Saturday, April 21, 2012

On the Inside of Literature. A Question Worth ASK-ing...

ASK/Chicago: Needs a Favor. As you know I’m writing a book on Copyright Infringement on how it affects the ARTIST/Writer living in Contemporary Times. What I now need (as I am putting the finishing touches on the eBook) is to know WHO are the leading People in Literature? I don’t mean the President(s) of the top book publishers. There’s got to be a very elite Group – of which I would not even know OF their exact titles who work (ON THE INSIDE OF LITERATURE) at the universities (Yale – Harvard, etc.) that deal with the Intricacies of what is the Hot Issues of Literature in this Day & Age. They may be the organizers of the leading book fairs thruout the world. I am not sure at all. But I’m guessing such a group exists only because we SURVIVE on literature and so many of us make a living from it. I know I’m not being too specific, but if any of you have leads, names, etc. I’d really appreciate U FB-ing them to me for further research. Thank you all! Cheers, ASK: Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter Studio 1437 Chicago – IL USA Saturday, 4-21-2012 – 10:10 AM CST Also posted on:

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