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Contemplating The Effect(s) of BIRDictionary: The World’s First Creative Bird Dictionary empowering all Avians to live in a World inhabited by The Human Race via Think Tank Leader: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith of Chicago: Day 222 of The Project. A Rundown of what was and what is to come…

DATELINE:   Wednesday, September 30-2015 – 10:25 AM CST


This Blog Entry is being written upon the 222ND Day that I have seriously contemplated re-issuing and reworking:

BIRDSTORY:  The Bird Who Didn’t L earn How To Fly ©1998

a delightful Story I wrote in early October of 1998 and then launched in 1999 with that Period known as THE YEAR OF THE BIRD ©1998.

NOTE:  The  Essence of this BLOG - #8 in the BIRD Series, but #1201 in Koopersmthin’ Blogs Evolution shall be posted on October 1, 2015 for your perusal.

Approximately 816 Words in length,  that Copy will detail and explain my Current State of Thought  and unyielded or shielded Creativity for this Work-in-Progress, one that is sorely needed in a World-gone-wrong that seems to be spinning out-of-control on all Natural Fronts.

FYI:  For all Publishers and Movie Producers/Animators reading this, The Project includes:

The Movie Script (now comprised of over 150 Thematic Pages penned);

Development and Creation of 76+ Bird Characters, each with their own Personalities (or do you say: Birdsonalities?) and promoting many glorious Breeds that Animators and Artists would enjoy "bringing to Life" I would guess;

An Array of Original ASKian Holidates as:  Decade of The Birds and  Decade of The Avians (DoTA) via the Fact that  I am known as “America’s Premier  Eventologist,” a Title I received from Journalist, GENE KOPROWSKI of Insight Magazine (based in Washington DC) as of August, 1997;

Calendars that coincide with the Birdillian Holidates revealed about that will extend through 2040;

Coloring Books (that happen to be the Latest Craze for 2015);

Photographic Works by the most talented Photographers on Facebook & Twitter;

The Children’s Book with Adult Appeal:  The Bird Who Didn’t L earn How To Fly ©1998 featuring The Feather Family; and

The Promotion of other Social Media Network Bird/Avian Accounts who share this Mindset with me via my PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing Company I’ve spearheaded since 1979; plus more... 

Please come back Tomorrow to see what’s in store…you'll be happily surprised and entertained - I guarantee.

Thank you.


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what ASK writes about…”
Chicago – Illinois USA

The Entry October 1, 2015:   

You know Avian Life is not as simple as it looks.  It’s not just “sitting pretty” high on a Wire; singing a Song without even whistling a Word; pulling up a few juicy Earthworms (Lumbricina  Haplotaxida) for a Quick Meal or Munch and then  gliding through “The Air” with the greatest of Ease.1 It’s far more than that!  That’s what Myths, Lore, Legends and/or TV commercials are about.  Bluntly put, it’s hard Work to get to those lofty Heights for The Period of Time (especially now with The Range of Objects that mar and mark Birds’ Navigations with Collisions both on The Ground & in The Air-Zone, a Place where Birds were relatively safe from Harm and Predators until The Invention of The Airplane (and all other Crafts & Vehicles since 1903).  


Birds have been POE’d:  (not as Edgar Allan Poe) whose Favorite Bird was The Raven.  Maybe it was a Crow (Corvus) as some Folks thought that Bird Breed (Species) was.  Being poE as in: positioned on Earth for the last 150,000,000 years of their Lifetimes is a Fete of Endurance.   Avians may be found at high Altitudes (far up into The Stratosphere) while at the other End of the Spectrum ducking (as Ducks do) into The Muddy Waters2 where plasticized River Beds and Banks of major Waterways stream-on-by. Murky and polluted Waters that only 1000 years ago (deemed as a Blink in The Spectrum of Time) that were much more livable for Aquatic Life and those living near Marinas.   Upon further Examination, BirdLovers, Bird Watchers and Ornithologists agree that The Planet should be aptly renamed: Planet Bird or:


Pl - -anet + Avian - -Inter + Net = Plavianet


Definition:  A Planet inhabited by Avians (a/k/a: Birds) and nobody but Avians (a/k/a: Birds).


Plavianet is yet another Word (#1010) that has been added to my Bird Dictionary aptly named and copyrighted as: BIRDictionary ® ©1998/2015.  What boosted Birds’ Popularity across The Plavianet was The Invention of The Camera and then The Proliferation of CyberSpace that launched Birds into another Universe of Acceptance. 

For unknown Reasons, (The) Humans get it all wrong.  Who declared they were born and bred to shoot Birds out of The Sky; have their Dog Breeds hunt  Birds down; fry up their innocent Chicks in what is apparently:  Chickocide,  Murder against Baby Chicks/Chickens and if We wanted to notch it back another Stage – all The Way back to  Yolkocide where sizzling Slabs of Bacon (derived from a Pig – possibly Miss Piggy’s Friends, Relatives or Cohorts), a Slice of Wheat or Cinnamon Toast heaped with Concord Grape Jelly and a steaming ‘n brimming Mug of Coffee served up.  This is called: “EATING THE LIFE OUT OF NATURE” - not in an acceptable Manner that is healthy but in a Way to destroy its sensitive Balance.

Natural (all that ‘stems’ [pun intended]  from Nature) is to be reserved, preserved and observed in Applications of Moderation, not Globeration. This does not  mean misusing and misappropriating The Wonders that Earth has bestowed and offers, grabbing huge Globs and pilfering The Planet for more, taking Access of Birdlife and Control  of Birdlife.

Natural Resources are there to use, but Man’s ID: Insatiable Desire to control and Greed mixed with Violence have gone beyond The Norm and what is acceptable.  As a Modern Day Intellect and Citizen of The 21ST Century, certain Aspects cannot be condoned or done, nor even contemplated.  And, that is for The Mass Destruction of Earthly Life where eating Nature into Oblivion and consuming Nature without Replenishment of its Natural Resources is unfathomable.  Pondering The Consequences and Results of Behavior, Bad Behavior and Misbehavior (all of the above) of this Variety may begin to halt such Actions.  Amendments and Moderation are key in all Aspects of Life, a healthy Life openly shared in The Environment for those Creatures who live within those Parameters.  

Who and What’s gone?   Who and What becomes extinct will never return.   Man delights in playing “G-d” in his Psychosis of Omnipotence, but The Bottom Line remains:  The only Force in control is Mother Nature, not Superman, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Thor and/or Captain America who have unlimited Super-Powers.  Prevailing, Mother Nature can merely flood us (Man, Animals, all Flora and Fauna) out within a Night; unleash a Bolt of Lightning that sets a Forest on Fire for Acres and Miles and/or blow us (Man, Animals, all Flora and Fauna) away with a strong 100 MPH Wind Gust (or even less).  Being “high and mighty” by soaring through The Skies; soaring, swooping and gliding is left up to The Birds, who are The Natural Leaders of The  Skyways, not Airplanes, Helicopters, Gyrocopters, Hot Air Balloons or even Drones. 

Mankind began redesigning and tampering with Mother’s Nature Plan in an Attempt to take control of a very attractive Planet where “The Sky was The Limit.”  But because Man did, The Planet and all those living on it are suffering as they have never done before.   Those violent Days should have ceased at The Close of The 1900s on The Night of Friday, December 31, 1999 at 11:59 PM in a broad Attempt to rectify and “Fix The Wrongs” and Obligations We have as being Citizens of Faith (where FAITH stands for Future Avians In Teeming Harmony), who live respectfully and cordially here on a Planet that really cannot take too much more of us Humans. 

As of Thursday, October 1, 2015, Fifteen (15) Years and Nine (9) Months have now past and every Single Creature is treading on a very fine Line of Existence. A Line strewn with Destruction and Despair of what have We destroyed. 

Of what are We capable of saving. 

Of what We plan to do. 

If something is not done quickly, the only Course will be in joining The Dinosaurs into Perpetuity as Man’s Final Step in his long, but sorrow-clad Evolution saturated in Greed, Ignorance and Corruption.   In 1597, The Term “Living Death” was coined, meaning: A Life emptied and devoid of Joys and Satisfactions.  Hopefully, that Nostradamus Prediction will not come true. 

IN CLOSING:  So…for The Next Time you look towards The Skies, think of who lives here with you.  Hopefully that will not be your Last Glance.  Consider them (other Men, The Animals and all Flora/Fauna); consider where they’ve been as a Collective Whole; consider their illustrious Path living alone and in The Contentment and Confines of Nature, a Nature that is arduously attempting to adjust and readjust; adapt and re-adapt; adopt and re-adopt  to and with every Mechanization and Process now invented. Consider where they’ve been; what they know and how they color Our World in so many pristine and priceless Colors. That is Nature’s Legacy. The Will and Fortitude of The Animals and Plants to survive is stronger than the Ploys of Mankind.  They have proven that.  Let’s not destroy a Legacy – theirs – that can never be replaced.  By doing so, The Cycle of Life can continue as it should can and must.  There’s no other Course to take.




1 Ground into Bird Patties by a Propeller



4 Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary – 11TH Edition.  P. 729.



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