Monday, April 9, 2012

ASK's Countdown To 60: April 9 Check-In, eBook-Style, of course.

ASK’s COUNTDOWN TO 60: It’s amazing the past Month has passed us by so quickly. Now, as I approach my 60TH Birthday in 4 more Months from Today on August 9th of 2012, I’m quickening The Process to try to get something done. Naw, not the Housework from 1968, important things. As that eBook I’ve been working non-stop on – all thru the last Set of Weekend Holidays, but it’s definitely coming to light and I can almost see the light @ the end of the Tunnel. Stats (even if it’s NOT Birthday Time to count all those gray hair; pounds and wrinkles) seem to have some bearing on whatever WE Humans do and don’t do. So I DID (the Math as they say) – and I did get something done, that looks like there are now currently:

27,647 Words counting the Footnotes;

26,448 Words without the Footnotes;

If all these Words that fall on 77 pages were Tweeted there’d be:

118.84285714285714 Tweets = from: 166,338 = Characters with Spaces


993.7285714285714 Tweet – from: 139,122 – Characters without Spaces

That’s the major chapter and as we writers and authors know, when the BIG ONE is done, that’s truly a relief. That’s enough to do for 1 Day…closer to The Countdown to 60.

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ASK's Countdown To 60: April 9 Check-In, eBook-Style, of course.

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