Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Court of Public Opinion: Books, Studies & Fairy Tales.

ASK’s LITERARY COMMENTARY: Having a Father in Politics (Mayor as he was) from the time I was 8 for the next 16 years, I noticed there was a Court of Public Opinion, but I didn’t know it had a distinct Name equated to it till this year with Politics, Racism and Crime/vs. Justice being the lead Stories in the News. Not that they weren’t before. Not that it wasn’t before. I just happened to take more of a Notice that seemed to be playing out moreso, esp. so with all the Social Networks we’re plugged into. Being curious as to how it affects a Writer and a Writer’s good Name against ‘The Bad Guys’, I decided to do a Case Study – my own - and came up with a 150+ page book – an eBook that will be published soon, hopefully by mid-May. And that’s just the Start. After all, it’s an interesting Topic, Book or no Book, Valued Opinions are as selective as well as over-powering as they can be.

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