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Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project: Butta Bing. Butta Ball.

Chicago, IL USA: Day 3 of visiting Kurt Perschke's Red Ball would be different than the First Two. The first would summon up the Question of:

What's it all about?

The Second Day's main comment would be:

How is the setting different than Day #2 and for Day #3: I decided to let the Interaction between the People take its due Course. And, there surely wasn't anything disappoint the least, except for 1 minor Problem. It would have been 'nicer' if RB (as it is affectionately titled) were at the North Entrance of the Field Museum instead of its Southern Door. Last Summer the Cool Globes were strewn across the northern plot (of land) as it juttisons out nearer Lake Michigan and with a few of those Cool Globes still in place, the 'comparison' would have been noteworthy.

However, enough cannot be said about every setting that it is placed, it does make a Statement. Statement alone by just watching the People watch the Ball. People are not only 'People watchers...' they are definitely Big Ball Fan(atics).

If there isn't one out now, there should be. And that phrase is: If you listen, you're bound to learn something. I overheard one of the Field Museum's Guards say tht the 2nd Monday of every Month is Target-Free Day. Imagine that! How cool is that gesture? Not only is Target sponsoring KURT's Latest Modern Art Exhibition, but for 12 times a year, Admission to this Museum has no charge. That would make anyone BLUSH 'red.'

In keeping with my last 2 Blogs on this PAD: Public Art Display, I'll list comments heard, no matter how absurd -- as everyone has a comment. Not everyone is an Artist (destined to interact with others both near and afar); an Art Aficionado; an Art Collector or even a mild mannered Art Purveyor, everyone has their own Opinion on what grabs their attention.

Consistently, for the last 3 days I've viewed 'RB,' it amazes me by the number of People (both tweens and adults) who punch and kick 'The Ball.' When I asked Kurt:

'Why do People punch and kick your ball?" his response was: 'Cuz it feels playful to them.'

My cat and dog feel playful to me, too, but I don't punch and kick them. Perhaps this Question should be posed to Doctors at Psychology Magazine some it still baffles me. I suppose The Artist, Kurt does have a substantial reason there. People to 'kick and toss around' Volleyballs and they slam baseballs and kick footballs, but this is a MegaBall...what if it someone gained a Life of its own and started rolling..., down the 22 steps of the Field Museum; across the lot and neared Soldier's Field.

I posed this Question to Kurt also. "If the ball got away," I hypothetically asked him: "What would happen?"

'It would roll,' he commented.

Good Answer...but if it neared the Lake, Lake Michigan (or as many of my non-geogragraphically inclined Friends call it): The Michigan Ocean...

Would it float?

"And what would happen if the Ball got away?" I asked KP.

"It would keep on rolling," he smiled.

On my bike trip to the Field Museum (some 10.5 miles) I was given a Pink Balloon that I used as 'Size Comparison' while shooting some Photos of RB: Red Ball. Unfortunately, it was not fastened too tightly to my purse and 'took off' in a blast of wind that set it loose, but for the time I had it, the Differences in Size were substantial. It proved the old Proverb: To grab attention you have to be Big. Would the Color make a difference? Red does capture a person's eye. And, somewhere in my Education, I heard that Red is one of the few Colors that even the Color Blind can see. It has a built-in Audience that money cannot buy. Do look up that Fact tho as I've never used it before in any of my Writings and I may be wrong there...

Another Question I asked Kurt as I climbed the Steps of the So-Ex (SO-uthern EX-posure) of the Field Museum this Morning after examining how the Ball was 'scrunched' between 2 pillars dealt with the 'wrinkles' in its Skin, due to the 'way' it was enclosed.

Stronger than ever, it did not look as it if would budge. Kurt was nearby and said it was the same material Rafts are composed of. This made perfect sense to me, although I've never gone White River Rafting - or in this case, Red River Rafting.

My visit began around 11:30 AM and lasted till 1:45 PM, approximately. During that time, only one little Boy asked: "Can I touch it?" Since the child was within ear-shot, I responded to his question which seemed to be directed to no one in particular: 'You sure can! You can even punch it, if you like.' He had Carte Blanche -- or should we say:

Carte Rouge

to have a 'Ball with The Ball.' From the Mouths of Babes, Politeness can flow.

To keep consistent with my First Two Blogs, I should really number a few of these Notes in case I want to return to them and elaborate more in the weeks to come.

1. A nice Testimonial I overheard was given by one of the Male Guards at the Field Museum said: "It's not just a Ball!" when a Tourist ambled up the steps.

2. With the Positioning of RB on the Steps of the Southern Entrance to the Field Museum, you can't but feel you're in the Rocky Movie when 'Rock' dashes up the Philadelphia Steps. Sometimes, you just can't get away from those Flashbacks.

3. Everyone carries a camera these days. You needn't be a Tourist to have one. It needn't even been a high-end digital. This Ball-Art is photographed more than Madonna and Britney are combined.

4. To get an idea of its Size, bring a few red tops you may have at home. Examples would be your Folgers Coffee top; a Red Checker and perhaps a Red Frisbee. Stand a few levels below the ball and aim your camera at the Ball, while holding your Prop. Monique (of the RedBall Project) says the size will look the Same because of the Perspective. It makes for a cool Photo(graph) and definitely something School Teachers may like to explain to their Students.

5. Has anyone ever gotten married under The Ball?

6. Have Birds (like the SeaGulls) who beg for tidbits landed on the Sphere?

7. It's a Big Red Ball. Did anyone ever think it should be placed (in comparison to) our 'Big Bat' Sculpture located in the West Loop? That definitely would be 'of interest' or even placed in the Center of Wrigley Field (on Clark & Addison). There are so many more Places it could be placed; no doubt it will have to return to complete these...

8. The 4 Reasons (not neccessarily 'the Professionals') but mine on why Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project is such a draw is that it:

a) radiates Energy;
b) links People to a common object; and
c) has a diversity to it since Balls have multitudes of meanings and possibilities in all industries.
d) transforms an area and thereby transforms the Viewer's Impression of what it is; what it was and what it will be (after it leaves).

Yup, you do learn alot if you sit, stare and listen to what People have to say, on a beautiful Saturday Morning 'n Afternoon. You learn about Art. You learn about Human Nature. You learn about Nature. You learn about Life. I suppose somebody could write a Book now entitled:

Everything I ever learned, I learned from the RedBall Project.

And, that's 'Write-on-Target.'

GRAB the Family after Brunch tomorrow, Sunday, September 7th and head on over to:
Grant Park, Museum Campus Viaduct from 11 AM to 6 PM.
As the Days wane shorter, the Attention for seeing 'RB' don't subside. 'Catch it' while you can at:
9-10-2008: 17TH Church of Christ, Scientist at Wacker & Wabash
9-13-2008: Wicker Park at Damon & North Avenue
9-14-2008: North Av. Beach Chess Pavillion
9-19-2008: Hyde Park Art Center
9-20-2008: IIT's McCormick Tribune Campus Center
9-23-2008: 19 South LaSalle
9-24-2008: Federal Plaza
9-25-2008: Chicago Cultural Center

FINAL FUN REMARKS: It's the Weekend in Chicago. The first one for September. The official September Autumn Art Season successfully kicked off in River North & River West on Friday Night. The Red Ball Public Art Expo is thrilling People. Many are not even aware of its 'Travels,' but get The Surprise that it lends itself to, when 'they' walk around a Corner and VOILA: There's The Ball in all its Splendor & Glory. Why leave Chicago when 'RB' is in town? Maybe it will find a permanent Home at the Field Museum after September 25!

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
GORF Werks Central
'Home of The Grin Reaper' - Chicago's First Green Mascot &
The Icon of the Green Movement
Chicago - chicaGORF - IL USA

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Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith said...


Written & Submitted by:
Klancy Perkins
Assistant to: ASK
December 31, 2008 – 10:20 AM CST

ASK, ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH, a long-time Chicago Resident, emitted an extremely enthusiastic response for Cameraman/Director of Photography/Filmmaker, TONY GADDIS of St. Louis, Missouri who asked her to say a few words about her initial Reaction to Kurt Perschke’s Redball Project that was stationed in front of the Restaurant called Wishbone-on-Washington (merely a stone’s throw from Harpo Studio – Home of the Oprah Winfrey Show) on Friday, September 5, 2008. Being an Artist, Writer, Lifestyle Conceptualist and hailed as: ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ in her own ‘Rite of Passage’ as well as an ardent Fan for all Things RED, one of the 3 Primary Colors of the Universe, ADRIENNE spoke to TONY at length about what she personally felt KP’s Contribution to The World of Sculpture was and what The Sculpture symbolized in its month-long stay in Chicago, the 3rd largest Marketplace in the USA. This was (after all) her 2ND of 15 Visits (having sadly missed its First at the Millennium Park) she would make TO THE BALL (as she termed the EVENT) and a RED-imentary Way to get out for The Month and Mingle.

Seeing and charting The Pulse and Reaction of others as they stopped, stared and encircled THE BALL (that measures 15 feet high) was an Adventure in Human Nature. Promoting Popular Culture for nearly 30 years via her PRAM (Public Relations/Advertising/Marketing) Company, KOOPERSMITH’s GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS, ASK knew exactly what Manhattan Sculptor, Kurt Perschke was aiming to do with his monstrously BIG RED RUBBER BALL.

Later, after they got to know each other, ADRIENNE joined the Team by becoming their official Daily Blogger contributing 22 BLOGS (equating to 24,656 Words) on her Forbes’ hailed BLOG called: KOOPERSMITHIN’ ® that appeared in September – solely devoted to THE REDBALL PROJECT.

HOW’D HE DO THAT? Kurt garnered the Assistance of one of the top 3 greatest Retail Giants in the Northern Hemisphere that coincidentally was RED-dy to help. Most of the General Population was not aware that Target would soon be opening up 36 new Stores on October 14TH in 21 States, after a near Total Collapse of the American as well as Global Meltdown (in October, 2008) -- within just a month. Seeing a Big RedBall appear out of nowhere instantly made a Person smile and wonder…why or why not.

‘Giving Back’ to The Community (in an otherwise greedy, ‘take-it-all’ World) ASK surmised was an incredible Marketing Strategy aimed towards The People to show, overall, and on a Grand Scale that even when Times are slim and sparse, there is Solidarity at work highlighted by a Flaming Red Event, all within The Bounce of a Ball. Being an Attention-Getter, once a Person’s Attention is within reach and secured, any Conversation and Dialogue can ensue and hopefully, it will be beneficial to both participating Parties.

For those viewing The Reel found online at:

ASK also promotes GORF (the 24.5” plush TOY FROG with the infectious 11” Smile) as ‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot’ & ‘The Icon of the Green Movement’ (who coincidentally has two big Red Eyeballs or Orbs). She is holding him during her Commentary that Filmmaker, TONY GADDIS was shooting at The Wishbone Restaurant. GORF continuously accompanied ADRIENNE as she attended each RedBall Event and used as a Photographic Prop during the entire Duration of the REDBALL PROJECT as the Parallel of how both REDBALL & GORF ran along similar parallels and makes an Artistic Statement in and of itself.

QUOTING CLARENCE: Clarence Lipideau (after seeing the Video believes Tony’s Taped Commentary was): “The most positive Statement Target could have received from a Civilian. No script or state-of-the-art New York City Ad Firm could have placed those poignant Words into Koopersmith’s Mouth. Her Testimonial is definitely worth its Weight in ‘Gold’ or should we say Red Rubies to keep with the Theme. When I saw Adrienne’s Segment, it was so spontaneous, fresh, upbeat, real and true, it inspired me to exude my Appreciation for the Content of the Moment.”

CONCLUDING REMARKS: Target Corporation, the #2 Discount Chain Store Retailer is not like Wall Street Financiers in the sense that it houses unscrupulous Overlords and Swindlers. “Every Man” (Woman & Child) is Target’s Bed-and-Butter. Their Corporate Mission is to treat People the Way ‘The People’ deserve to be treated, with Respect, Dignity and Provisions or Opportunities to score great Products, super(b) Deals as well as knowing and feeling (deep down) that when their Customer returns home, that Trip is with Money in their Pocket(s). Scalping or Robbing is not in their Vocabulary or Business Plans. To Koopersmith, this is the Continuation of ‘The American Dream’ which is quickly dissolving in too many People’s Lives.

“Target puts the FUN and FUNDS (back) into Shopping.”
QUOTE OF ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Monday, December 22, 2008 – 11:34 AM CST.

Tony Gaddis for his 2009 Filmmaking Schedule at: tony(at)thefountainstudio(dot)com


Kurt Perschke for his future Art Projects that include The RedBall Project’s June, 2009 Appearance in Toronto, Canada during their Luminato Festival at: kurt(at)redballproject(dot)com

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