Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cubs win Divisional - Attributed to Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project

DATELINE: Sunday, September 21, 2008


Chicago, IL USA: "There's something going on here" stated a Man seriously as he was cruising on by RedBall as IT greeted the last Day of Summer, on ITs Day 12 of ITs month-long September Stay in Chicago. IT is always a Happening as anyone can attest, but sometimes IT is hard to decipher what the IT really is.

For instance (or I-ns-T-ance): The Day before Kurt & Krew-Mates set up the 250 pound - 15 foot tall Ball at IIT: Illinois Institute of Technology that was labeled as:

The IT place to be.

This was because their Bannered Logo emphasizes the IIT of Technology in such Buzz Terms as:

credu-IIT- y,

and comparable Terms with the Double 'I.'

We (in The Marketing Sector of Life) like that Association and Assimilation, alot.

And, IT's really NO different when IT (or IIT) comes to The Foundation of what makes this I-ns-T-allation (installation) tick. There's alot going on here that most People do not consider or realize. The major-IT-y of the Population are just I-n-T-rigued with ITs Size, let alone The Engineering Dynamics on how IT is set up; stays inflated and the Methodology of Size f-IT-ting into a set Space, let alone the I-n-T-eraction that develops when Man/Woman/Child & Pets encounter IT. This is the only Form of Inflation (or I-nfla-T-ion) We care to experience.

Those important Key Terms are: Majority, Intrigue, Size, Engineering Dynamics, Size Fit, Set Space, Interaction, Encountering, Inflation/Deflation and Experience.

In this case, We do not mean to be so cruel to say that KURT's Project (that turns into an Experience for ITs Viewers) is an "IT" -- IT just seems to f-IT, the s-IT-uation - this Blog Compos-IT-ion here for this po-I-n-T in Time since The RedBall Project spent a lovely Saturday Afternoon at a univers-IT-y, IIT: The Institute of Technology, one of the Top in The Nation.

For those Individuals who have never ventured much farther south Congress Parkway in Chicago, the IIT Campus is only a brief 15 Minute Transit Ride on the #29 Bus from the Harold Washington Library (located at 400 South State Street, that 'Great Street').

On Saturday, September 20, The RedBall received undivided Attention from Students whose 'Bent' and I-nteres-T-s are a b-IT more scientific and techno-savvy in nature than those who experienced The Redball in former Locales.

HOW DO YOU DEFINE 'CROWD': The Differences in RedBall Locations does yield to Differences in Population Attendance according to if it is a Weekend vs. a Workday Crowd. Yet, for many of these ruler-clad, techno Whizzes and their Parents (as IT was also Family Weekend at The School), they were pleased to see an I-nstalla-T-ion that aroused a Sense of Wonder in what they are I-nteres-T-ed in as well as providing a huge Charge of commanding Color to their Campus Grounds as the Autumn Season began kicking into gear.

SET-UP of Kurt's RedBall would have been spectacular or should be readjust that to:


My Vote is cast for: spectacul-ART.

IT (The Ball) was wedged at IIT on iits Southern Sector bordered by The Intersections of State and 32nd Streets...under the L-Train...both of them. A Tube ran into the 'Student Union' Section that also housed their Radio Station, appropriate places to read/study, an Entertainment Center with Pool and Table Tennis Tables and a few Stores including a Snack-Stand and Caffeine Bar. The silver metallic 'Tubing' would need an Engineer to completely describe. For the Layman (as myself), IT worked ITs Way into the Structure and ran the distance'back' which added a 'Space Age' feel to the inner Corridors. "Beam me up, Scotty" seemed to be what you wanted to say.

Outside, Redball cast lavish Shadows from the L-tracks when Mom , GORF and I arrived. Our Trip lasted from 12:30 - 3:05 PM. During this Time, We watched People of all Ages -- and many from different nations vis-IT-ing their Children marvel:


To exercise between classes, a Volleyball Net was set up 1/4 of a block east of The RedBall near life-size(d) Chess and Checker Boards. The Layout of the McCormick Tribune Campus Center was incredibly well-planned. Fortunately, The Weather for the Weekend Excursion fully cooperated which made IT yet another Red Letter Event for Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project.

I-nser-T: For those who don't venture 'far' from home, there are many s-IT-es to admire in The c-IT-y (or: c-IIT-y) to be enjoyed. When IT comes to 'Staycations' -- all you need to do is 'bounce' around from place-to-place with The RedBall Project to understand that The Finds you discover may be in your very own Backyard. Shades of Dorothy in the Land of Oz with her Ruby Red Slippers are reminiscent here.

Sharing them with Family Members or Strangers (that you instantly connect with just to talk about The Ball) for a spell, undoubtedly, may be the most worthwhile IT (or IIT) Moment you could ever have; Times to treasure and cherish.

TODAY: Sunday, September 21, 2008
Day #12 of KURT PERSCHKE's RedBall Experience

The exact Wording is really 'Redball Project' if you read the Info of which quite a bit and byte is posted at:

IT is more of an Experience. The Project is what IT is...and IT has appeared across The World, but there's more to IT than 'meets The Ball' and Eye-Ball.

"Artists have a Pigment of their Imagination." * Kurt Perschke's are coloRED in RED. The Rolling Stones' was 'paint(ed) in Black. Prince's reigned in as: Purple Rain. The Beatles traveled away in a Yellow Submarine. A German Singer named Nena sang-a-song about 99 Red Balloons (translated from 99 Luftballons). All of these Artists have had One Common Thread and that was The Gift to Mingle. Once their Project or Creative Endeavor was 'finished,' IT was The Prime Time to 'hit The Road' and share IT with others. These are what fill our Annals with Historical Events that We can later reflect on to see how important they have been in our Development as a Civilization. Having the Opportunity to share One's Art is Part of The Process and may be more important than The Art IT-self.

For those who have not heard, Kurt does not travel The World every Month mingling with People as he tells them about his RedBall Vision. Many People think he does. I, for one, did till I found out differently. Artists do have to stay home in their Studios in order to create their next NEXT BIG THING. It's Part of their Job Description, found in the fine print.

TheRedBall Project has become an Annual Adventure that takes Months to plan and prepare (f0r). It's a RO: Real Operation that is also a RO: Reel Operation. However, The Buzz begins and continues to build as each Day draws closer to its Opening. After The Network is firmly ironed into place, 'The Mingling' can begin. Blogs are the ideal Key in which to record this Mingling and Enthusiasm.

What was really exciting to note was a Group of Segway Riders who caught up with Kurt's RedBall on Sunday at The Chess Pavilion on North Avenue and Lake Michigan. The Guide stopped near the North End of The Ball with his 5 'Leads' in tow and began describing The Ball in rich detail. He evidently 'did his Homework' and wanted to share The RedBall Experience with his Crowd. Intrigued with The Ball and realizing it was was there for only 'The Day,' the Group quickly hopped off their 'Segs' and took photographs in front of IT -- for several minutes. Catching the(ir) Enthusiasm, other Folks who had stopped at The Ball, began 'snapping' Pictures of them. It was 'quite a Moment' in RedBall History.

Acceptance of ART is sometimes hard, especially so in an Economy that is on uncertain Grounds, but The Group knew what this Sculpture represented and wanted to capture that Moment as they listened to the(ir) Guide's Explanation and later translated the 'Kodak' Experience to ever-lasting Film.


Kurt's Cameraman and Director who is documenting the entire Chicago RedBall Project at each Location. A Painter-turned-Video Expert and Graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, his Portfolio displays the immense amount of Talent and Work he has accumulated since his Graduation. Reach Tony at:


Day #12: The Chess Pavilion: North Avenue @ The LakeFront

Frontiers are to be forged, even on the Lake Front. These 21st Century Lake-Frontiers were comprised of:

People who jogged past,
walked past,
ran past,
biked past,
roller-bladed past,
strolled past,
scootered on by,


People on cell phones; People not on cell phones,
Moms & Dads (of all Ages),
People with tattoos; People without tattoos,
People over-dressed,
People under-dressed,
People with walkmans,
People plugged in,
People unplugged (in or out),
People driving Carts,
People with cameras,
People wishing they had cameras

were all out in-force and huge numbers (as never before seen) as The RedBall stationed itself under the Concrete Roof of The Chess Pavilion on North Avenue, a short 7 block Stroll (only about 10 minutes) from the John Hancock Center that stood partially masked in a dense Fog as the Sun unsuccessfully tried melting through. No one minded if a bit of cloud coverage was present. The Temperatures rose to the High 70s and by the record number of People on the LakeFront, it was the perfect Ending to the Summer of 2008.

From 'The Bend,' located approximately 3 Blocks east of the Chess Pavilion, The Ball could still be seen -- in all its RED-iness and Wonder. Because it was a Weekend, People were more 'at ease.' Apparently, by their looks and expressions, they enjoyed their Sunday all the more enhanced by seeing a Sculpture that let them wonder as they wandered The LakeFront, one of the most popular Natural Settings in Chicago, Illinois.

PROVING MY POINT: One Sculpture Enthusiast and very genuinely friendly Fellow, Scott biked in (all the way from Oak Park, Illinois) to view the RedBall that he had been hearing about. His Round-Trip Venture is approximately 13 miles.

Chicago is, indeed, a City of Views. Viewpoints, also. But, 'The View' ignited by Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project exceeded all Expectations for the last Weekend of Summer, 2008 and its last Weekend for this Month-long Extravaganza. You still have Time to experience it although The Countdown has now begun at:

Tuesday, September 23 - 19 South LaSalle Street

Wednesday, September 24 - Federal Plaza - 230 South Dearborn

Thursday, September 25 - Cultural Center - South Entrance (78 East Washington)

For those who are curious to see The Effort and Mechanisms IT takes to inflate The Ball, plan to arrive about 90 Minutes early so you can watch and observe. Monica and Rebeccah, Kurt's Assistants (and also Artists) will be happy to explain its Dynamics. Tony is also filming People who want to 'have their Say' about their RedBall Experience. This will later be released as a Video Compilation. The Exhibitions open at 11 AM - 6 PM, but Set-Up is an Experience. Or, if you're more of an Afternoon Personality, stay for its Deflation. It is guaranteed, you will appreciate The Sculpture all the more.

TO RECAP: As stated in the Opening Line: "There's something going on here."

Reported by:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
GORF Werks Central
Chicago - chicaGORF, IL USA

* "Artists have a Pigment of their Imagination."

Explanation: The correct Term is 'Figment,' but in order to keep with the Course of this Text, I've used a Rhyming Word here that seems to deepen and express the Artist's Lifestyle.

Posted on: Sunday, September 21, 2008 - 2:01 PM CST

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Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith said...


Written & Submitted by:
Klancy Perkins
Assistant to: ASK
December 31, 2008 – 10:20 AM CST

ASK, ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH, a long-time Chicago Resident, emitted an extremely enthusiastic response for Cameraman/Director of Photography/Filmmaker, TONY GADDIS of St. Louis, Missouri who asked her to say a few words about her initial Reaction to Kurt Perschke’s Redball Project that was stationed in front of the Restaurant called Wishbone-on-Washington (merely a stone’s throw from Harpo Studio – Home of the Oprah Winfrey Show) on Friday, September 5, 2008. Being an Artist, Writer, Lifestyle Conceptualist and hailed as: ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ in her own ‘Rite of Passage’ as well as an ardent Fan for all Things RED, one of the 3 Primary Colors of the Universe, ADRIENNE spoke to TONY at length about what she personally felt KP’s Contribution to The World of Sculpture was and what The Sculpture symbolized in its month-long stay in Chicago, the 3rd largest Marketplace in the USA. This was (after all) her 2ND of 15 Visits (having sadly missed its First at the Millennium Park) she would make TO THE BALL (as she termed the EVENT) and a RED-imentary Way to get out for The Month and Mingle.

Seeing and charting The Pulse and Reaction of others as they stopped, stared and encircled THE BALL (that measures 15 feet high) was an Adventure in Human Nature. Promoting Popular Culture for nearly 30 years via her PRAM (Public Relations/Advertising/Marketing) Company, KOOPERSMITH’s GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS, ASK knew exactly what Manhattan Sculptor, Kurt Perschke was aiming to do with his monstrously BIG RED RUBBER BALL.

Later, after they got to know each other, ADRIENNE joined the Team by becoming their official Daily Blogger contributing 22 BLOGS (equating to 24,656 Words) on her Forbes’ hailed BLOG called: KOOPERSMITHIN’ ® that appeared in September – solely devoted to THE REDBALL PROJECT.

HOW’D HE DO THAT? Kurt garnered the Assistance of one of the top 3 greatest Retail Giants in the Northern Hemisphere that coincidentally was RED-dy to help. Most of the General Population was not aware that Target would soon be opening up 36 new Stores on October 14TH in 21 States, after a near Total Collapse of the American as well as Global Meltdown (in October, 2008) -- within just a month. Seeing a Big RedBall appear out of nowhere instantly made a Person smile and wonder…why or why not.

‘Giving Back’ to The Community (in an otherwise greedy, ‘take-it-all’ World) ASK surmised was an incredible Marketing Strategy aimed towards The People to show, overall, and on a Grand Scale that even when Times are slim and sparse, there is Solidarity at work highlighted by a Flaming Red Event, all within The Bounce of a Ball. Being an Attention-Getter, once a Person’s Attention is within reach and secured, any Conversation and Dialogue can ensue and hopefully, it will be beneficial to both participating Parties.

For those viewing The Reel found online at:

ASK also promotes GORF (the 24.5” plush TOY FROG with the infectious 11” Smile) as ‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot’ & ‘The Icon of the Green Movement’ (who coincidentally has two big Red Eyeballs or Orbs). She is holding him during her Commentary that Filmmaker, TONY GADDIS was shooting at The Wishbone Restaurant. GORF continuously accompanied ADRIENNE as she attended each RedBall Event and used as a Photographic Prop during the entire Duration of the REDBALL PROJECT as the Parallel of how both REDBALL & GORF ran along similar parallels and makes an Artistic Statement in and of itself.

QUOTING CLARENCE: Clarence Lipideau (after seeing the Video believes Tony’s Taped Commentary was): “The most positive Statement Target could have received from a Civilian. No script or state-of-the-art New York City Ad Firm could have placed those poignant Words into Koopersmith’s Mouth. Her Testimonial is definitely worth its Weight in ‘Gold’ or should we say Red Rubies to keep with the Theme. When I saw Adrienne’s Segment, it was so spontaneous, fresh, upbeat, real and true, it inspired me to exude my Appreciation for the Content of the Moment.”

CONCLUDING REMARKS: Target Corporation, the #2 Discount Chain Store Retailer is not like Wall Street Financiers in the sense that it houses unscrupulous Overlords and Swindlers. “Every Man” (Woman & Child) is Target’s Bed-and-Butter. Their Corporate Mission is to treat People the Way ‘The People’ deserve to be treated, with Respect, Dignity and Provisions or Opportunities to score great Products, super(b) Deals as well as knowing and feeling (deep down) that when their Customer returns home, that Trip is with Money in their Pocket(s). Scalping or Robbing is not in their Vocabulary or Business Plans. To Koopersmith, this is the Continuation of ‘The American Dream’ which is quickly dissolving in too many People’s Lives.

“Target puts the FUN and FUNDS (back) into Shopping.”
QUOTE OF ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Monday, December 22, 2008 – 11:34 AM CST.

Tony Gaddis for his 2009 Filmmaking Schedule at: tony(at)thefountainstudio(dot)com


Kurt Perschke for his future Art Projects that include The RedBall Project’s June, 2009 Appearance in Toronto, Canada during their Luminato Festival at: kurt(at)redballproject(dot)com

CONTACT INFO: To hire ASK to appear in your Print Ads and Commercials for 2009, contact her directly at:

Green Groups (those environmentally conscious) may contact GORF at:

ASK’s RedBall Blogs are found at:

October 1, 2008

& for the entire Month of September, these earlier Blogs begin at:

and chronologically run (back-words) from September 30 – September 3 (2008).