Thursday, April 26, 2012

ASK introduces 84 New Terms into Pop(ular) Culture. Eat your Heart out, Saturday Night Live!

WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE: For those who still watch TV, 30 Rock goes live tonight. All week long Alec Baldin & Tina Fey (ie: JACK & LIZ) have been in this TV commercial where Alec states they are getting LIVER…a new term that he’s introducing. Now reading IT and saying it are 2 different things, Folks. That’s not LIVER – as in chopped or served with onions on a saltine, but LIVER as in Livelier. As in LY-ver. Now, we got it. Fans will love this Show as it’s only the 2ND 1 they’ve done. However, via this Report and Literary Update, they have nothing over my Vocabulary. I just finished the Final Review for my Copyright Infringement Book & I will be introducing 84 New Terms to Pop (Popular) Culture within a matter of a month. That’s 11 pages and over 4050 words to describe those nouveau terms. Now that’s something LIVELY for every Day of the Week, not just on Saturday Night… Posted by: ASK Also on: April 26, 2012 – 8:05 PM CST

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