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Goodness Gracious - A Red Ball of Fire!

S U B T I T L E:
10 Points what the RedBall Project is not.
7 more Helpful Suggestions on Displaying The RedBall.

Dateline: Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chicago, IL USA: As luck had it, I just happened to be downtown at Spertus Museum (610 South Michigan Avenue) today to report this Story for KOOPERSMITHin' when the Unveiling of Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project was making another one of its grand Chicago Appearances. This was The Ball's Second Chicago Encounter.

I had seen it previously broadcasted on NBC Channel 5 TV a few days before when it was to be debuting at our Millennium Park. Amazed and amused by The Concept, I stood in front of Spertus while its Coordinators were blowing it up. Some 250 pounds of Air (Kurt stated) was in it and then 250 pounds of Air for the deflated Balloon. That's alot more Hot Air (aside from City Politics) for the 'Windy City' to consume...once The Balloon became deflated by all scientific standards.

Although the ACE: All Candy Expo would not be in Chicago till May 20, 2009, for those driving by quickly, they, undoubtedly, assumed it was a Ball of Switzer's Red Cherry Licorice that was sidewalk-side, there to entice the Strollers. Strips would be peeled off, just for the 'asking.'


Knowing my Primary Colors as an Art Major and since I am the Promoter of:

GORF: Chicago's First Green Mascot and The Icon of The Green Movement with his intense, fiery Red Orbs,

I had a strong Gut Feeling it was being sponsored by Target (my favorite Film Development Store) which possesses a Fixation on that Hue and for Good Reason. For those Camera Buffs who continually find 'Red Eye' Pupils in their flashy Photographs, this was 'The Ultimate' Red Eye at its Peak. Thanks to ALL: Ambient Low Light, the Red-Eye Effect appears in both Animals' and Humans’ Eyes that have no Tapetum Lucidum, therefore, no Eye-Shine. As a photographic effect (or defect), the Red-Eye Effect is not seen in Nature.

After all, the History of Red is traceable back to the Painted Limestone Walls of Neanderthal Times.

1. Red Letter Dates are important.
2. Scarlet Red is an instant Eye-Grabber.
3. Tomato Red captures a Person's Undivided Attention, immediately.
4. Google Hits for the Word (only) Red is at the 1,180,000,000 Mark.

Since its earliest Days, for all Items RED, the Viewer immediately stops and asks: "Why?" Which is purely what Kurt wants People to 'do' with his Project RedBall.

Crimson & Clover: Watching it over and over in its perfectly Spherical Form(at) allows The Viewer to ponder 'Outside The Circle' besides contemplating the Vital Necessities and Routines of 'The Given Day.' How opportune. This can be a Relief-in-Red. It may lower Blood Pressure (which is also Red in Color) significantly.

Between 10-11 AM, I began chit-chatting with a pleasant 20-something year old Gal on the street who had also stopped with her Digital Camera in hand. Like me, she was taken with and halted by The Project when it was to be debuted at 11 AM sharp by Mr. Kurt Perschke and Dr. Howard A. Sulkin, the President of Spertus. She pointed to Peggy (an outside Marketing Expert hired to promote The Event) who was standing nearby, holding 'very Red, small Flip-Art Booklets' as Souvenirs. A Collectible, indeed, I wanted one for:

4A: Adrienne's Archive And Attic.

I began speaking with Peggy (a friendly and enthusiastic Woman) about The Project and if it was Target-sponsored. She said it was and she handed Two Booklets to me and for my new Acquaintance. The upcoming 'Sweet Home Chicago' Dates were listed as well as some super(b) Photography on People approaching 'The Ball' and what ensued. I immediately asked Kurt (its Creator) who was standing nearby for his Autograph in which to remember this Scarlet Date.

For those who want to experience THE REDBALL PHENOMENA for themselves, come on down to:

September 1: Millennium Park
September 3: Spertus Museum
September 5: Wishbone on Washington - across from Oprah's Studio
September 6: The Field Museum
September 7: Grant Park, Museum Campus Viaduct
September 10: 17TH Church of Christ, Scientist @ Wacker & Wabash
September 13: Wicker Park @ Damon & North Av.
September 14: North Avenue Beach Chess Pavilion
September 19: Hyde Park Art Center
September 20: IIT's McCormick Tribune Campus Center
September 23: 19 South La Salle
September 24: Federal Plaza
September 25: Chicago Cultural Center

OR, you may check out:
as the physical address is not given in the Booklet (for those two or three people not familiar with Chicago).

RED-iness @ its Finest: You can't miss it! The Ball is huge and measures some 15 Feet. 11 AM is the Targeted (no Pun really intended) Time it is usually inflated by. As of yet, no Bottles of Dom Perignon Champagne have been opened in its Honor. The Ball deflates at 6 PM.

7 MORE HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS: Keeping the Ball inflated into The Dusk may bring out another Dimension to it; whereby filming it from a Helicopter and/or neighborning Building (from higher levels) would add to its Ambiance. Bring your Camera(s) and Cam-Corders as you'll want to catch it LIVE. Get into the Red-Groove. Wear something Red. Perhaps line up some Harvest Apples or the Kids' striped Beach Ball in front of it so you can see how significantly colossal its Dimensions really are.

Like the famed 'Picasso' that was erected and unveiled on August 15, 1967 at Daley Plaza (which I also saw with My Mother, Betty F. Koop - like: Do We miss a Beat?), it's what you personally convey to those you speak to that makes 'The Piece' the 'Talk of The Town.' Meanings only matter in Dictionaries. Art has more Categories than Imelda had Shoes and Baskin-Robbins has Flavors of Ice Cream.

A TASTY AND APPROPRIATE MARKETING PLAN: As the RedBall Project travels across the Planet, local Ice Cream Shops could definitely sell a RedBall Sundae or Cone whereby Vanilla Ice Cream topped with succulent Red Cherries would fit the Bill.

The Ball is constructed of Rubber. This Sphere will not withstand The Wrath of (Stormy) Weather; therefore, it's now in Chicago and not in The Deep South where blustery Hurricane Conditions can blow it into The Gulf without a Moment's Hesitation -- or Notice, thus endangering Marine Life.

Throughout the brief Course of PAD: Public Art Displays (as these), The Art draws 'The Inquisitive' together so they gather, loiter (in some circles), chat for a few Moments and then get back along their way to work, play or their important business at hand.

In a cold, disjointed City, most People are not 'that friendly.'

They don't observe.
They tend to neglect.
They are pre-occupied.

A Big Red Object suddenly overtakes them, warming them up by grabbing the(ir) pent-up Attention that was needing a suitable Outlet. Even if the Conversation between Sight-Seers is light, semi-humorous and inconsequential, The Art touches them , even if you do not physically 'touch' The Art. A stretched Imagination is better than any Ball of Rubber. And for this Reason alone,

KURT PERSCHKE's RedBall Project is Event-full.

Such is the innate Business Nature of those who work for the Chicago Cultural Center. Their Motivation is to make Chicagoans and our Multitudes of (unassuming) Visitors feel that Art is there at their beckon call:

To enjoy.
To discuss.
To film.
To blog about.
To remember.

We don't know if The RedBall will be preserved in Vats of Liquid Amber at The Louvre for the next 500 years as The Mona Lisa is after its Tour du Monde. Time will only tell.


Perschke's REDBALL could be considered what I categorize as 'Movable Sculpture' as it adds a real potent Dash of Color - some 15 Feet of heightened RED to our paved, concrete and gray, metropolitan City Streets. Australia al-RED-y hosted The R-Ball; others are scheduled to welcome it to their Locales once it departs Chi-Town, USA.

'Painting the Town Red' does add a Magnitude of Attitude and Tonal Qualityof RED-iness to The Block.


Target (as an outstanding Business Conglomerate that has not succombed to the USA's recessionary State, yet) believes in giving back 5% of its Income to Communities - over $3,000,000 every Week. This is generous. However, right off 'The Bat,' The RedBall Project is:

1. not feeding the World's Hungry;
2. ending Worldly Wars;
3. curing Cancer, AIDS or Tropical Diseases;
4. creating Jobs for families-in-stress, thus providing a living wage;
5. providing Shelters for The Homeless;
6. figuring out how Global Warming can be alleviated;
7. lowering inflationary Food Prices;
8. discounting Bicycles so customers can peddle themselves to a healthier tomorrow;
9. upgrading Inner City Schools so welfare Children are enabled with a better Education; or
10. deciding if Red or Blue States are more important,

but 'it is what it is,' as Kurt Vonnegut (another Kurt) would say.

And for that Reason alone, it's well worth a look-see.

THE QUESTION STILL REMAINS: Will Souvenir Shops up and down Michigan Avenue sell RedBall Plastic Book Ends and encased Red Crystal Balls as the Cows On Parade had in 1999? Or will Target have the Final Say in their S&D: Selling & Distribution since they were the Proud Sponsor?

ASK's ARTISTIC INSERT: My Valued Opinion.
* How to market Target's Generosity much better

*How Gregg Steinhafel, Chairman/CEO & Laysha Ward, President of Community Relations of Target Stores should restructure their Community Program

Three Million Dollars ($3,000,000) could be put to much better use. After all, Target (based in Minneapolis) is the Nation's Second Largest Retailer with 648 stores in 47 States. For those in the Community(ies) that Target dispenses these Funds (to) who will not be seeing and experiencing this Project and similar ones, Target (as a Corporate Entity with Families of their own) should divvy up that Sum and give 20% - 40% -50% Discounts on their in-store Film & Art Supplies on a regular, weekly basis. This is where Art begins. That added $5-$10 (flung back into the Consumer's Court) could help an Artist (of any age) buy a tube of paint; a stencil, a photo album or colored pencils that would be transformed into Art, perhaps providing him/her with the Beginning of a dynamic Portfolio that would secure him/her with a Scholarship. A Scholarship equates to learning 'how to fish' for a lifetime, instead of despairing over a Talent that has no Outlet in which to grow, blossom and infiltrate the 'Main Stream.'

Furthermore, additional Customers would visit their Stores and the cash registers would jingle moreso. Brand Loyalty would be heightened considerably.

The Bottom Line remains: Street Art does not appeal to everyone. Art found in Galleries and in Museums is Art and/or Fine Art. Once Street Art is gone, it's forgotten. Cultivating The Art(s) in The Masses (which are Target's Customers -- their 'Bread & Butter') would be more 'serving' and deserving of the Community(ies) than by hoisting that which is supposedly Modern Art. Waste not. Want not.

After this Merchandising Ploy has been activated for one year, a Call for Entries could be undertaken by Target Corporate. Art Supplies (of every Variety) bought at Target's 648 Stores in 47 States could 'go on an International Tour' that would be much more well-received than supporting tasteless and mindless 'Art' Imposters. A Coffee Table Art Book immortalizing this Endeavor would cap off the Event beautifully.


More Info can be found at

As 'America's Premier Eventologist,'
'The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World,'

the Creator of:

The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Campaigns for Humanity,

The Promoter/Writer for GORF, Chicago's First Green Mascot & The Icon of The Green Movement and

The Founder of: Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991,

I urge you to really 'SEE RED' while the Perschke Ball is still in town.

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what Adrienne writes about..."
Chicago - chicaGORF - Illinois USA

NOTE: For Artistic Consultations, Blog Reporting, Book Reviews, etc., contact: ASK @

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Revised: September 4, 2008 - 12:06 PM CST

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Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith said...


Written & Submitted by:
Klancy Perkins
Assistant to: ASK
December 31, 2008 – 10:20 AM CST

ASK, ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH, a long-time Chicago Resident, emitted an extremely enthusiastic response for Cameraman/Director of Photography/Filmmaker, TONY GADDIS of St. Louis, Missouri who asked her to say a few words about her initial Reaction to Kurt Perschke’s Redball Project that was stationed in front of the Restaurant called Wishbone-on-Washington (merely a stone’s throw from Harpo Studio – Home of the Oprah Winfrey Show) on Friday, September 5, 2008. Being an Artist, Writer, Lifestyle Conceptualist and hailed as: ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ in her own ‘Rite of Passage’ as well as an ardent Fan for all Things RED, one of the 3 Primary Colors of the Universe, ADRIENNE spoke to TONY at length about what she personally felt KP’s Contribution to The World of Sculpture was and what The Sculpture symbolized in its month-long stay in Chicago, the 3rd largest Marketplace in the USA. This was (after all) her 2ND of 15 Visits (having sadly missed its First at the Millennium Park) she would make TO THE BALL (as she termed the EVENT) and a RED-imentary Way to get out for The Month and Mingle.

Seeing and charting The Pulse and Reaction of others as they stopped, stared and encircled THE BALL (that measures 15 feet high) was an Adventure in Human Nature. Promoting Popular Culture for nearly 30 years via her PRAM (Public Relations/Advertising/Marketing) Company, KOOPERSMITH’s GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS, ASK knew exactly what Manhattan Sculptor, Kurt Perschke was aiming to do with his monstrously BIG RED RUBBER BALL.

Later, after they got to know each other, ADRIENNE joined the Team by becoming their official Daily Blogger contributing 22 BLOGS (equating to 24,656 Words) on her Forbes’ hailed BLOG called: KOOPERSMITHIN’ ® that appeared in September – solely devoted to THE REDBALL PROJECT.

HOW’D HE DO THAT? Kurt garnered the Assistance of one of the top 3 greatest Retail Giants in the Northern Hemisphere that coincidentally was RED-dy to help. Most of the General Population was not aware that Target would soon be opening up 36 new Stores on October 14TH in 21 States, after a near Total Collapse of the American as well as Global Meltdown (in October, 2008) -- within just a month. Seeing a Big RedBall appear out of nowhere instantly made a Person smile and wonder…why or why not.

‘Giving Back’ to The Community (in an otherwise greedy, ‘take-it-all’ World) ASK surmised was an incredible Marketing Strategy aimed towards The People to show, overall, and on a Grand Scale that even when Times are slim and sparse, there is Solidarity at work highlighted by a Flaming Red Event, all within The Bounce of a Ball. Being an Attention-Getter, once a Person’s Attention is within reach and secured, any Conversation and Dialogue can ensue and hopefully, it will be beneficial to both participating Parties.

For those viewing The Reel found online at:

ASK also promotes GORF (the 24.5” plush TOY FROG with the infectious 11” Smile) as ‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot’ & ‘The Icon of the Green Movement’ (who coincidentally has two big Red Eyeballs or Orbs). She is holding him during her Commentary that Filmmaker, TONY GADDIS was shooting at The Wishbone Restaurant. GORF continuously accompanied ADRIENNE as she attended each RedBall Event and used as a Photographic Prop during the entire Duration of the REDBALL PROJECT as the Parallel of how both REDBALL & GORF ran along similar parallels and makes an Artistic Statement in and of itself.

QUOTING CLARENCE: Clarence Lipideau (after seeing the Video believes Tony’s Taped Commentary was): “The most positive Statement Target could have received from a Civilian. No script or state-of-the-art New York City Ad Firm could have placed those poignant Words into Koopersmith’s Mouth. Her Testimonial is definitely worth its Weight in ‘Gold’ or should we say Red Rubies to keep with the Theme. When I saw Adrienne’s Segment, it was so spontaneous, fresh, upbeat, real and true, it inspired me to exude my Appreciation for the Content of the Moment.”

CONCLUDING REMARKS: Target Corporation, the #2 Discount Chain Store Retailer is not like Wall Street Financiers in the sense that it houses unscrupulous Overlords and Swindlers. “Every Man” (Woman & Child) is Target’s Bed-and-Butter. Their Corporate Mission is to treat People the Way ‘The People’ deserve to be treated, with Respect, Dignity and Provisions or Opportunities to score great Products, super(b) Deals as well as knowing and feeling (deep down) that when their Customer returns home, that Trip is with Money in their Pocket(s). Scalping or Robbing is not in their Vocabulary or Business Plans. To Koopersmith, this is the Continuation of ‘The American Dream’ which is quickly dissolving in too many People’s Lives.

“Target puts the FUN and FUNDS (back) into Shopping.”
QUOTE OF ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Monday, December 22, 2008 – 11:34 AM CST.

Tony Gaddis for his 2009 Filmmaking Schedule at: tony(at)thefountainstudio(dot)com


Kurt Perschke for his future Art Projects that include The RedBall Project’s June, 2009 Appearance in Toronto, Canada during their Luminato Festival at: kurt(at)redballproject(dot)com

CONTACT INFO: To hire ASK to appear in your Print Ads and Commercials for 2009, contact her directly at:

Green Groups (those environmentally conscious) may contact GORF at:

ASK’s RedBall Blogs are found at:

October 1, 2008

& for the entire Month of September, these earlier Blogs begin at:

and chronologically run (back-words) from September 30 – September 3 (2008).