I call, becoming: ‘Famous for being inFamous.’ Posted by: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith Sioux Koopersmith

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