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Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project - Chicago-Style: Concluding Re(d)marks

SUBTITLE: The Finale of Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project K-Blogs

Chicago, IL USA: Scientific American’s October, 2008 Cover told us to:

Forget the Big Bang: Now, it’s the BIG BOUNCE Theory

and indeed that was what happened when Kurt Perschke, Sculpture/Artist finalized his 15TH City-wide Exhibition in 25 Days at the renown Chicago Cultural Center on Thursday, September 25TH at 5 PM.

Releasing a significant Amount of Air from The Ball, that was stunningly hoisted between the void Air Space between the Mezzanine’s Balustrade and the southern Exposure Crescent Window near the South Entrance Way (some 15 feet across), the 250 lb. (perhaps it was down to 200 lbs. by that time) BALL hit the First Floor with a tremendous Thud (possibly seismic in nature), raising an engrained dusty film that was hardly noticeable to the thousands of people that enter The Center every Week. The Thud hit once; then twice followed by a mass of applause emanating from The Crowd that curiously gathered along The Sidelines to watch the Finale. None really knew what would happen. The only Physical Law (that the Majority knew about) was that the Gift of Gravity makes an Object fall to the Ground. If the Object is rubber, it’s bound to bounce. If it’s a 200+ Ball how hard and how far would it bounce? That’s what formulated most of The Surprise Ending. That Closing Event and Moment spiraled into the Culmination of an electrifying Exhibition of Public Art that united Residents, Tourists and Visitors of Chicago to the City Surroundings, yet depicted it in scarlet Tones that splashed on (to) The Scene.

Like a Bee to a Flower, Crowds had gathered throughout The Redball Project’s September Visit to Chicago and for good Reasons.

1) The Ball was a Curiosity.

2) It was bigger than life-size and this gave its Drawing Appeal.

3) It genuinely had a positive Affect over People that brought out an Array of Actions and Reactions.

4) It created a Sense of Community and Camaraderie to those who saw it.

For those who stopped to wonder and ponder its Existence and ask Why (it was there), People queried others about what they thought of The Ball.

It became:

5) The Buzz Word around town as more and more People told others who wanted to see ‘It’ for themselves.

Since a sizable Cluster of People now carry Cameras and/or their cell phones become an instant Camera, Pictures were continuously snapped of THE BALL in Action. That Action was not necessarily comprised of it ‘sitting stagnant’ there from 11AM – 6 PM on the Days it made ‘The Rounds’.

People (themselves) became involved. The Ball became ‘interactive.’ People staged a Series of Silly Antics that ranged from

head-butting The Ball;

to the 6-P Affect (which I labeled as: Punching, Pelting, Pounding, Pummeling, Pouncing, Patting & Pinching ‘The Ball;’

to laying under The Ball (even in pricey designer LaSalle Street ‘Suits’);

to pretending to ‘push it’ in an Atlas-type position;

to crawling up on to scaffolding encasing the Ball; and

to pulling an Assortment of Gymnastics including head and hand stands.

Throughout the Duration of the Presentation, The Ball itself did not move. Yet, The Ball moved People. This Deduction stems from the poignant quote a(nother) famous Chicago Artist, Walt Fydryck quoted several years ago:

“Don’t touch The Art, let The Art touch you.”

The Action embraced that of the Viewers; the Camera People; the TV & Radio Stations who found Kurt’s Sculpture to be as fascinating as the Politicians who were making News; the Crimes that were being committed and covered; the Dramas happening in the Entertainment Field; the Collapses on Wall Street; the Dreams of those going back to School, as September signals a Sign for Education to recommence and an End to The Summer – all the News that happened in September, 2008 equated to the News surrounding Kurt’s RedBall.

For a few Moments in Fleeting Time, the 'Blues' dissipated...


KURT PERSCHKE’s REDBALL PROJECT became an Educational as well as Psychological Course in Art, Human Nature, Interaction and Diligence. It became the Topic of many Papers (both on and off-line) and enthralled many Journalists from those who are seasoned Professionals from the biggest Newspapers in Chicago to Students entering the Broadcasting Field who were ‘out on Assignment’ to Interview the Artist and the City’s Reaction to it.

Q: Would this spherical Sculpture be as amazing if it were a clear (as glass) Ball?

Q: Did the RedBall increase Sales to Target, their Sponsor?

Q: What else will We find ‘around the next corner’ as We go upon our daily Routines?

Although most of the Questions Kurt was asked were the same, the Level of Interest was certainly there. This captivated not only The Artist who was extremely proud of his Undertaking (as this was the Seventh City The RedBall Project and its Third Continent visited and once Perschke’s Home), it methodically became a Reminder that Public Art Displays (as this) are made possible by the fine Sponsorship of larger Concerns – Target Corp, who backed the Project and believe in ‘giving back.’ Throughout Art History, the Church, Government, The Wealthy and Corporations have backed Human Creativity. In this highly troubled and recessionary/depressionary Age, that seems like the furthest Avenue to pursue in anyone’s mind, but it is the Goal of Target. Every Week, Target (based in Minneapolis, Minnesota as it celebrates its 106TH Milestone Anniversary), gives 5% of its Income to Communities – over $3,000,000 every Week.

“Target held a Ball and Chicago was invited.”

Quote of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Tuesday, September 30, 2008 – 11:12 AM CST

Judging by the great Attendance Levels at each Pivotal Point, People of all Ages enjoyed and responded in a receptive and friendly manner. That is an Art in and of itself.

As Kurt conducted Interviews every Day to those professionals in The Media as well as passers-by who merely wanted to meet the Artist and see what made him ‘tick,’ the Ideas shared could fill Volumes. There are still many Questions that need to be answered. The light-heartedness of seeing a giant Ball made People happy. Happier still was the Response it elicited from People, who…most likely would not have stopped and chatted with one another if The Redball Project had not graced Chicago.


T – The
H – Hot
R – RedBall
I – Is
L – Leaving
L – Land of Lincoln

is gone, but not forgotten. Now, that’s pretty meaningful in and of itself, you know.

Reported by:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what Adrienne writes about…”
GORF Werks Central
“Home of The Grin Reaper’ – ‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot’
‘The Icon of The Green Movement’
Chicago – chicaGORF – IL USA

Posted: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 - 1:10 PM CST

SOURCE: Info about Target found at:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project comes 'Full Circle' at The Chicago Cultural Center: Day 15 of 15.

Chicago, IL USA:

According to my Art Calendar, it is Thursday, September 25, 2008 meaning Halloween has been at the Retailers for 2 Weeks now and Christmas Merchandise has been hung with the gentlest of care for about the same time. However, The Event that is leaving its inDelible RED Mark, marking Excitement while 'painting The Town RED' the last 25 Days is:

Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project:
Day 15 - The Finale

is LIVE today at The Chicago Cultural Center located at the Intersection of Michigan Avenue - & - Washington. It began on September 1 directly across the Street at Millennium Park. It seems appropo that it closes its Chicago Adventure at the Cultural Center where Programs of every Artistic Means is on display.

Walk in through the South Entrance any time from 11 AM - 6 PM with your Camera as this is One Sculpture that you will not want to forget.

IN A NUTSHELL: No matter what the Location was:

A Park
A Religious Center
A Church
A Bridge
A School
A Restaurant
A Train Depot
between Buildings
under Buildings and/or
wedged between Buildings

there was always time to look, see, touch, pounce, pound, pat, play and ultimately BLOG about the big RedBall.

Thank you, Kurt Perschke for making this so;

Thank you, Target for Sponsorship;

Thank you, Nathan Mason, Curator of the Chicago Cultural Center who had the Insight to bring 'The Sculpture' to town and 'deliver';

Thank you, Tony Gaddis, Camera Director; Rebecca K. & Monica H., Kurt's Assistants who physically and loyally worked The Project;

Thank you, Megan & Peggy, the tireless Promoters;

Thank you to the lively and enthusiastic Staff who handed out thousands of the Souvenir Flip Book so that we'd know more about The Experience at our fingertips;

and thanks to the Curiosity of People in General...call it Human Nature...the Event was one that will go down in the Annals of Public Art showing how One Form and One Color can positively affect People in the best of all ways.

After all, where else could you pull 'free punches' and still get 'caught on film?'

YOU'RE INVITED: To revisit KOOPERSMITHin' here on September 30, 2008 as my Final Opinions on KURT PERSCHKE's RedBall Project will be posted as well as a more thorough Examination of September 22-24 Shows.

Reported by:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what Adrienne writes about...
GORF Werks Central
'Home of the Grin Reaper' - 'Chicago's First Green Mascot' &
'The Icon of The Green Movement'
Chicago - chicaGORF - IL USA

Posted: Thursday, September 25, 2008 - 10:10 AM CST

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kurt Perschke's RedBall Countdown: Day 14 of 15. Catch It While U Can!

Chicago, IL USA:

Chicago Tonight (Channel 11 - WTTW - Educational TV) captured the True Essence of The RedBall Experience on Tuesday Evening. The Station has a long history of favorably showing the Artist in his Domain and elaborating upon why the Piece(s) work in the(ir) various settings. The detailed 7 minute Interview with Kurt Perschke (who formerly lived in Chicago) that ran from approximately 7:25 - 7:32 PM showed where The RedBall previously been:

Sydney, Australia
St. Louis &

with Footage, as well as its present TOUR DU CHICAGO with playful Segments showing Chicago-based People (whether they are residents, tourists or suburbanites) unleashing 'The Inner Child.' Multicultural is one way to describe it, as the Reaction to The Ball must have been as interesting as it has been to 'Chicago' as a collective.

"I love it!"

"People are getting a Big Kick out of it! Kurt explained. "It draws People in to The City. Their own Imagination is the Crux of the Piece."

RedBall captured the Attention of thousands of People (since September 1) ranging from Kids (of course) to Business Men in 'full-suits' on LaSalle Street.

Rebeccah Kardong, one of Kurt's Assistants (and also a Sculpturist) stated: "I think it's crazy to walk past it and ignore it."

Due to the sad Fact this is nearly the last Day of THE REDBALL EXPERIENCE, this Blog will be cut short by a few 100 Words in order to see it. After all, clocking those priceless Expressions is blissful for Writers and Photographers both. Material like this doesn't 'roll into Town' every Day.

Koopersmithin's BLOG Appearance:

An abbreviated REDBALL 'Take' will appear tomorrow before 10 AM and then a thorough Write-up on Tuesday, September 30TH for those who wish to compare Notes. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday's Blogs (September 23-25) will be revised also during that hiatus.

Please check back then.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR to see THE REDBALL in its Final Performance at:

The Cultural Center - 78 East Washington - South Corridor from 10 AM - 6 PM on Thursday, September 25TH. Then, you'll see why it has been the 'Talk of the Town.'

Reported by:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what Adrienne writes about..."
GORF Werks Central
'Home of The Grin Reaper' - Chicago's First Green Mascot
'The Icon of The Green Movement'
Chicago - chicaGORF - IL USA

Posted: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 - 9:45 AM CST

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Brobdingnagian Red Ball bounces down Chicago's Wall Street

Chicago, IL USA: Day #13 of fifteen Stops begins today at:

19 South LaSalle Street in Chicago

in the Heart of the Loop's Financial and in this case: FUN-ancial District for


Stay tuned for more details as the Day rolls in.

Reported by:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
GORF Werks Central
'Home of The Grin Reaper' - Chicago's First Green Mascot
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what Adrienne writes about..."
Chicago - chicaGORF - IL USA

POSTSCRIPT: Giving Credit Where It's Due...

For those who never read Swift's Gulliver's Travels:

Brobdingnagian means: of huge size, gigantic, an inhabitant of Brobdingnagia. It was here that everyone was of enormous size.

I can't recall reading that Story as a Youth, but thanks to:

Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language

I found this Synonym for Kurt's 'BIG' RedBall Project and chances are in all of our Blogsphere, no one else is using IT today...

Posted: Tuesday, September 23, 2008 - 8:28 AM CST

Monday, September 22, 2008

Photographing Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project.

Chicago, IL USA: Hypothetically,

IF Humpty Dumpty sat on this Ball
IF Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall...

(now, you finish this 2-Line Poem for valuable Prizes, all found online at Target, the Sponsor of Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project).

No, not really. I just made that up. But my Writing Instructor always insisted We Writers need a strong Thought for an effective Opening Statement and I figure a Childhood Icon and a Gift would secure that.

However, as I think of old H.D., I have a Mental Vision of him in my mind. And, since Kurt began his RedBall Project so many years ago and has taken 'The Experience' across The World, there must be tens of thousands of Photographs that others have taken to capture 'The Moment' in which they initially saw The Spherical Sculpture. Many would not get the Opportunity to return to it, day-after-day but needed to 'record The Red' as they came upon it.

Watching The Ball seriously now for 11 of its 12 Visits across Chicago as I have had the Good Fortune to do, there are few People who do not pull out their Cell Phone with its attachable Camera and/or a Hand-Held Camera when they see the massive Sculpture.

Hopefully, those Individuals who have taken 'great Images' of The Ball will not merely leave their Photographs in their Camera or Computer. By all means, send them to the eMail Address posted at:


in order for Kurt to then develop this 'Leg' of The Legend into a Book or Video Presentation with the Aid of his Film Director, Tony Gaddis.

The Ball is a colorful RED. To date, People in Barcelona, St. Louis, Korea, Sydney, Arizona, Portland and now Chicago are documenting it. Lady Diane (of the United Kingdom) may have been the 'most photographed' Personality for People Magazine (in earlier years), but I have a gut feeling: Kurt Perschke's RED BALL is the most photographed Outdoor Sculpture (considering its somewhat abbreviated month-long, once-a-year Adventure to Cities across the World). Tourists vacationing in these Locales from other distant Lands may also have (red-hot) RedBall Photos in their Cameras. By all means, encourage them to send those Images to Kurt and include a Name, Contact Number and Caption. This Act(ion) is definitely a Creative Way to keep the Momentum of The Ball alive and rolling.

Reported By:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what Adrienne writes about..."
GORF Werks Central
Chicago - chicaGORF - IL USA

Posted: Monday, September 22, 2008 - 11:45 AM CST

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cubs win Divisional - Attributed to Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project

DATELINE: Sunday, September 21, 2008


Chicago, IL USA: "There's something going on here" stated a Man seriously as he was cruising on by RedBall as IT greeted the last Day of Summer, on ITs Day 12 of ITs month-long September Stay in Chicago. IT is always a Happening as anyone can attest, but sometimes IT is hard to decipher what the IT really is.

For instance (or I-ns-T-ance): The Day before Kurt & Krew-Mates set up the 250 pound - 15 foot tall Ball at IIT: Illinois Institute of Technology that was labeled as:

The IT place to be.

This was because their Bannered Logo emphasizes the IIT of Technology in such Buzz Terms as:

credu-IIT- y,

and comparable Terms with the Double 'I.'

We (in The Marketing Sector of Life) like that Association and Assimilation, alot.

And, IT's really NO different when IT (or IIT) comes to The Foundation of what makes this I-ns-T-allation (installation) tick. There's alot going on here that most People do not consider or realize. The major-IT-y of the Population are just I-n-T-rigued with ITs Size, let alone The Engineering Dynamics on how IT is set up; stays inflated and the Methodology of Size f-IT-ting into a set Space, let alone the I-n-T-eraction that develops when Man/Woman/Child & Pets encounter IT. This is the only Form of Inflation (or I-nfla-T-ion) We care to experience.

Those important Key Terms are: Majority, Intrigue, Size, Engineering Dynamics, Size Fit, Set Space, Interaction, Encountering, Inflation/Deflation and Experience.

In this case, We do not mean to be so cruel to say that KURT's Project (that turns into an Experience for ITs Viewers) is an "IT" -- IT just seems to f-IT, the s-IT-uation - this Blog Compos-IT-ion here for this po-I-n-T in Time since The RedBall Project spent a lovely Saturday Afternoon at a univers-IT-y, IIT: The Institute of Technology, one of the Top in The Nation.

For those Individuals who have never ventured much farther south Congress Parkway in Chicago, the IIT Campus is only a brief 15 Minute Transit Ride on the #29 Bus from the Harold Washington Library (located at 400 South State Street, that 'Great Street').

On Saturday, September 20, The RedBall received undivided Attention from Students whose 'Bent' and I-nteres-T-s are a b-IT more scientific and techno-savvy in nature than those who experienced The Redball in former Locales.

HOW DO YOU DEFINE 'CROWD': The Differences in RedBall Locations does yield to Differences in Population Attendance according to if it is a Weekend vs. a Workday Crowd. Yet, for many of these ruler-clad, techno Whizzes and their Parents (as IT was also Family Weekend at The School), they were pleased to see an I-nstalla-T-ion that aroused a Sense of Wonder in what they are I-nteres-T-ed in as well as providing a huge Charge of commanding Color to their Campus Grounds as the Autumn Season began kicking into gear.

SET-UP of Kurt's RedBall would have been spectacular or should be readjust that to:


My Vote is cast for: spectacul-ART.

IT (The Ball) was wedged at IIT on iits Southern Sector bordered by The Intersections of State and 32nd Streets...under the L-Train...both of them. A Tube ran into the 'Student Union' Section that also housed their Radio Station, appropriate places to read/study, an Entertainment Center with Pool and Table Tennis Tables and a few Stores including a Snack-Stand and Caffeine Bar. The silver metallic 'Tubing' would need an Engineer to completely describe. For the Layman (as myself), IT worked ITs Way into the Structure and ran the distance'back' which added a 'Space Age' feel to the inner Corridors. "Beam me up, Scotty" seemed to be what you wanted to say.

Outside, Redball cast lavish Shadows from the L-tracks when Mom , GORF and I arrived. Our Trip lasted from 12:30 - 3:05 PM. During this Time, We watched People of all Ages -- and many from different nations vis-IT-ing their Children marvel:


To exercise between classes, a Volleyball Net was set up 1/4 of a block east of The RedBall near life-size(d) Chess and Checker Boards. The Layout of the McCormick Tribune Campus Center was incredibly well-planned. Fortunately, The Weather for the Weekend Excursion fully cooperated which made IT yet another Red Letter Event for Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project.

I-nser-T: For those who don't venture 'far' from home, there are many s-IT-es to admire in The c-IT-y (or: c-IIT-y) to be enjoyed. When IT comes to 'Staycations' -- all you need to do is 'bounce' around from place-to-place with The RedBall Project to understand that The Finds you discover may be in your very own Backyard. Shades of Dorothy in the Land of Oz with her Ruby Red Slippers are reminiscent here.

Sharing them with Family Members or Strangers (that you instantly connect with just to talk about The Ball) for a spell, undoubtedly, may be the most worthwhile IT (or IIT) Moment you could ever have; Times to treasure and cherish.

TODAY: Sunday, September 21, 2008
Day #12 of KURT PERSCHKE's RedBall Experience

The exact Wording is really 'Redball Project' if you read the Info of which quite a bit and byte is posted at:


IT is more of an Experience. The Project is what IT is...and IT has appeared across The World, but there's more to IT than 'meets The Ball' and Eye-Ball.

"Artists have a Pigment of their Imagination." * Kurt Perschke's are coloRED in RED. The Rolling Stones' was 'paint(ed) in Black. Prince's reigned in as: Purple Rain. The Beatles traveled away in a Yellow Submarine. A German Singer named Nena sang-a-song about 99 Red Balloons (translated from 99 Luftballons). All of these Artists have had One Common Thread and that was The Gift to Mingle. Once their Project or Creative Endeavor was 'finished,' IT was The Prime Time to 'hit The Road' and share IT with others. These are what fill our Annals with Historical Events that We can later reflect on to see how important they have been in our Development as a Civilization. Having the Opportunity to share One's Art is Part of The Process and may be more important than The Art IT-self.

For those who have not heard, Kurt does not travel The World every Month mingling with People as he tells them about his RedBall Vision. Many People think he does. I, for one, did till I found out differently. Artists do have to stay home in their Studios in order to create their next NEXT BIG THING. It's Part of their Job Description, found in the fine print.

TheRedBall Project has become an Annual Adventure that takes Months to plan and prepare (f0r). It's a RO: Real Operation that is also a RO: Reel Operation. However, The Buzz begins and continues to build as each Day draws closer to its Opening. After The Network is firmly ironed into place, 'The Mingling' can begin. Blogs are the ideal Key in which to record this Mingling and Enthusiasm.

What was really exciting to note was a Group of Segway Riders who caught up with Kurt's RedBall on Sunday at The Chess Pavilion on North Avenue and Lake Michigan. The Guide stopped near the North End of The Ball with his 5 'Leads' in tow and began describing The Ball in rich detail. He evidently 'did his Homework' and wanted to share The RedBall Experience with his Crowd. Intrigued with The Ball and realizing it was was there for only 'The Day,' the Group quickly hopped off their 'Segs' and took photographs in front of IT -- for several minutes. Catching the(ir) Enthusiasm, other Folks who had stopped at The Ball, began 'snapping' Pictures of them. It was 'quite a Moment' in RedBall History.

Acceptance of ART is sometimes hard, especially so in an Economy that is on uncertain Grounds, but The Group knew what this Sculpture represented and wanted to capture that Moment as they listened to the(ir) Guide's Explanation and later translated the 'Kodak' Experience to ever-lasting Film.


Kurt's Cameraman and Director who is documenting the entire Chicago RedBall Project at each Location. A Painter-turned-Video Expert and Graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, his Portfolio displays the immense amount of Talent and Work he has accumulated since his Graduation. Reach Tony at:


Day #12: The Chess Pavilion: North Avenue @ The LakeFront

Frontiers are to be forged, even on the Lake Front. These 21st Century Lake-Frontiers were comprised of:

People who jogged past,
walked past,
ran past,
biked past,
roller-bladed past,
strolled past,
scootered on by,


People on cell phones; People not on cell phones,
Moms & Dads (of all Ages),
People with tattoos; People without tattoos,
People over-dressed,
People under-dressed,
People with walkmans,
People plugged in,
People unplugged (in or out),
People driving Carts,
People with cameras,
People wishing they had cameras

were all out in-force and huge numbers (as never before seen) as The RedBall stationed itself under the Concrete Roof of The Chess Pavilion on North Avenue, a short 7 block Stroll (only about 10 minutes) from the John Hancock Center that stood partially masked in a dense Fog as the Sun unsuccessfully tried melting through. No one minded if a bit of cloud coverage was present. The Temperatures rose to the High 70s and by the record number of People on the LakeFront, it was the perfect Ending to the Summer of 2008.

From 'The Bend,' located approximately 3 Blocks east of the Chess Pavilion, The Ball could still be seen -- in all its RED-iness and Wonder. Because it was a Weekend, People were more 'at ease.' Apparently, by their looks and expressions, they enjoyed their Sunday all the more enhanced by seeing a Sculpture that let them wonder as they wandered The LakeFront, one of the most popular Natural Settings in Chicago, Illinois.

PROVING MY POINT: One Sculpture Enthusiast and very genuinely friendly Fellow, Scott biked in (all the way from Oak Park, Illinois) to view the RedBall that he had been hearing about. His Round-Trip Venture is approximately 13 miles.

Chicago is, indeed, a City of Views. Viewpoints, also. But, 'The View' ignited by Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project exceeded all Expectations for the last Weekend of Summer, 2008 and its last Weekend for this Month-long Extravaganza. You still have Time to experience it although The Countdown has now begun at:

Tuesday, September 23 - 19 South LaSalle Street

Wednesday, September 24 - Federal Plaza - 230 South Dearborn

Thursday, September 25 - Cultural Center - South Entrance (78 East Washington)

For those who are curious to see The Effort and Mechanisms IT takes to inflate The Ball, plan to arrive about 90 Minutes early so you can watch and observe. Monica and Rebeccah, Kurt's Assistants (and also Artists) will be happy to explain its Dynamics. Tony is also filming People who want to 'have their Say' about their RedBall Experience. This will later be released as a Video Compilation. The Exhibitions open at 11 AM - 6 PM, but Set-Up is an Experience. Or, if you're more of an Afternoon Personality, stay for its Deflation. It is guaranteed, you will appreciate The Sculpture all the more.

TO RECAP: As stated in the Opening Line: "There's something going on here."

Reported by:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
GORF Werks Central
Chicago - chicaGORF, IL USA

* "Artists have a Pigment of their Imagination."

Explanation: The correct Term is 'Figment,' but in order to keep with the Course of this Text, I've used a Rhyming Word here that seems to deepen and express the Artist's Lifestyle.

Posted on: Sunday, September 21, 2008 - 2:01 PM CST

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ball-Spotting*: Kurt Perschke's RedBall heads South of Congress to The Hyde Park Art Center.

Chicago, IL USA: For all those astute Modern Sculpture Aficionados and Curiosity Hounds, Friday ignited a Weekend Blast that jointly appeals to locals (stayvacationers) as well as Tourists, Sight-see-ers and fellow Artists (of all Genres). The Hyde Park Art Center that is relatively new to The Chicago Art Scene (having opened in April of 2006) was the 9TH Site for Kurt's RedBall Project that 'coveRED' (cover + RED = coveRED which seems to be THE WORD that fits the Occasion perectly) nearly the entire Sidewalk on the South Shore (Line).

Psychology RED-efined:

The Interaction and Reaction is what intrigues the average Person who sees The Ball. The immense Size of TheBall also stops them in their Tracks. Then, like Journalists true to their Art and/or Craft, they automatically ask the 5W's of Journalism. The Combination of The Three IRS Factors (Interaction/Reaction/Size) are Elements that separate a REDBALL Day from any other on the Chicago Art Scene. And, why is this so? Because People are naturally curious. Curiosity makes a person friendlier and ultimately Conversations begin.

New Friends are made.
The Network grows.
Creations of other Dimensions spread.
Peace ensues.

Such was the exact Case when GORF & I finally arrived at 5020 South Cornell, around 2 PM on Friday, September 19TH. We had a long Trek from Edgewater, but We wanted to see the latest Reaction of The RedBall in more of Neighborhood, cozy Setting, away from Corporate Skyscrapers and Pinstriped Suits, Attache Cases and High Heeled Stilettos. Besides, with The Buzz now 20+ Days 'in the Making,' the General Curiosity & Acceptance Level would be peaking regardless of the sensational Weather Conditions.

With a perfectly clear Day and Zero Humidity Factor at hand, We really had no Excuse to be anywhere else. The General Population at the HPAC: Hyde Park Art Center appeared to be more like those enjoying the Ambiance of a French Bistro...seated on comfy Chairs-- of which there must have been 30 Seats and (at least) 15 Tables.

Surrounding KURT was an Entourage of People who were interviewing him. I strolled closer to hear what he was telling them, as a Flurry of Questions kept flying from their Lips. Maybe there was MORE to be learned about his Work than met the Eye...as we heard (FIRST HAND) from The 'Mouth' of The Artist himself.

And then from the 'Mouse' of my Interpretation.

Paraphrased (since city traffic and backround noises were prevalent) is what PERSCHKE told his Assembly of Columbia College Reporters who were all budding Journalists. Just think - their Interview may become Part of Art Journals in the Years to come...along with other Interviews given to Art Greats at deKooning, Picasso, Dali, Paschke and many others who've achieved a large Degree of Acceptance:

"The Person who ignores it (The RedBall) is a stranger."
Kurt Perschke Quote - Friday, September 19, 2008 - 2:30 PM CST

"You never know who's watching you."

"I don't see the Project as an Object, but an Experience."
Kurt Perschke Quote - Friday, September 19, 2008 - 2:35 PM CST


-- Earlier in The Day, a Man was arranging Gumballs in various Colors around The RedBall and taking Pictures of it.

-- In June of 2009, Kurt will be designing a Set for a Performance in New York City, his new Home (although by Birth Rights, he's a bona fide Chicagoan).

(ASK Insert: Chances are all this will be documented and updated for his new Followers and Fans from Past Shows on his Website. Stay tuned).

-- Toronto is next on The RedBall Project Schedule for June, 2009. Quite coincidentally, a huge Expose on t-O-r-O-nt-O appears in the Saturday Home Edition of The Chicago Tribune's RedEye on Page 16.

As the 4 Columbia College Students wrapped up their Interview Time with Kurt, more People began gathering outdoors at The Outdoor Cafe/Art Center. Since they were now really 'charged up' from talking to The Artist himself, they were anxious to hear Comments from others on The Sculpture. Because of my 'Milling Around,' I got the Opportunity to speak to Alyssa, Jenn, Isiah and Keith and they were curious (as all inquisitive Reporters should be) as to what my Opinion of The Ball was.


After all, it's Part of the(ir) Job Description and it's the Food For Fodder (as Chicago Tribune Metro Reporter, Eric Zorn states) that ultimately makes for interesting Reading for their Subscribers;

demonstrates their Instructor was 'right on TARGET' (although Target Retail Stores is Kurt's Sponsor) in assigning this Story; and

their Take makes for a colorful Story in The Archives of Modern Art that all becomes 'history' as the Day passes.

THE BOTTOMLINE: It's a good Idea to take a Tablet of Paper with you wherever you happen to go, as you don't want an(y) Idea to escape a possible Red-Event Story.

Alyssa asked me which Day (from the past 8 Apperances was my Favorite.

"It's not that you like One Location better or over another," I tried to explain to the Students. "A parent doesn't or should not like one of his/her Children more than another. It's just that everyone brings their own Charisma or Charm (or lack of both) to The Table. 'So it goes' is the perfect Phrase that Kurt Vonnegut said as Billy Pilgrim in Slaughterhouse 5 (with his own Preferences). Five (5) different Locations (actually more to this Date) all have something different to offer The Viewer. Then, of course, it's what The Viewer puts into The Surroundings that makes The Opinion either positive, negative or somewhere between in varying Shades of Red (We could and are say(ing)). You just have to be mindful to what each Location (Red Spot) offers and presents. It's the simple Law of Supply +Demand. Kurt Perschke supplies The Inspiration and whatever the Viewers' Demands are (which are totally personal), will emanate from that Presentation and the(ir) Contact."

Quote of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Friday, September 19, 2008 - 4:20 PM CST

As Alyssa, Jenn, Isiah, Keith & I finished our Chat, two Senioritas (Ladies who just happened to be Senior Citizens) walked by, taking 2 Souvenir Booklets from Kurt's Assistants. "We came by for this Special Occasion," the taller Gal said smiling, pleased to be Part of The Assembly of People who had gathered to admire.

David Delgado arrived late. He was the 5th Spoke(sperson) of the Columbia College Student Group who missed 'the Bus' but biked the Distance, nevertheless to interview Kurt and become a Part of The RedBall Project Experience.

"We could interview each," I said to him, "Since We are both Writers. It's is a good Exercise in and of itself - in order to see WHAT the other Comments are a Person may not pick-up immediately. We both know something about 'The Craft of Writing' and I'm sure the Conversation could be beneficial and spark another Idea or two..."

"You should really go talk to the Artist himself, David. Kurt is right over there," I motioned to him. DD walked over and within a few Minutes came back to where I was still standing with another terrific Quote, that one being:

"The City acts as a Canvas and The Big RedBall is moving through the City, juxtapozed."

"Juxtapoz(ed), "I commented: "That's the Name of a Magazine - an artsy one -- found at Borders and popular Bookstores in your area. You should write up a RedBall Article and send it in to them; maybe you can get it published. You should check this out, seriously. Score some Points with your Creative Writing Instructor, too and 'ace' The Class."

Maybe David will do just that. It is Something he definitely would not have done if Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project had not visited Chicago this September...


do you say that We have been:


I choose the later, for the obvious Reasons, of course!

UnlimIITed Access to THE RED BALL PROJECT EXPERIENCE continues on:

September 20, 2008: The RedBall Project will be at The IIT Campus - 3201 S. State

September 21, 2008: The RedBall Project will be at The Chess Pavilion - North Avenue & Lake Michigan

Comments can either make or break a Creative Endeavor. Once again (if Perschke's RedBall was a Movie), you'd have to admit, Roger Ebert would give the Production a 2-Thumbs up.

And, "that's the Way The RedBall Bounces..." for Day #9.

Reported By:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
GORF Werks Central
'Home of The Grin Reaper - Chicago's First Green Mascot
& The Icon of The Green Movement
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what ASK writes about..."
Chicago - chicaGORF - IL USA

NOTE: Ball-Spotting*: A Spin-Off of PR Maven Richard Laermer's Term: Trendspotting and the Book of a comparable Title.

Posted on: Saturday, September 20, 2008 - 10:45 AM


Ainsley posted a Comment to KOOPERSMITHin stating that:

The Hyde Park Art Center actually dates from June, 1939.

Doing some further Research, I found that after 10 Homes, this Art Facility finally arrived at its modern Center as of 2006. My Posting was to reflect its latest Location from where THE REDBALL PROJECT was documented on Friday, September 19, 2008.

Friday, September 19, 2008

RedBalling in Chicago: Marketing The RedBall past The Great Out-of-Doors

Quote of: ASK
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chicago, IL USA: With Summer quickly 'falling' into Autumn in a matter of Hours now, Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project has three (3) more important Stops planned. Those Destinations include:

Friday, September 19: The Hyde Park Art Center - 5020 South Cornell Avenue

Saturday, September 20: IIT’s McCormick Tribune Campus Center - 3201 S. State Street

Sunday, September 21: The Chess Pavilion, North Ave at The Lakefront

Set-Up Time is slated from approximately 8AM-10AM. Public Viewing is set from 11AM - 6PM.

THE RED REFUGE: All Locales are conveniently found within 'Biking' Range of your nearest Bike Path. Chicago is the most Bike-Accessible City in the continental USA. There's nothing more exciting than Exercising & viewing Sculpture within the same Outing. Both de-FUN-itely make 'a powerful Impact.' Pack a Picnic Lunch & Camera and make that Jaunt into a Red-Letter Event.


Futhermore, if you've been continually checking out The Effect THE REDBALL PROJECT has had on Chicagoans and Tourists treading on our Turf, you may agree that the following Marketing Trends (I envisioned) may soon 'catch on' like a big Red Ball of Fire. Those very Concepts include (but are not limited to):

1) Tattooing, which was ‘Fringe’ only 20 years ago, is Mainstream. I do believe that Red Dots placed in the Center of the Forehead are symbolic of THE RED BALL catching on. This, of course, is reminiscent of the Indian Culture where People have been practicing this Beauty Mark for centuries.

2) More RED Rooms (painted, that is or wall-papered) will be seen in Homes across America as Ty Pennington and his Band of House-Designers (or REDesigners ® as I aptly have renamed them) start their new Fall Season on ABC.

3) The United Colors of Benetton will shoot more for RED in their Spring Wear 2009 Clothing Campaign as well as such Fashion-Oriented Names as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren being the Leaders in The Pack.

4) With due Apologies to The(ir) Peacock, NBC will ‘lose’ the five (5) other Colors (Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue and Green) in their Peacock Logo and just ‘KEEP THE RED.’

5) “Keep The Red” will become the latest Slang Tag around Cities. Graffiti Markings on Inner City Walls will follow suit.

6) Games like Checkers (where Markers are predominantly Red and/or Red Spheres) will become popular all over again.

7) Red Pom-Poms (not Pomeranians, although Pugs seem to be PUP-ular at the present in Chicago DOG-ma) will become a new Fashion Craze and replace any and everything ‘Hannah Montana,' once and for all.

8) When Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project leaves Town and its ‘Indelible Red Mark,’ you’ll never quit look at a 6’4” Clearance Sign in quite the same exact Manner (again).

Psychology Today Magazine Editors may find it a fascinating Story/Topic as to why the Big (Brobdingnagian) RedBall affects People as it does.

To forecast your Red Marketing Trends here, email me at:


THE SPIRIT: Thinking OUT OF THE BOX has been 'The Claim to Fame' the RedBall Project has achieved to date. What becomes of it after it's deflated on September 25TH is yet for us (its Viewers and avid Audience) to continue.

Reported by:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what Adrienne writes about..."
GORF Werks Central
'Home of The Grin Reaper'
'Chicago's First Green Mascot' & 'The Icon of The Green Movement'
Chicago - chicaGORF, IL USA

Posted: Friday, September 19, 2008 - 10:16AM CST

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Conversations turn RED as Kurt Perschke's Project visits Wicker Park & Union Station. All in 2 Day's Work.

SUBTITLE: RedBall Resurfaces after a Crusty Weekend.

Chicago, IL USA: Two important RedBall Project Shows happened this Week that were as different as they could possibly be. That Rationalization must to be attributed to Human Nature and 'what matters' in the Life of an average Citizen.

The First Show (we are about to embark upon) was the rescheduled Wicker Park/Bucktown North Avenue - Damen - Milwaukee Stint that could not have happened on a finer day, Tuesday, September 16TH. Kurt & Krew set up a few doors north of the Blue Line's Damen L-Train Stop in the Hub of one of the busiest Art Corners in Chicago. An eclectic Mix of People filed past The Ball; some being walked by their dogs; some with infants in their strollers.

Of utmost importance is that Kurt, Tony, Rebeccah & Monica all get the Opportunity to meet other Artists as they expose the Disposition of Perschke's RedBall Project. The Weekend before the smARTshow was featured at the FlatIron Building, directly across the double converging streets. Today, they were p-ART-icularly lucky as one of Chicago's top 3 most Fabulous Photographers who made an international name for himself:

Philin Phlash

had a temporary Studio set up next to where The RedBall was sandwiched (between). Phil dates back to the 1980s (possibly before) as one of the Top Rock Photographers to actually 'shoot' what was happening on our raucous and rock music scene. His Black & White Poster Size Photographs are un-matchable. Because that was also 'My Era,' since I worked with and represented 40 of the top Local Bands in Chicago (with Paul Michaels & Ted Aliotta topping that list) I would see Phil "ON THE SCENE" and defining it -- capturing Moments that never will appear again.

I was thrilled to see his Photos that he had scattered around this room; that was in dire need of renovation. But that was OK. He was here for a Purpose - to reignite the Fact that his Title of King Photographer of that Era belonged to him and him alone. Phil had just rented it for a few Days while the larger smArtshow was taking place. A bright idea - as it was similar to the Outlaw Parties New York Hipsters would hold during the 1980s when Tommy Silverman's New Music Seminar took place. I attended them all since I was the First Woman PR Maven to take her Band's tapes to a larger marketplace for exposure.

After all those years, Wicker Park & Bucktown still contains that raw cutting edge feel. Some would label it as being 'unsafe.' Parts are regentrified. It's part of the Chicago Landscape. It was only compounded by the immense number of Works that Phil had 'taken' when 'The Music was Music.' But that again is yet another Blog's worth.

What will become of Phil's Photos? How will he ever archive the thousands upon thousands of Photos - those Punk - New Age/Rock Era Treasures that so many of us Boomers did live through? That, too, again is yet another Blog's worth.

A GOLDEN LIST: Remaining on the Historical Photo Scene is Philin Phlash and Marc Hauser whose accredited with capturing the major Celebrities of the 70s through now. Paul Natkin also was a top Photographer as well as Linda Matlow.

"A Picture states a 1000 Words and Photography of the Big RedBall is something Photographers of any Magnitude & Style can capture and have..."

Quote of: ASK
Thursday, September 19, 2008 - 9:48 AM CST

Location: By the Corner Bakery Cafe, near Chase's, across the River from Walgreens & Panera Bread, along the Side of the 5TH Third Bank and Caribou Coffee, Chicagoans converged on KURT PERSCHKE's RedBall Sculpture on their way to work or play.

RedBall Visit of Wednesday, September 18, 2008 (between 3:30 - 4:55 PM)

"Besides O'Hare Airport, Union Station is the most traveled Stop in Mid-America."

Quote of: ASK
Wednesday, September 18, 2008 - 4:10 PM CST

It was yet another long-awaited sunny Day in Chicago although Forbes Magazine claimed Chicago is #1 for the most stress-filled City in America. Forbes Personnel polled 40 USA Cities; Chicago again ranked FIRST. That's debatable and as I had previously stated:

again is yet another Blog's worth.

However, they may be on to something here. The People jamming out of Union Station to WORK and then INTO Union Station on their way HOME -- could be read like a dime-store novel. Kurt's RedBall Project was set up so that the Big Red Rubber Ball was holding the Northern Corner up...it was splendid because you could walk around the entire Sphere (this Time for this Performance) and even measure it according to your outstretched arms, if anyone got that physical.

My Visit at their Union Station Exhibit lasted around 75-85 minutes and I left shortly before 5 PM when Rush Hour was in full swing. According to my strategic positioning (which I seem to fall right into), People could have 'cared less' if The Ball was there OR not. I'm guessing they were the same way in The Morning when they were adamantly heading towards their Job. It was as if they were not multi-tasking, but just on a Mission:

a Mission to get to the Job.

When the Bell rang at 4:30 PM and work was finished for The Day, their Mission was to get to the Train, board and head on back to Suburbia. They looked like Robots, clad in skin and business suits.

BREATHLESS IN CHICAGO: I overheard a few Conversations as I sat there admiring The City from the near West Side.

"It's an Exercise Ball for a Giant!" a 60-something Woman smiled. Having caught my attention, she continued: "I work over there (pointing to a Skyscraper on the east side of the River. I saw it 'go up' this Morning and it looks like it's holding up Union Station." "Yes, it does" I nodded. "It's Mayor's Daley latest Infrastructure Technique for the City that works!" "That's cool," she said. "Did you get one of Kurt's Souvenir Books?" I asked her. "No." she responded. "That Guy is handing them out" I pointed out. She walked over and retrieved one. "Thanks so much" she happily said to me "I like to keep up on 'The Latest'" and then walked into Union Station, pleased.

Three 20-year olds approached The Ball and began speaking in a foreign tongue. This made me wonder what they were saying. Judging from their Expression, they were not derogatory; their voices didn't go up; they didn't pummel the Big RedBall with their fists as so many others have the Tendency to do. A translation was needed though...time to call in Babelfish!

Young Parents with their 19-month old Son were perched at the West End of The Ball (if a circular Ball can have 'an end'). The Father stated to his Son who was just overflowing with Energy: "Whatever you want, Buddy!" "You mean you may buy him a Big RedBall like this? I asked. "If he wants it" the Father replied.

'What is that?" one woman asked her friend as they approached The Train Station.

One young Couple (that seemed particularly in love who had their Photo taken there) seemed especially happy. Maybe they'll get married in front of The Ball, I thought to myself. Now, that would definitely be a FIRST. Little did they know they were in the City of High Stress.

A snarly, plumb and totally wacky Woman shouted: "It's in my way! Get it out of here." Could We call her 'disgruntled?' Was she having an after 50 Life Crisis? Chances are she was experiencing 'something else' and was taking it out ON THE BALL...or anything else that got in her way.

Which may be the Reason why People 'strike, punch and hit' the Ball. I've seen 100s of People of all ages do that. Letting out their Anger on The Ball is typical. Perhaps they should take up Boxing when the Ball leaves town after its last Presentation on Friday, September 25TH.

Is there a different Mentality for those who live a more laid-back life outside the City? Can they not be stopped by a 250 lb. - 15 foot Red Rubber Ball that is set up for their Amusement alone? Do they not appreciate fine Sculpture? This was certainly an interesting Study of Human Nature as Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project again takes Time out to 'amuse' Chicago, City of Great Stress Factors no matter how others are trying to pull us though...from the Quaintness of Wicker Park & Bucktown to the Clamor of Union Station, the Crossroads of America.

Next on the RedBall Whistle Stop:

Hyde Park Art Center on Friday, September 20, 2008 - from 11 AM - 6 PM

Reported By:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
GORF Werks Central
Chicago - chicaGORF - IL USA

Posted: Thursday, September 19, 2008 - 10:39 AM CST

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What The Media needs to know about The RedBall Project.

Dateline: Wednesday, September 17, 2008:
Upon the 100TH Posting of KOOPERSMITHin' since November 21, 2007...

Chicago, IL USA: As Kurt Perschke's Redball Project embarks on another Day of its Month-Long Stay in Chicago at Union Station (444 West Jackson), the following are Thirteen (13) PQ: Pertinent Questions The Media should ask (of)

Kurt Perschke (Creator of The RedBall Project)

that has been putting Chicago into 'The Pink' before the Sculpture closes on September 25TH:

1) Who was the biggest Celebrity who saw and touched The Ball?

2) How many souvenir Flip Books have been published?

3) Will there be a Tie-In with Switzer’s Licorice or Strawberry Tootsie Roll Pops? It seems they’d like a POTA: Piece Of The Action since BOTH are sold at Target. Tell them ASK & GORF likes the Idea. Where else could you find a Deal such as that all under One Red Roof. And Red Roof Inns…let’s not forget the colorful Competition, who, really is no Competition in the First Place. That’s why First Place is as it is. Or as others argue: That’s why First Place should be Red Ribbon and not a Blue One. But that’s in the Politics.

4) What’s the Life Expectancy of The Ball?

5) Why Red? Planet Green TV’s Logo also is circular, but in green. Ever think of approaching them? Green is the ‘New Black,’ you know.

6) Can 'The Ball' Kit be purchased at Target?

7) What has been your very favorite Location and/or RedBall Moment when staging The Project?

8) Does The Ball contain Hot or Cold Air? And, does The Air change Temperatures as the Day gets closer to Noon; if the Temperatures drop and/or People touch The Ball with their Fingers or other ‘body parts that register at 96.8 degrees?’

9) Will The Red Ball ever appear IN a Building (as opposed to out-doors and/or will you ever design a huge Lucite Cone (that can be seen through) so The Bottom Surface of The Ball can be viewed through The Container and a Person can stand under The Sculpture?

INSERT: This Feat was accomplished at the LaSalle Street Bridge on Friday, September 12, 2008 although the Rain prevented much real Interaction with its Viewing.

10) On average, how many People touch The Ball in a Day when it is displayed?

11) What was the dumbest and the smartest Comment any one ever made about your Ball?

12) What’s next for The RBP after it leaves 'Sweet Home, Chicago?' In other Words, what other Megapolis can top this?

13) What’s the most common Question asked about The Ball?

Reported by:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what Adrienne writes about..."
GORF Werks Central
'Home of the Grin Reaper' - Chicago's First Green Mascot &
The Icon of The Green Movement
Chicago, IL USA

Posted: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 - 9:30 AM CST

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

RedBall Remedies (RRx) surface as Perschke's Globe hits the Streets of Chicago. Day #7 unfolds, America.

Chicago, IL USA: "If the Weather cooperates, anything is possible." Although that wasn't a Segmented Quote in the Annals of Modern Philosophies, it definitely holds true for everything that happens. It holds true also for the Studies on SDD: Seasonal Deficit Disorders. When enough Sun is not present for Creatures, whether they walk on 2 feet; 4 paws; are furry, feathered or scaled, the Effects are negatively felt.

After 3.5 Days of tumultuous Weather, Chicago has now returned to a glorious State with blue skies as far as the naked eye can see, low humidity and favorable temperatures . And, added to that Landscape will be the long awaited:

Damen & North Avenue UnVeiling of the RedBall Project,

Kurt Perschke's Brainstorm that has taken 'Sweet Home Chicago' by storm...regardless of the last-past weeekend's Antixx.

Catch (The Ball) if you can in this trendy, upscale N'Hood which to those Individuals who don't know the geography of Chicago is:

1600 North & 2000 West.

THE STROLL: It's drivable; it's bike-able; it's a long-walk; a shorter roller-blading 'over' and it's right on the North Av. CTA #72 Bus Route. In a nutshell: There's no reason why you can't 'be there.' Enculturate yourself.

As I think of the last few days when Mother Nature was not too kind to Chicagoans and Kurt's Project had to be called off due to excessive Rain & Flooding, an Idea enfolded which I will share with you next...for more national and international RedBall Events. That is:

Hold the Event (The Inflation & Deflation) inside a local Target (who is the Sponsor). What would or could be a better eye catcher than to stroll into the Store (in your area) and found blatantly in the middle of one of your favorite aisles is the 15 foot - 250 lb. Ball. It certainly would make People stop.

Kurt & his Crew would have a built-in 'Crowd' and the usual Interaction could and would happen. As a matter of fact, I would guess that for those who do not have a Cell-Phone with the Camera attachment, more Cameras would be sold (@ Target) that Day than at any given time in Target History.

And you read that Idea here first on KOOPERSMITHin, The Blog that puts the Pop into Pop Culture, whether (or weather) it calls for it or not!

RedBall Report by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
GORF Werks Central
'Home of the Grin Reaper'
'Chicago's First Green Mascot' & 'The Icon of the Green Movement'

Posted: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 - 10:48 AM


The ‘Street Treats’ Continue in Shades of Red on and at:

September 17, 11 am – 6 pm: Union Station & Jackson (444 West Jackson)

September 19, 11 am – 6 pm: Hyde Park Art Center (5020 South Cornell Avenue)

September 20, 10 am – 5 pm: IIT’s McCormick Tribune Campus Center (3201 South State St.)

September 21, 2008 - 11am - 6pm: Chess Pavilion, North Ave at the Lakefront

September 23, 11 am – 6 pm: 19 S. LaSalle Street

September 24, 11 am – 6 pm: Federal Plaza (230 S. Dearborn Street)

September 25, 11 am – 6 pm: Chicago Cultural Center (78 East Washington Street)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Culture - Weather & the Single Big RedBall.


Numb in Shades of Red...Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project picks up speed Tomorrow...

Chicago, IL USA: The Nation is numb after The Ravage of Hurricane Ike devastated not only Texas but took 4 Lives that were lost in Cook County (900 miles north of the Eye of the Storm) and 3,600 People became displaced- in the Chicago Area on Saturday & Sunday when late Summer Weekend Festivities of many Cultural Varieties were disappointingly cancelled.

FROM A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: Imagine the rampant Fear of the Ancient Pompeiians and Herculaneans when Mt. Vesuvius erupted and spread its lavash (lava + ash = lavash in Pure Koopersmithese) on to those innocent townsfolk in 79 AD? Unfortunately, they were like the Galvestonians (who just a Century before) lost their City to another powerful Storm. The Reverse of Nature gone wild. The Effects of both Studies have the the same horrifying results, although the Causes are totally different. One is Geothermal. The other is Wind + Water Power.

Those who suffered were merely at the wrong geographic location at the wrong decisive Time. The Wrath of Mother Nature cannot be stopped. "If the Terrorists don't get us, Mother Nature will," I have often thought.

At both earlier historical Times and in both Instances, Volcano & Hurricane Evacuations were non-existent. The Technological Knowledge or physical Manpower was simply not there, yet. Only Horses and Mules were tamed or domesticated to save The Masses in those earlier Roman Days. 'Evacuation by Pony-back' would have made for a sadly sullen Cartoon Strip. 'Stripped' of all Worldly Goods is what happened to these People with no Justification of its own. Furthermore, no Autos or other Transport Vehicles existed. And, even if so, Disasters of these Magnitudes happen so quickly, there just isn't enough time to heed an Escape. It's the same Problem that haunts Modern Day Man today when it comes to Saving Precious Lives.

Besides, who can outrun Lava, Tidal Waves or Flood Waters? Broadcasts were also non-existent. We've come an exceedingly long Ways since Civilization was in its Infancy. Devastation still hurts and destroys, affecting The Mental, Physical, Spiritual & Economic Realms of a Society with Repercussions that will not be felt until the Backwaters subside and Lives partially restored.

As Alan Abelson of Barrons states on Page 3: Stuff Happens.

"Although Nature can be the Source of Inspiration, at times, it stifles, destroys or postpones Creativity which is The Foundation of Modern Man. Recreating Creativity is yet another Creative Process that then must be undertaken."

Quote of: ASK
Monday, September 15, 2008 - 8:20 AM CST

More 'Stuff' (of a braver Aspect) happens on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 as Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project recontinues its Role and Roll at the Rescheduled:

North & Damen Avenue Stop from 11 AM - 6 PM.

Set-up (of course) is earlier and for those curious, rise and shine by 8 AM to see how Kurt & Krew (Tony - Rebeccah - Monica) inflate the(ir) Ball.



The Stage: Wicker Park/Bucktown Fall Art Festival - smARTshow! was scheduled for Friday - Sunday, September 12-14. The RedBall Project was scheduled to accompany smARTshow! on North Avenue & Damen, but cancelled due to excessive Rain. Undoubtedly, it would have drawn more Visitors to the FlatIron Building, in The Heart of Wicker Park (an Area where no Target Stores are found, although the Residents could use one) but that was not its Fate.

In lieu of seeing The RedBall Project, I opted for this Show (as it was enclosed and lively) because I was one of the leading Curators of the First 'Around The Coyote' Show in 1993 with my Presentation of my Group, Cartoonists Against Crime Cartoons (C)1991 which opened many Doors with its unique Concepts in the Art & Medium of Comic Art. The neighborhood has gentrified significantly the last 15 years. The Art is just as colorful. It was a good place to be, no matter what Medium you chose and how awful The Weather was.

Zsofia Otvos (Studio 213), 'One of the top Hungarian Painters in North America,' whose Studio is located in the FlatIron Building summed it up beautifully when I asked her if she would miss her 7 lifesize Cinderella Paintings. She explained that selling a Piece (or Pieces) was/were the Final Step in a Painting's Creative Development and capped the Project off.

Did Leonardo feel the same way when he turned 'The Mona' over to his local neighborhood art museum? Not that any of us really know how that came about, but it does raise an eyebrow and paint brush stroke, if not both. No one knows.

Evidently, either sell a piece; donate it to a good cause; be an ingenue heiress or live life in abject poverty. Getting to The Bank may be exceedingly slim for most Artists (without the appropriate funding) let alone a lackluster Economy that's based on either Eating or being artified. These Days, Artists are finding it difficult to find practical Work, let alone become a Success in their Artistic Pursuits.

But Zsofia does have the incredible Talent to deliver, inspire and place her Work, ahead of 'The Crowd.'

And such would have been the case had the Weather cooperated on Saturday (as well as Sunday) for the Premier of the smARTshow! presented in the landmark, FlatIron Building by the FlatIron Artist's Association.

Likewise, Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project got rained out. As an OSI: Outdoor Sculptural Installation, it didn't have a Snowball's Chance of being inflated as Art's Two greatest Enemies:

Humidity (jumped)
the Rain (dropped continuously all Weekend long).

Was it time to man the Ark?
Are there 38 Days to go like it was in Biblical Days?

Had Conditions been different with the Artist's Converging there along with their Followers who stopped in (regardless of the prevailing conditions), that added Population would have gotten The Chance and Opportunity to see this Red-Roving Display that's been entertaining Chicago Residents for 2 solid Weeks, as they straddle the Sidewalks and Streets in September.

Tuesday, The RedBall will be inflated once again and seen on North & Damen Avenues for the neighborhood folks. Then, Resident Artists can center their Day on this 'Target' Store sponsored and welcome it into 'The Hood.' And life will return to its usual awesome Chicago Self.

FAVORITISM: It's called Nepotism in City Politics

Since Favoritism has always ran amok in my Family Tree, so it goes in my Artistic Decision to eek out (as well as 'seek' out) the Top smARTshow! Contestants. In no highly prejudiced order, the Clamor to watch these 13 Chicago Finalists grow and expand (like my Art has the last 15 years since my initial, pioneering Bout in Wicker Park - Bucktown at the former Ludwig Drum Factory Cartoonists Against Crime Show) in the years ahead will be crucial to their Success or Failure in the sluggish, yet cut-throat Marketplace. You may ask about the Ludwig Drum Factory. It's now a high-rise condominium with no Drummers living in its Confines.

Those talented Artists (listed below) are the forerunners of what makes Chicago unique and stand apART as an Art Center.

Zsofia Otvos - zsofiaotvos.com
Kass Copeland - kasscopeland.com
Mindy Fisher - ornaglyphology.com
Pauline - http://www.rainbowkittyart.com/
William Eaton, MFA - Suite 232 (1579 North Milwaukee)
George Berlin - eye-of-the-hurricane.com
Bernard Colbert - colbertimages.com - featuring JoJo Baby & Sal-E
Aristeo Jaure - aristeojaure.com
Karen Jones - Soul Depth Productions (Graphic Designer)
Michelle Castaneda
Kevin Lahvic - kevinlahvic.com
Ezra & Adam Siegel - adamsiegel.com
Marketa Sivek - Studio & Galleries #222 & 232 of the FlatIron Studios

It is not WHO you know but WHO sufficiently knows enough to realize that Raw Talent takes years to polish before it reaches a Summit, an Acceptance and a Decision (to buy or promote) about carrying on.

Regardless, it's not WHO you know: It's if The Weather will cooperate. If the Weather is fair; all you need to know will arrive in due time. Hopefully, their 'Target' is to buy BIG and often. If they can't afford a great Deal, the Art Aisles at Target Stores will suffice. Indoor Art vs. Outdoor Art...when Weather (chooses to) cooperate.

The Delivery inspires no matter where The Sun is. That's Chicago...

RedBall Report by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
GORF Werks Central
Posted: Monday, September 15, 2008 - 12:17PM


The ‘Street Treats’ Continue in Shades of Red on and at:

September 16, 11 am – 6 pm: Damen & North Avenue

September 17, 11 am – 6 pm: Union Station & Jackson (444 West Jackson)

September 19, 11 am – 6 pm: Hyde Park Art Center (5020 South Cornell Avenue)

September 20, 10 am – 5 pm: IIT’s McCormick Tribune Campus Center (3201 South State St.)

September 21, 2008 - 11am - 6pm: Chess Pavilion, North Ave at the Lakefront

September 23, 11 am – 6 pm: 19 S. LaSalle Street

September 24, 11 am – 6 pm: Federal Plaza (230 S. Dearborn Street)

September 25, 11 am – 6 pm: Chicago Cultural Center (78 East Washington Street)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The RedBall Project is cancelled for this Weekend, Folks.

SUBTITLE: How do you spell: B-U-M-M-E-R?

Chicago, IL USA: 'Soaked' is the Buzz Word for Today as I caught 3 Buses till I finally arrived at the Damen & North Avenue Stop for Day #7 of (the) RedBall Project: 2008, Chicago-style. I looked in all directions - high and low - as rain pelted me in the face. Looking more like a soggy version of (Ms.) Tammy Faye, I wiped back the droplets and stood on a corner bewildered.

I just could not spot The Ball, which is hard not to see since it is 250 pounds and 15 feet in diameter. And this would have been such a grand 'hood for it to be in as the Annual SmartArt Show was premiering on the Corner of North/Milwaukee/Damen. People could enjoy both Artistic Sites.

INSTINCT TAKES OVER: Knowing the trusty Chicago Public Library would give me 'My Answer' of where is it and why, I walked north on Milwaukee, past a Red Hen Bakery -- that, no doubt, was baking up Red Frosting Bismarks for the RBP Crew...and located a Library.

As I assumed, posted online by Kurt was the following Internet Notice:
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


It happens to the Cubs, and its happened to the RedBall Project today and tomorrow. We are going to let Ike pass and try for the Damen site in Bucktown on Tuesday and Chess Pavilion next Sunday. Those are not confirmed yet. Hope to see all of you in better weather!

- Kurt Perschke

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ADRIENNE AGAIN: Happy that I found out what had happened, I was also saddened for all those in Texas and the surrounding States (straight up here to 'Sweet Home, Chicago,') who are suffering through this monstrous Storm and its after-effects.

The unmitigated Fact remains that it only shows how We are all interlinked, not only through DNA but Location. HI: Hurricane Ike may only be 900 miles south of Chicago, but we're feeling the Brunt & Thrust of its Effect here as viaducts and basements are flooded; O'Hare is at a standstill and businesses are losing their fair share of Saturday Shoppers.

It's acting more like a Friday, the 13TH than a Saturday, the 13TH by all means. The Weather got in the way again, but rest assured, Sunnier Days are bound to follow.

For the latest Updates on Kurt Perschke's RedBall Projects, check out:


Don't leave home before reading it...

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what Adrienne writes about..."
GORF Werks Central
'Home of the Grin Reaper' - 'The Icon of the Green Movement'
Chicago - chicaGORF - IL USA

Posted: Saturday, September 13, 2008 - 2:12 PM

Invincibility & Kurt Perschke's Big RedBall Project: The Sept. 13, 2008 eLongated Version

Chicago, IL USA:

"The Presence of RedBalls (or Red Balls) in our Life confirms and logistically keeps us safe from Harm's Way. Acting as a Warning Symbol, it's been engrained in the Human Psyche of Modern Man as a civilized manner in which to alert Mankind of impending Doom or that Something is diabolically wrong and that TAKING ACTION to avert that Catastrophe is appropriate."

Quote of: ASK
Saturday, September 13,2 008 - 10:25 AM
After-Thoughts as Hurricane Ike devastates Galveston/Houston, Texas

Friday ATB: At The Ball

DATELINE: September 12, 2008:

Did a construction crane lower Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project between the Boat's Watch Tower and the rusty, rusting LaSalle Street Bridge where just 93 years previously, The Eastland Party Boat capsized and 800 people (Chicagoans taking a picnic from work) lost their Lives OR was it yet another Wonder that KP dreamed up? Inquiring Minds would like to know.

Nothing (as in the form of a Storm, high Winds, or other detrimental Weather Forms, etc.) would deter The Spirits of those early Morning Risers who watched it being hoisted some 20 feet into The Air, evidently, inflated through the Top Window of the old concrete structure, as reported by Rebeccah, one of the RBP's Assistants. Now, indeed that was a Marvel! A Marvel-In-Red (MIR) that I didn't see as my Plans for Friday were to catch the Closing Hours of the RedBall Project and to see it deflated.

CURSED WEATHER CONDITIONS: Due to rain and inclement weather, GORF, my Trusty SideKick (a/k/a: 'Chicago's First Green Mascot' & 'The Icon of The Green Movement') stayed at home (toasty and warm) with his other 4 Plush Toys). Real Frogs can take 'The Weather' as they endured the last 217,000,000 years on Planet E(arth), but Plush doesn't take in 'my books' - or should I say GORF's Books...all 15 of them. "Lonely is as lonely goes" is what Forrest Gump would say about that.

However, Rain from Hurricane Ike snuffed out those Plans, cutting my planned Visit short...to only 45 minutes from 4:00 - 4:45 PM. Rush Hour Traffic (between 5-6 PM) would have brought on a colorful Assortment of Colorful Umbrellas (that any Photographer would enjoy shooting); however since Rain makes People seek Shelter (from The Storm or its Aftermath), the Comraderie...

now referred to as:

com-RED-erie (R)

of Standing OITR: Out In The Rain prevented any really lively Conversation to take place, one thing that always makes a RBP: RedBall Project all the more fun & entertaining. Besides, with no Conversation, how is a Blog to be written? Inquiring Minds wonder about this, as well (and we're not talking about the Watery Kind here, either)!

HOWEVER: Of pertinence to note was a Comment that Peter (One of the Assistants for The Day) made to me after he saw me meandering aimlessly around The Ball. Paraphrased from an Actor's Point of View, he commented that The RedBall was around before Sponsorhip (through Target - the 2nd largest Retailer in America).

Handing out The Souvenir Booklets, one of Chicago's Favorite Comedians, Sarah (a lifelong Resident of Chi-Town) assured me that The Ball was not leaking Air, but Rain that dripped off the Giant Ball itself.

The Temperatures registered in the mid-70s. It seemed almost balmy except with no Sun out, Dismality took ovr. It seemed hotter with The Raindrops dripping from The Ball that acted like a huge Umbrella itself. Asthma Sufferers would not have faired well in with the Humidity being this high.

No Wind prevailed, although Chicago does received the Remants (brought up on the jet streams) of every major Hurricane or Tropical Storm the Gulf suffers. As a Survivor of Hurricane Camille (Sunday, August 17, 1969) that was clocked in as the most powerful 'Cane to hit the continental USA in recorded Weather History (to that date), hunkering down is no picnic.

However, amists the inclement Weather Conditions, seeing The Ball naturally made a Person smile and it again served its purpose very well. Even a short(ened) Visit, was better than none at all.

The Big Question Remains:

Will Kurt and Crew (Tony - Rebeccah - Monica) rise and shine with The RedBall tomorrow, Saturday, September 13, 2008 or will Weather (our Greatest Terrorist) rain down on our 'Weekend Parade?' To find out merely:

Stay tuned for another Lively Version of RedBalling, The Sculpture that outlasts any Storm, regardless...here on the virtually impacted Pages of Koopersmithin'.

RedBall Report by ASK:
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
GORF Werks Central
Saturday. September 13, 2008 - 7:10 AM

The ‘Street Treats’ Continue in Shades of Red on and at:

September 14, 11 am – 6 pm: Chess Pavilion, North Ave at the Lakefront

September 17, 2008 11 am – 6 pm: Union Station & Jackson

September 19, 11 am – 6 pm: Hyde Park Art Center (5020 South Cornell Avenue)

September 20, 10 am – 5 pm: IIT’s McCormick Tribune Campus Center (3201 South State St.)

September 23, 11 am – 6 pm: 19 S. LaSalle Street

September 24, 11 am – 6 pm: Federal Plaza (230 S. Dearborn Street)

September 25, 11 am – 6 pm: Chicago Cultural Center (78 East Washington Street)

A SPECIAL NOTE: For those Target Stores in the Texas Region where Hurricane Ike relentlessly hit the last 24 hours, the Chicago Red Cross is making special plans to deliver medical, food, blankets, etc. beginning on Sunday, September 14, 2008. Phone The Chicago Red Cross if you care to contribute to this Humanitarian Effort. GORF is...

Posted by ASK: Saturday, September 13, 2008 – 11:48 AM CST

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project meets The Cows On Parade...

ASK’s Platinum (or The Best) Marketing Plan Goes Ruby Red.
(To further inspire The Masses)

Chicago, IL USA: Restaurants and a wild Assortment of other Businesses or Companies use the Red Ball, Circle or Sphere as their Logo or in their Logo. That’s because the Combo attracts the Eye. It’s a catchy visual. For those who cannot read, they definitely can ‘read the Red Ball’s Meaning in a single glance.” No rough edges appear. It’s smooth. It gets a person interested in The Product and becomes a Business Card that is not thrown away because it resembles something boring and inconsequential.

Therefore: Why not sell Photos of THE REDBALL in these Locales after KP’s RBP leaves town – as a Memory of the Great Red Ball Spirit and Contribution Kurt’s Team made while visiting that particular City. As for Chicago, after the COWS ON PARADE ™ Public Art Display was over in October of 1999, the individual Cows were placed on the Auction Block.

A Photo Contest could be announced within the next few Days where all The Photos that People take or have taken during this Month of September are gathered, evaluated and processed. To celebrate and keep the Momentum in swing, another such Red Tie (as opposed to a Black Tie Event) could be held in October which is considered Artist’s Month in The Windy City.

Modern Postcard is a C Graphics Company that produces trulyawesome Postcards, moderately priced. The Winners of the RedBall Project Contest could be mass-manufactured and participating Red-Logo’d Businesses could sell them or pass them out to their Diners. You will still see small Cows On Parade at gift shops lining Michigan Avenue...9 years later.

Mouse Pads? Oh, why not! It’s not too late to pARTicipate: This is Day Day #7 of Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project, finding its Way around The Chicago Loop to all Red Logo’d Companies alike.

Quote of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
GORF Werks Central
Friday. September 12, 2008 - 7:10 AM

The ‘Street Treats’ Continue in Shades of Red on and at:

September 13, 11 am – 6 pm: Damen Avenue & North Avenue

September 14, 11 am – 6 pm: Chess Pavilion, North Ave at the Lakefront

September 17, 2008 11 am – 6 pm: Union Station & Jackson

September 19, 11 am – 6 pm: Hyde Park Art Center (5020 South Cornell Avenue)

September 20, 10 am – 5 pm: IIT’s McCormick Tribune Campus Center (3201 South State St.)

September 23, 11 am – 6 pm: 19 S. LaSalle Street

September 24, 11 am – 6 pm: Federal Plaza (230 S. Dearborn Street)

September 25, 11 am – 6 pm: Chicago Cultural Center (78 East Washington Street)

Posted by ASK: Friday, September 12, 2008 – 10:40 AM CST

Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Attractions at Kurt Perschke's Chicago RedBall Project. Day #6.

Chicago, IL USA: What’s amazing is that The Ball, although Stationary (for a Movable Piece of Sculpture that has already visited 6 Prime Locations in Chicago) attracts People that ensures that it’s a Small World after all.

The Case in point happened in the early Morning of Wednesday, September 10, 2008 as Kurt, Rebeccah & Monica set up The Exhibition in front of The Seventeeth Church of Christ, Scientist @ Wacker and Wabash, on the North Fringe of Chicago’s promenading Loop District. I found my Way to the Street by 9:20 AM and began watching The Interaction of City-People-Places & Things evolve. Since People Watching is tantamount in this Project, I was checking to see what People may be wearing Target Wear, since Target is the Sponsor of this Exhibition. All of a sudden from out of ‘The Blue’ (We could say) was a young Man (20-something and tall as could be – probably 6 feet in height) dressed in a suit with a crimson shirt on, appeared. How nice of him to ‘dress’ for The Ball, I thought to myself. As he approached the stone block where I was seated with my trusty Amphibic Mascot, GORF, I mentioned that ‘The Ball’ attracts White Collar & Blue Collar Men, but his (indeed) was the First Red Collar to come within Distance. This Excerpt was according to my Timing there though, no one else’s.

We began chatting. Kevin was on his Way to an Interview to teach English as a Primary Language and felt ‘RED’ would be a Color to make his Interviewer remember him. Now that is a colossal Idea since Lasting Impressions are necessary to make a favorable Imprint a Recruiter. I may have to buy a Red Dress at Target next time someone gets wise enough to interview me.

TO CONTINUE: Kevin mentioned he was formerly from St. Louis, at which time I exclaimed: “My Gosh! So is Tony, Kurt’s Camera Man & Film Director!” What do you know!” As I spoke, he stood there, a bit puzzled staring at one of the Souvenir Booklets (in a huge corrugated box) and made mention that he remembered The Name:


but not The Ball. At which time, Kevin stated that he just returned to The USA after a Stint in Korea teaching English and KP’s Name did look familiar. “Did he have an Art Exhibition in Korea?” Once seeing in the Souvenir Booklet that The Ball had toured Korea, I said that ‘The RedBall’ had and let’s go over and talk to Kurt about that since I didn’t know that answer. Most times People can ‘ASK’ me anything since those are my God-given Initials and if I don’t know The Answer I will make one up, but I was floored on this one and didn’t want Kevin to miss an Opportunity to have a Dialogue with The Artist. Minutes later, a lively and long Conversation pursued. Freed up, I then introduced Kevin to Tony since they both had the St. Louis, Missouri Tie-In. All this happened on a Corner of a City Block in Chicago, which again proves that Chicago is The Cross-Roads of America.

Later, Kevin re-recited a Quote he had made to Kurt that went (sort of) like this:

“If you can’t make it RED; make it Big.
If you can’t make it BIG, make it Offensive.”

Well, so much for unclear Comparisons, but two-thirds of the Verbiage was ‘On Target’ we could say.

And that it’s all in The Timing. That was such a Cool Encounter, I just had to immortalize it here.

HISTORICALLY (somewhat Hysterically):

Wednesday was a Real People’s Day @ The Ball. People were all over The Street(s). This RedBall Station was actually a Medley of Intersections that were ‘Honorary Ways’ bordered by Wacker Drive (240 North) & Wacker Place (232 North) which were bounded by Yitzhak Rabin Place and Jerusalem 3000 Way. To the North was the new, crystallizing Trump Tower and to the West was the 80 year old Merchandise Mart (the Greenest Building in Chicago). Such is the Contrast and ‘Way’ it goes. This electric and electic Mix mixes well from all Points of Interest.

The Ball was positioned near The Entry to The Church. “Looks like RedBall is finding Religion” I subtlely mentioned to Kurt who was busily setting up The Exhibit. “At least for a Day,” he answered. On September 3RD, RedBall spent its Day at the newly constructed Spertus Museum located a nine Blocks southeast. Today, it was experiencing a Christian Flavor. Although The Ball is not traveling outside Chicago Proper (this Time), the Ba’Hai Temple in Wilmette would make for an incredibly awe-inspiring Setting as that Temple looks like the Taj Mahal of Cook County. RedBall crosses all worldly Religions and Denominations by ‘The Way’ it is met and greeted.


Phil Smith of Laughlin/Constable (a Full Circle Branding Company of 30 years strong) located a Stone’s Throw (or should We say: A RedBall’s Toss?) decided to do some pre-Work Creative Enterprising. Evidently, his Company’s Logo is a RedBall. As a promotional, they’ve got boxes full of the(se) foamy, squeezy hand-sized Rubber Balls that Typists use to exercise their Fingers from Hours of non-stop Word Processing. When I first spotted Phil, he was laying flat on his stomach in front of RedBall (in a rather nice shirt and pair of pants that he may have purchased at Target, the Sponsor of RedBall/Chicago 2008) with one of these Balls (imprinted with Laughlin/Constable Insignia) in bold White Letters. He was studying The Scene and taking a Series of Photographs of the Differences in Size. This Angle is what People in Branding/Advertising/Marketing do: I call it the BAM Effect. So does Emeril. Phil laid there for a good Five (5) Minutes, being the Perfectionist he is…And, seeing this as a Photo Opp., I asked him if I could take a Picture of him taking a Picture of The Ball. As an Amateur Photographer, I thought this was a terrific Way to (better) hone my Cameratic Skills (or Lack of Skills). Plus, it opened up a pleasant Conversation between the Two of us, all brought on because of The Ball.


Was it here Coincidence, Fate or Logic that when I first arrived at The Ball, the Key Person who opened the Door of The Church to Kurt, Tony, Rebeccah & Monica was Lois (who I had not seen in Three Years since she got married). We had a fab Reunion and chatted about what We had been doing the Last Three Years and how the Time really flew past. To answer that Question that began this Paragraph, I would say it was probably Fate that brought us together, because after all, We were outside a Place of Worship…


Lastly, for the 90 Minutes I spent at The RedBall Project on Wednesday, a friendly Lady asked me to pose in front of The Ball. Not shy, I did. I told her I’d take her Photo in front of The Ball, too, but she said she has been “following The Ball” and that she already had some Photos of herself in front of it, but one more could not hurt any. When I handed her Camera back, I kiddingly told her: “Next time wear Red Fingernail Polish. It will show up much better for any future Close-Ups.” Extremely outgoing, I then told her to get her Souvenir Book autographed by Kurt himself…This could become a Collectible on Ebay, you know.

After all, Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project is more than a 250 Pound Rubber Ball with Bounce,

IT’s what helps People remember other People;
IT takes you back to your ‘Red Rubber Ball Days;’
IT creates Memories;
IT can introduce & encourage New Friendships;
IT allows (ample Amounts of) Creativity to flow;
IT breaks the Proverbial Ice;
IT all jells; and
isn’t that what IT is all about?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

RedBall Report for Wednesday, September 10, 2008 by:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read What Adrienne writes about…”
GORF Werks Central
‘Home of The Grin Reaper’ – ‘The Icon of The Green Movement’
Chicago - chicaGORF – Illinois USA

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The ‘Street Treats’ Continue in Shades of Red on and at:

September 12, 11 am – 6 pm: LaSalle Bridge (LaSalle @ Wacker Avenue)
September 13, 11 am – 6 pm: Damen Avenue & North Avenue
September 14, 11 am – 6 pm: Chess Pavilion, North Ave at the Lakefront
September 17, 2008 11 am – 6 pm: Union Station & Jackson
September 19, 11 am – 6 pm: Hyde Park Art Center (5020 South Cornell Avenue)
September 20, 10 am – 5 pm: IIT’s McCormick Tribune Campus Center (3201 South State St.)
September 23, 11 am – 6 pm: 19 S. LaSalle Street
September 24, 11 am – 6 pm: Federal Plaza (230 S. Dearborn Street)
September 25, 11 am – 6 pm: Chicago Cultural Center (78 East Washington Street)

Posted: Thursday, September 11, 2008 – 1:23 PM CST

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Target Chicago: Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project takes Aim at its last 8 Days in Chicago.

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what Adrienne writes about…”
GORF Werks Central
‘Home of The Grin Reaper’ – ‘The Icon of The GREEN Movement’
Chicago – chicaGORF – IL USA


DATELINE: Tuesday, September 9, 2008


American Art Collector – Scottsdale, AZ
American Art Review – Stratham, New Hampshire
American Artist – New York City
American Indian Art Magazine – Scottsdale, AZ
The Anvil’s Ring – Georgetown, CA
Art & Living Magazine – Beverly Hills, CA
Art in America - – New York City
Art, Ltd. – Woodland Hills, CA
Art New England – Brighton, MA
Art Now Gallery Guide – Clinton, NJ
Art of the Hills – Hill City, SD
Art on Paper - New York City
Art Papers – Atlanta, GA
Art Scene – Urbandale, Iowa
Art Showcase Magazine – Ann Arbor, MI
Art Threat – Saugerties, NY
Art-Talk – Scottsdale, AZ
Arte al Dia International – Coral Gables, FL
Artforum International - – New York City
Artist Interviews Magazine – Los Angeles, CA
The Artist’s Magazine – Cincinnati, Ohio
Artnews – New York City
Artnexus – North Miami, FL
Arts Reach – Novato, CA
Artus – Los Angeles, CA
Artweek – Palo Alto, CA
Beautiful/Decay – Long Island City, NY
Big Magazine – New York City
Breakthrough Magazine – Hammond, LA
C Magazine – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAA News – New York City
Cabinet – Brooklyn, NY
Canadian Art - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Carfac Manitoba Bulletin – Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Chicago Artists’ News – Chicago, IL
Chicago Gallery News – Chicago, IL
Cityart Magazine - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Coagula Art Journal – Los Angeles, CA
ETC – Montreal, QC, Canada
F Newsmagazine – Chicago, IL
FAME’US – Los Angeles, CA
Fiberarts – Loveland, CO
Fine Art Connoisseur – West Palm Beach, FL
Folk Art Messenger – Richmond, VA
Fuse Magazine - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Horses in Art – Jamul, CA
Images – Riverside, CA
Indian Trader – Gallup, NM
Informart – Easton, CT
Inuit Art Quarterly – Ottawa, ON, Canada
Journal of The Print World – Meredith, NH
Juxtapoz – San Francisco, CA
Literal: Latin American Voices
Magazin’Art – Westmount, QC, Canada
The Magazine – Santa Fe, NM
Matriart - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
MIX: Independent Art & Culture Magazine - Toronto, ON, Canada
Modernism Magazine – Lambertville, NJ
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Newsletter of the Decorative Arts Society – Rochester, NY
The Pastel Journal – Cincinnati, Ohio
Preston Catalogue – Ottawa, ON, Canada
Review – Kansas City, MO
Rotunda - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sculptural Pursuit – Littleton, CO
Sculpture Magazine – Washington, DC
Slate – Kingston, ON, Canada
Southwest Art – Boulder, CO
Southwest Colorado Arts Perspective – Mancos, Colorado
Spirale – Montreal, QC, Canada
Sunshine Artist Magazine – Orlando, FL
Surface & Symbol – Scarborough, ON, Canada
Surface Design Journal – Englewood, NJ
Tradicion Revista – Albuquerque, NM
Tribal – San Francisco, CA
Vie Des Arts – Montreal, QC, Canada
Visual - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Visual Arts News – Halifax, NS, Canada
Visual Resources - Eugene, Oregon
WAAC Newsletter – Santa Monica, CA
Watercolor - – New York City
Watercolor Magic – Cincinnati, Ohio
Wildlife Art – Ramona, CA
Women In The Arts – Washington, DC
X-tra Contemporary Art Quarterly – Los Angeles, CA

Chicago, IL USA: As a 34-year Occupant, Resident and Promoter of The Arts, I interrupt your unusually hectic Day to personally invite you to make it even busier still. “Why?” you ask. Well, the Reason (of utmost importance) is to cordially invite you to Chicago sometime soon (by Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at the very latest) to experience and touch:

Kurt Perschke’s Red Ball Project

That is…for lack of a better Term…to:

“Paint The Town Red”

Sponsored by Target (the Second Biggest Retailer in America that gives 5% of its Income back to Communities which equates to $12,000,000 per Month),

‘KP’s Ball is having a Ball’ traveling The World.

Check out its Passport as LaBall’s been a-ROUND (Pun intended) and has probably accrued more ‘Frequent Flyer Miles’ than the Presidential Candidates have! RB: RedBall has been a Welcomed Visitor at bustling Locales & Landmark (Arenas) in:

St. Louis,
Portland and
Sydney, Australia

to date and now is residing in ‘Sweet Home, Chicago’ – the Windy City, where the Weather has been on the ‘Sunny Side of Awesome’ for its Stay. Even the Weather is cooperating which makes ‘The R-Experience all the finer, especially for those Photographers, Watercolorists and Oil Painters who find ‘RB’ (RedBall) a colorful Subject (or Object dArt as Connoisseurs coin the term).

It’s a General Confirmation that Public Art Displays are The People’s Favorite here. RedBall fits in with that Dynamic in a Number of Authentic Ways that you will find out about once you see it.

Because Chicago is ‘The Hub and Crossroads of America’ (after all, you have to refuel here in order to get from Los Angeles to New York City), there’s no better time than ‘The Present’ to make Chicago your Autumn Destination to ‘Catch The Ball’ – although that is an Impossibility since The Sculpture is 15 Feet Tall and breaks The Scale at 250 Pounds. You can try though. There’s Miles of Footage taken showing People doing ‘just that!’

YOUR ASSIGNMENT IF YOU SO ACCEPT: Send one of your Staff Members to report on THE BALL. Make it a Family Outing. Art of this Nature is only appearing once. As a City, Chicago is over 170 years old and this is a colorful First. And you ‘RED’ about it here.

TO ADD TO THE THRILL: Here are the Top 5 Online WebSites to gather up more Info besides my Blogs (listed at the Close of this Piece) that have been tracing RedBall’s Steps + Stops since its 2ND Event:






ANOTHER INVITATIONAL: By all means, feel free to email me at:


if you honestly do plan-a-Trip. I’ve been an active Artists’ Promoter – Resident - Writer here in ‘The Windy City’ since 1974 and know all The ‘Write’ Places to be in, out and about.

To date, The Koopersmithin’ ® RedBall Project Blogs include:

Monday, September 8, 2008 - Man your Cameras. It’s Chicago’s Very First: RedBall-a-Palooza ® coming to a Landmark near you!

Saturday, September 6, 2008 - Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project: Butta Bing. Butta Ball.

Friday, September 5, 2008 - RedBall Groupies Unite. Day 3 of Kurt Perschke's Project paints The Town 'RED'

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 - Goodness Gracious - A Red Ball of Fire!

Those Writings are conveniently found at:


for your REaDing Pleasure. Feel free to comment and/or send your Art-elated and related News to me for possible Inclusion + Results.

We genuinely hope to see you ATB: At The Ball!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Man your Cameras. It’s Chicago’s Very First: RedBall-a-Palooza ® coming to a Landmark near you!

SUBTITLE: What ART is. What ART isn’t.

Chicago, IL USA: This was my 4TH Visit (and The Ball’s 5TH Presentation) to observe the Antics that happen to Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project happened on The Sabbath, a glorious Sunday to worship on The Lakefront – as The Ball was inflated earlier than usual Monica reported– probably in order to greet the Morning Sun. Not a Rain Cloud was in the Sky. The Temperature warmed up to the mid-70s and every Body who (was wise enough) not to be tied and bound to their Sports Games or Channel 11TH’s Bush Fiasco Documentary was pounding the Pavement on their Bikes, Rollerblades, Segues and Skateboards while Joggers or Walkers breathed in ‘The Sites’ from this prime Southern Exposure of ‘Sweet Home, Chicago.’

What could or would make them stop once caught up in the Action of The Day? That Big Red Perschkian Ball, that’s what. For the hundreds that drifted, surfaced, meandered or skated by each Hour, Hundreds stopped to examine the Movable Sculpture that is slowly moving its ‘Weigh’ (all 250 pounds of inflated Air, that is) around the Loop-land Area of Mayor Daley’s Chicago.

RedBall-a-Palooza ®1 is definitely what the Phenomena could be RED-ily called by those who are into personalizing TOS: Things, Objects and Stuff in order to familiarize themselves with it all the better. Naming may also be a procedure in order for some People to remember Things, through that Sense of Association. Seeing a bigger-than-BIG Red Ball(oon) on your Beaten Path would definitely stop most People. It grabs your absolute Attention.

Keeping with The Format of my previous Ball-Blogs, Comments were again ‘afloat’ that captured my immediate and undivided Attention. Although most Chicagoans are prone to think about what The Weather is doing or not doing, the sheer Amusement of ‘People Watching’ is what always fascinates me, especially so when it focuses on Art, Photography, Human Nature and Chicago, the 3RD major Metropolitan City in the continental USA.

Oh, it may be the SOB: Same Old Ball, but The Expressions of The Onlookers (from all Walk of Life) are genuinely priceless. This is what probably excites The Crew of Kurt, Tony, Monika, Rebecca and their Flip-Book-Souvenir Dispensing Team more than seeing its Rise amongst the Buildings, Towers, Viaducts and Skyscrapers of Chicagoland, wedged into Places where most Things are not wedged, inserted or placed. Well, let’s say, it is EQUALLY as exciting as seeing this Project come to fruition. I didn’t exactly poll them. I assumed, judging from the Interaction being displayed at these flurry of Events. For some People, the Ball represents Performance Art and they feel they must perform or ‘do something’ in front of the Sphere for their family, friends or whomever they are with. This is an integral Part of the Manifestation of seeing RED.

An Assortment of the Basic Thoughts that would not come to mind if the RedBall Project (RBP) was not part & parcel of our Urban Landscape include:

Since we’re nearing the 7TH Anniversary of 9-11, if The Ball were placed in a Landscape (say Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan) where Osama Bin Laden was hanging out, would he come out to view it from Curiosity alone?


- At its big Red Radius, how many feet wide is it?

- How many Chicagoans does it take to encircle the Ball?

- How many wider (than usual) Chicagoans does it take to encircle The Ball?

- How many slimmer (than usual) Chicagoans does it take to encircle The Ball?

- How many Chicago Politicians does it take to encircle The Ball?


Unfortunately the RBP is not booked for an entire Chicago Year here, probably because We now only have Two Seasons: Summer and Construction. With Winter setting in, although The Ball would look smashing with plummeting Leaves fall about it, The Ball will be leaving for (probably) Warmer Climes much like The Monarch Butterflies take off for Mexico as soon as Fall begins later this Month. However, since Chicago is such a Friendly City, no doubt, it will return and perhaps next time will consider a Stop in:

1) ChinaTown, as it is a well-traveled Area that is based on Color and Shape (two Components that the RedBall Project is) encircled by.

2) A Forest Preserve (preferably the Pulaski & Peterson Area) which is loaded up with Red Foxes. People and some Pet Dogs (who don’t really think The Ball is a giant fire hydrant) have already interacted with it. Now, it’s time to see how Nature with its Little Critters ‘take’ to The Ball.


Now, while the RBP is in town, there’s Profit(ability) to be made from its Appearance. After all, the City of Chicago is over 170 years old and this is its First Appearance! Let’s start with something tasty. Not too heavy; sugary or frosted. That only leaves us with Fortune Cookies. Fortune Cookie Bakers could insert a Fortune that reads:

“RedBall’s coming to a Viaduct near you.”

And, of course, they’d be definitely right about that Prediction.


The extremely fine Print on Page 80 of The Chicago Reader listed 4 of the upcoming RedBall Project Locales, but the type was not in line with what The Application of what The Project truly means and symbolizes. As a Designer in my ‘own write,’ it could have been done in RED Print, instead the usual Black Type was utilized. Showing no Imagination is not what our City is all about. Nor did the new Staffers at the Chi-Reader include a Photo as they ordinarily do to catch their Reader’s Eye. With thousands upon thousands of Pictures being taken of the Ball every single Day it is on display (both digitally and with other Cameras), there’s bound to be a Picture that could grace their Paper. So it goes. There’s no accounting for Lack of Support when it comes to supporting The Chicago Art(s).


However, the 5THDay of KP’s RedBall found itself under the Pedestrian Viaduct at the Museum Triangle which showcases three of the greatest Museums in America: The Shedd Aquarium, The Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium. Yes, it looked like Mars landed a few feet away from The Adler, Home of some of the highest frequency Telescopes ever invented.

It’s just another colorful Chicago Weekend

At the Museum Triangle or Campus, as it is called, The Walk-Way is extremely wide and could not be considered a fire-hazard by any accounts. Besides, none of Mrs. O’Leary’s Cows were in the nearby fields. And this Mix of People - History – Nature and Pets set The Scene for a terrific Day where People were introduced to not only Museum Life, but Imagination which is what the RedBall Project is all about. Strollers (and some Babies in those Strollers) could not contain themselves when they saw The Ball suddenly appear there at the end of the Viaduct under Columbus Drive. That’s Pop Art for you. You may never know where it will ‘pop-up’ next.

Some Folks were recuperating from RedBull’s Flugtag Day (that sorrowfully happened 29 blocks north on Saturday, the day before) where their Main Concern was buying their RedBull Drinks for $3 a Can while hand-tooled Apparatuses raced off a Runway into Lake Michigan. How lame can a Company get? Being captivated by and with an abnormal Amount of Pull, some People felt compelled to touch the Ball; others began pounding or punching it. Some crawled under it. Whereby @ the Flugtag Event, fences prevented people from nearing their favorite Float. It was a hands-off affair, except when RedBull wanted their Audience to chock-up the dough for their non-enticing Drink. So it goes.

You’ll find none of that here at Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project. There’s no fences to jump; no steep entry fee to fear; no gates to hurdle; you can (even) touch (The Art), kick, punch, pounce and crawl under The Sphere. Biking that Day some 23 miles in total, I visited both LakeFront Extravaganzas and found The Difference between the 2 Events to be a meaningful Comparison. Chances are Flugtag will return to Chicago next September. I’ll make it a Point to be somewhere else.

SIA: Seguing Into Art:
For those of you wondering who my Favorite Artists are during the recent Kickoff of Chicago’s Art Season on Friday, September 5TH, those Individuals include:

Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project - http://redballproject.com/chicago/index.php

Riva Lehrer – ‘Totems & Familiars’
at Sid Blocks’ Printworks Gallery - 300 West Superior http://www.printworkschicago.com/)

WK’s Marhoefer (1841 West Chicago Avenue or http://www.genuineobject.com/)

(Ms.) Qin Fengling – Multitude - at Kasia Kay Art Projects (1044 West Market Place) – http://www.kasiakayartprojects.com/
From China and running through October 11TH, 2008 , this is Qin’s first American Exhibition. Unfortunately, she did not appear at their Opening Reception. This is the Site where GORF’s Peace Sign for the Green Movement was unveiled on Saturday, August 9, 2008, my ‘Sweet 16 + 40TH Birthday.


Sunday will go down in History (Art & Chicago Annals) as JPF: Just Plain Fun. It was on People’s Faces. It was in their Strides and Rides. It was in The Air. It was on The Red Ball. It was written so in this Blog.

Wedge your Way into Chicago as the RedBall Project visits:

The 17TH Church of Christ, Scientist at Wacker & Wabash from 11AM-6 PM on Wednesday, September 10, 2008:

Then, ‘RBP’ will be inflated by 11 AM at:

Wicker Park at Damen & North Avenue on September 13, 2008

North Avenue Beach Chess Pavilion on September 14, 2008

Hyde Park Art Center on September 19, 2008
IIT's McCormick Tribune Campus Center on September 20, 2008
19 South LaSalle on September 23, 2008

Federal Plaza on September 24, 2008

Chicago Cultural Center on September 25, 2008

KP’s RedBall Project: And another One of the Best Parts: You don’t even need a Ticket or stand-in-line! Thank you, Target!


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