Sunday, August 31, 2008

Harold N. Solomon, Chicago's Finest at 100: Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Birthday Wish to Harold on his 100TH & Other Centenarians:

In the 1950s when I was really young - a youngster, a Friend of The Family stopped in to visit us in our small town of Mendota, IL 61342 (when phone numbers were only 3 digits) who would later become a Father Figure and Hero in the Eyes of Me & my Mother, Betty. That Gentle Man was Mr. Harold Solomon (who lived and worked in Chicago) whose profession was that of a prominent Attorney as well as humanitarian. Mom struck up a terrific Friendship with Mr. Solomon from the mid-70s till his untimely death in March, of 2004. And today,

August 31, 2008

would have been Har's 100TH Birthday. It's neat to look back at such a Historical Period in our Lives -- after all, IF you are amongst the fortunate to have lived such a Span of Time, you've seen and experienced encyclopedia amounts of events, no matter if they are happy, sad or some degree between or beyond those 2. Harold, being a Deep Thinker, analyzed the Daily Events of his Day and always shared those with us. Most of the Time he was 'right' in his thinking and philosophies - although we begged to differ, if only because he was a Man and Women do think at a different level than Males do.

History Books note Harold is one of the First Attorneys to try the Nazi War Tribunal after World War II ended. But, as a most humble Man, we never heard Harold brag about the Strides he made in Human Rights of not only Individuals but in securing World Peace.

Taking care of your mental & physical health is important so that you, too, can celebrate the 100 Year Milestone. We wish Harold had 'made it' to this Date, but in our Hearts, he is with us every Spirit and in the Legacy he left.

From 1908 to 2008, you have seen alot. This was before Airplanes, Fast Cars, White-Out, Moon Travel, TV Talk Shows, High Definition TV and Skyscrapers. Imagine having lived through all those Inventions and experiencing how easy Life has become! The Wonders of living a long productive and fruitful life details how that Person survives in times that are constantly changing.

If you arrive at your 100TH Birthday, Congratulations because:

you have blinked: 513,977,341 Times
you have breathed: 602,007,119 times
you have eaten this many meals: 110,396
your heart has beaten this many times: 3,879,831,600
your heart has pumped this many gallons of blood: 75,777,960
you have slept this many hours: 283,366
you have slept this many days: 11,806

And for those Ambitious, take the 11,806 figure, divide it by 365 (for the days in a year) and you will see that you slept approximately one-third of your life - of your 100 years, but you needed it - because after all, Life is a Thrill a Minute and you've only 'just begun.'

After all, in 'The End,' all We have are Our Memories.

Happy Birthday, Harold on your 100TH!

Love, Ade & Mom
Sunday, August 31, 2008 - 9:15 AM CST

NOTE: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith is the Founder of AFSEE: Advocates For Senior Equality & Enrichment, promoting the Wonders, Issues & Joys of Life in The Senior & Seniorita Years (50+).

Birthday Fun Statistics from: Your Birthday - A Book for each Day of your Year
Natalis Press, Inc., New York City, NY
(C) 1993

Friday, August 29, 2008

ART NEWS FLASH: Thompson's 'OBAMA' Dreams Can Come True...

DateLine: Friday, August 29, 2008 - 11:32 AM

Chicago, IL USA. The incredibly hand-drawn and painted Portrait of Barack Obama is now readying itself FOR SALE by its Artist, the world renown Artist, Lowell Thompson, it was recently learned today here at Koopersmith's Global Communications.

"The Portrait is not for Sale at this exact Moment, but with the Election nearing and History being made," explains its Artist, "I am seriously entertaining the Idea of allowing The Obama Portrait (called: 'OBAMA' Dreams Can Come True...) to be purchased for the express Reason that others should enjoy its Technique and feel The Change that is most definitely in the Air."

With a long and colorful History of Art Advertising, Publishing, Entrepreneurship and Politics on his Side, the Creativity of Mr. Thompson, a native and long time 'Son' of Chicago is happy to now entertain The Idea of 'releasing' (t)his Portrait of the Democratic Party's Nominee,

Barack Obama for The Presidency

on the Morning of Mr. Obama's Nomination.

The Talents of Lowell go far beyond his Paint Brushes & Palettes as his Collectors, Galleries, Friends and Fellow Artists see him as a Leader in The Art World who just doesn't stop. Thompson was the first Black Creative Director of a major U.S. Advertising Firm to receive an Addy Award, the highest in that Industry. Within the last two weeks, Lowell has been approached by several Schools (in the corporate Limits of Chicago) asking him to 'come in' and show the Students his Artistic Techniques.

THE ARTISTIC TOUCH: There's no better time than 'The Present' to let this Portrait entertain, motivate and capture The Hearts & Minds(et) of those both near and afar. With America being in The Spotlight for this monumental Election, the Art created circulating at this Time (in History) will become the 'New Collectible.' Thompson's 'OBAMA' Dreams Can Come True...(as it is entitled) is at the Top of that Group.

The Portrait which was created (in 2008) is of a new Style that Thompson has instigated. Thousands of People have seen and marveled at The Original; many rubbing their Heads in sheer disbelief at the fine and minute Detail which outlines every year of The Senator's Life. The Profile literally takes (on average) 20 minutes to peruse. The Conversation that follows is encyclopedic.

A tireless self-promoter who totally loves meeting his Fanfare and talking to 'The People,' Lowell could quite likely be a Politician himself by the way he affectionately speaks about The Detail in this Work (as well as other Masters) he has produced the last 45 years. He beams when 'The Thompson Obama' is mentioned. And mentioned ALOT, it is here in Chicago, the Hometown of Barack himself.

As of mid-June, Lowell was featured in the exclusive Sunday Magazine Section of The Chicago Tribune for another Project he was concerned with, which was written by Literary Great, Rick Kogan of 'Sidewalks' Acclaim.


Some of Lowell's Supporters feel The Obama Portrait should be in The Louvre next to da Vinci's Mona Lisa as its Statement is so profound. Many Locals object with that opinion and want the Painting to 'stay local.' They feel that the DuSable Museum should open a Wing in Lowell's Honor to herald and display The Works of outstanding Black Americans. Others feel that The Thompson Obama Portrait should be ON TOUR, much like King Tut was and other comparables. However, Mr. Thompson is contemplating The Sale of this incredible Portrait to the right Collector -- whether it is for Visual Usage at an Institution or to a Private Collector who admires the Intensity, Showmanship and Integrity that not only Stands for a Man and his Principles, but for The Art that joins all Men together at this most Pivotal Time in World History and Politics.

CONTACT INFO: IF you are or IF you know someone interested in Purchasing Lowell Thompson's Obama Portrait, he may be contacted at:


When speaking to Mr. Thompson, please note that you saw THE NEWS OF OBAMA's Dreams Can Come True Portrait...IMINENT SALE in Koopersmithin' on Friday, August 29, 2008 as your Referral.

FOR MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA: For those in The Media who wish to interview Mr. Thompson at this especially ripe Time about The Effect Art makes on The Preservation of American History, Lowell may be reached (once again) at the above Email Address or contact me below for his Personal Phone Number.

Written & Promoted by:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what Adrienne writes about..."
Chicago, IL USA

Friday, August 22, 2008

BookmARK that BookShop! Celebrate the Grand Opening of The BookmARK in Chicago: August 24, 2008

FOREWORD: The Power of Reading goes far beyond The Content that’s found on The Page alone. Whereby The Power of focusing on The Pictures in a Book also surpasses the mere Images seen on any Textbook Page. Those Statements are easy to understand. However, for those Authors & Photographers who have achieved a certain Amount of Popularity, Notoriety, Fanfare, Critical Acclaim and Awards for their prized Manuscripts and Masterpieces, they would bicker those fine Points while trotting happily off to The Bank. However, what’s written joined by Visuals present a Special Message on a Page that aids in

‘The Escape into another World’

which (most likely) affects each Reader in absolute Ways that are not necessarily universal to other Readers. It’s all found in The Perception.

“Each Page of any Book written in any Time Slot, Period or Era is merely an Interpretation and Extrapolation of what The Author is conveying and wishes to express in that exact Moment.”

Thursday, August 21, 2008 – 12:59 PM CST

“Books allow a Person to take what they like and leave the rest, very much like going to a Restaurant or analyzing an abbreviated Side of The Serenity Prayer.”

Friday, August 22, 2008 – 6:35 AM CST

Fine Questions in point or fine Points to Question are:

FOREIGN LANGUAGES. If you are unable to read a Foreign Language you’re blatantly out of Luck. In a nutshell, you can’t enjoy or learn what that Author in that Space and Time is seeking to convey if you find a Book written in a Language that is indiscernible.

INSERT: Furthermore, as an Adjunct, if you can’t read your Native Language, stop what you’re doing and immediately seek help. Poverty, Ignorance and Despair await the non-Reader.

TO CONTINUE: If you discover a Foreign Translation (derived from a Book, Poem, Essay, Dissertation, etc.), Chances are that Interpretation could be ‘slightly’ altered from what the Original Master set forth, meant and maintained. On a Deeper Level, would the Author agree with what he/she wrote as a young Man or Woman compared to what he/she would write in Mid-Life or in his/her Golden Years?

The finest Case in Point regarding The Fundamental Difference in Reading can be found in The Bible. World Religions interpret their Belief System as ‘The Best’ they can although their ‘Aws & Flaws” have been fought out in Mortal Combat since Cave Man Days of struggling-to-survive.


Reading The Torah, Bible and Koran to immerse oneself in how Civilization should act and react is an Honorable Task. Additionally, as honorable are those Individuals (Monks and Scribes of ‘Old’) who made and took The Time to read, study, (attempt to) interpret and understand what The Creative Process is all about. A Bound Book is much more than Paper (from Trees); Glue, Words and some eye-catching Illustrations. Any Page from any Book (if read by the Right Person can move that Personality to great Achievements simply by motivating him/her in Ways he/she may not have thought possible if not for that Single Page, Paragraph, Sentence, Clause, Phrase, Sidebar, Thought or Idea.

“Any Denominator on a Page can, may and does cause Inspiration. That is the POW-tential of Reading”

Friday, August 22, 2008 – 9:55 AM & 11:35 AM CST

Had that Idea not presented itself to transcend The Written Page an Action taken on your Part would have been missed, perhaps sorrowfully so, forever(more). An Open Discussion or Review of The Book is also revealing.

Books, as Purveyors and Sources/Resources of and for Knowledge, are also accompanied by Magazines and Newspapers where Information, News, Photographs and Graphics are shared and intermingle. Magazines and Newspapers are not as creative or culturally adept as a Book. There’s no End to a Book which can be turned into a Major Motion Picture and/or continue in a Series. Newspaper & Magazine Contents are ruled by their Deadlines being sooner than those of a Published Book. No Problem. What came First? The Book or The Movie? Only Google and Wikipedia (not Memorex) know for sure.

We like Newspapers and Magazines ‘as is.’ Combined, they fill a Void and keep us up on The Latest until The Present Day passes and “The News’ suddenly becomes History. The Format is similar; The Costs (and now Standards due to Competition) have been lowered.

The biggest Dilemma Publishing (of Books, Newspapers and Magazines) face is The Internet and Online eBooks and News). With huge growing Numbers of People flocking to The Internet for their News & Entertainment ‘Fix,’ a serious Look at the ‘State of the Newspaper’ is being scrutinized by large publishers across the World. Downsizing has already hit major American Publishing Houses since 2000. It’s no longer your Grandpa’s Newspaper anymore, Boys & Girls.

For those who find it hard to concentrate on The Art & Act of Reading but enjoy ‘The Beat,’ Recorded Music can have a similar Entertaining Affect that Reading possesses.

ENTER: The BookmARK, Ark/Chicago’s latest Commercial Venture located in the Lower Level of their Thrift Store at 3345 North Lincoln Avenue. Due west of Lincoln Park, with Thousands of Books lining Six (6) full Aisles, this new Locale is a Bookworm’s Paradise - a Haven for Bookophiles from across “The City of Big Readers.” Opening in June, 2008, August 24TH marked the(ir) Grand Opening from 11-2 where below wholesale-priced Books, Posters, Records & Tapes may be purchased, all before the new Autumn School Season falls into place.

“With an faltering Economy, a Resale Book is the most reasonable and logical Entertainment found anywhere. For the truly frugal, only a Library is better where Book Reading is free. For the savvy Business Person, a Resale Bookstand can become a Success Story, that yes, someday could become a Book that sits on one of those Shelves. As a Win-Win Situation, a Book Shop (whether used or new Books are sold there) is a Library awaiting to happen.”

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 – 6:40 AM CST &
Friday, August 22, 2008 – 6:30 AM CST

“So many Books – so little Time” is the General Lament of most Adults Today and with ample good Reasons. However, voracious Readers (who cannot read enough) will instantly find that The BookmARK provides that added Opportunity “to have your Book and read it, too.” Additionally, you can expand your PBC: Private Book Collection as every known and renown Genre (that has ever been written about) can be found here along with some sensational Surprises! It all depends on WHO donates WHAT. Rare First Editions may crop up from time-to-time for those astute Literary Collectors.


3345 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago 60657 USA

A Welcome Sign greets the Customer walking down the wooden plank steps of the newly decorated ARK Thrift Store. Old Record Albums adorn the Walls. CD Art is carefully glued to the Walls brightening up the Lower Level which harkens a ‘What do We have here?’ Attitude from the new Customer. Located on a Commercial Block where Shopping is the Main Activity (for well over 80 years of Chicago History), comfortable Seating in large, cushy Sofas and Chairs are placed in The Aisles that give the weary and tired Consumer a well-needed Break. Resting + Reading have always gone together as a pleasant fit. “This is just like Borders & Barnes & Noble” you might think, but with one vast qualitative Difference. Prices are reasonable. These are Second Hand Books. ‘Vast’ is nice. Vast is extremely ‘do-able.’ Could Reading become an ‘Extreme Olympic Sport?” Timing the fastest Reader may be an interesting Challenge.


Six (6) full Aisles with Shelves lining each Side entices The Reader. Using Modern Math & Logic, this Formula equates to:

A Total of 168 Bookcases
X 6 Shelves (the average Number of Shelves per each Bookcase) = 1,008 (this spells out as: Shelf-Space)
X 20+/- (Books per Shelf) = 20,160+/-Books totaled.

That equals to ‘a Lotta Books’ and immediately brings a Smile to The Face of those not knowing what Treasure they will locate next. If you need a reasonably priced Gift, check-out The BookmARK. Then go home and wrap the Book in Fancy Paper (bought at your neighborhood Dollar Store). Voila, you’ve got an attractive Present for less than $3-$5. And, who is going to know? You read that here FIRST.


Art, Arts & Crafts, Biography, Business Leadership, Children – Judaica Only, Children – Kids’ Books, Children’s Reference, Classics, Coffee Table Books, Computer, Cooking, Dictionaries, Fiction, Foreign Language, Health & Fitness, History/Secular, Home & Garden, Horror/Science Fiction, Humor, Judaica, Large Print Books, Mystery, Needlework, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction Biography, Personal Growth, Pets, Poetry, Pregnancy/Childhood/Motherhood, Reference, Religion Books, Romance, Short Stories, Sports & Games, Staff Picks, Teen(s) & Travel

An educated Guestimate would assume that there are more Books located in The Kids’ Aisle because Children’s Book are trimmer and more can fit across a Shelf. Make it a Point in your Weekly Schedule to check back often as Shipments of Books are received Six (6) Days per Week. The ARK Thrift Store is open daily from 10AM – 5 PM, and closed on Saturday.

A BLAST FROM THE PAST: For those Chicagoans old enough to remember the early 1970s in Chicago, on the West Side of Clark Street near Wrightwood was Aspidistra. A phenomenal Resale Book Store located on the First Floor with huge, smudged windows covered in posters, smelling of Mildew and not well-maintained Aspidistra (meaning: Eastern Asian Plants of the Genus Aspidistra in the Lily Family and is widely cultivated as a Houseplant) still drew a Crowd, paid a hefty monthly rent (for that time period) and became a Landmark Institution. This Literary Leader (hailed as The First Second Hand Bookshop in Chicago) drew many People because their Prices were ‘write-on target.’

Today, (gracefully) Aging BabyBoomers (many now on fixed Incomes) buy their Reading Material Books in Resale Establishments, whereby, 35 years ago, The Retail Spending of Big Bucks took centerfield. Many Books bought at retail were discarded. Aspidistra was there to accommodate that Population and begin the Recycling Process which is now a lucrative Industrial Trend. One thing never changes. The Need and Desire for Books has continually been with us (through thick and thin) ever since Alphabets vastly improved the Communication Process.

“Cleaned up and a few Blocks west, The BookmARK could very likely become ‘The Aspidistra of The 21ST Century.”

Friday, August 22, 2008 – 10:37 AM CST

Kids Soft Cover - 50¢
Kids’ Hard Cover - $1.00
Kids’ Hard Cover Reference - $3.00
Kids’ VHS Tapes - 10¢

Adult Paperbacks - $1.00
Adult Trade Paperbacks - $1.50
Adults Hard Covers - $2.00 & up
Reference Books - $3.00
Coffee Table Books - $5.00
Adult VHS Tapes - 50¢
DVDs & CDs - $1.00


Besides Books-galore, there are Hundreds of CDs and old(er) Magazines that sell for 25¢. There is no telling what you’ll discover in their 25¢ Bin! Some Games and Posters are available although this Section has not been expanded, yet. Stock all depends on WHO donates WHAT and WHEN. That’s WHY ‘The Hunt’ is the next Best Part to ‘The Adventure.’ The Best Part, of course, is finding a Book – The Book – you’ve been searching for for years now or discovering a new ‘old’ One. ‘Beating Inflation’ couldn’t be any more stellar.

The only Flaw that I see as an Author (who has penned Fifty (50) Books in my own “Write” is Visibility. Had The BookmARK been placed in their Front South Window on the First Floor and The Furniture now situated there moved towards The Back of The Store where the small Incidentals and Kitchen Items are located (closer to the Back Door which is used for Deliveries, in and out), Passers-by (at all Hours of the Day or Night) could see Rows of Book Cases as they robustly stroll up-and-down Lincoln Avenue. Instantly, they would know this is a new Book Salon for them to visit and haunt. Perhaps a Neon Sign could be erected to direct those who are unaware of this New Reading Establishment. Underground or Basement Bookshops faired well in the 1960s, not Today. Furthermore, if a torrential Rain were to strike and flood the Basements of these Stores along Lincoln Avenue, a majority of those Books would be destroyed.


RECOMMENDATION #1: Take a Course in Speed Reading. This Process will assist you in reading more of The Literature We have amassed as a bright and creative Society and effectively help to retain more of what you’ve just read.

RECOMMENDATION #2: Keep a Journal of your Activities for a Year. After that Period, you can easily begin to edit those Sentiments, Thoughts & Feelings into a Book Format that will show you how you’ve grown within that Period including Places traveled; People met and ultimately showing where Change and Improvement should now be taken in your Personal Growth Cycle.

RECOMMENDATION #3: The Vote is in. Children’s Books may be read by People no longer classified as ‘Children.’ Some of the Best Literature with the most important Messages are found in Larger Print, colorfully illustrated Kids’ Books which is easily understandable and oft-times amusingly and ridiculously funny. Amusement + Humor are necessary in the Course of One’s Day. Reading one-a-Kid’s Book-a-day, one-a-week or even one-a-month will bring back Memories as well as transport The Reader to a simpler, happy uncluttered and uncomplicated Time.

RECOMMENDATION #4: Pass-A-Book & Share-A-Story ®. Have you read a Book that’s changed your Thinking or added and/or opened Door or lightened a dim Dimension in your Life? If so, then pass that Text along to another Friend. Just don’t let The Book lie there, a Hostage on a dusty Shelf or strewn in a lonely Corner! Make the most Use out of those Books. A discarded Book doesn’t mean The Writing is inferior. It means it’s Second Hand and only gets better with Age as its Reader learns more about a Topic and incorporates it into his/her World. Subjects matter. Thereby, a Person’s Interests expand The Older he/she gets.

RECOMMENDATION #5: Re-read Books you have previously read in Grade, High School or College. A Trend is quickly taking root in Chicago for BabyBoomers to reconnect and re-read The Books they (had to) read while Growing Up. Revisiting their Past is a delightful Process that can very likely put Life into Perspective.

RECOMMENDATION #6: If possible, keep a current and running List of all The Books (you have read), Dates (when read) with a Brief Description of what The Book entails. Rate it according to Historical, Character, Plot, Message and/or Content. Online Book Websites are always in need of this Review Material.

RECOMMENDATION #7: Form a Book Club with 2 or more Friends in order to discuss and relay The Essence of your latest Book read. Quiet Sections in Public or University Libraries, Coffee Shops or in your Living Room make for comfortable Weekly or Monthly Meeting Places.

RECOMMENDATION #8: Write to your Favorite Author(s). Although Writing appears to be ‘a Snap,’ it’s not. Trust me. Publisher(s) will forward Reader’s Mail to them. Additionally, finding that Author online in order to retrieve an eMail or Street Address is a Possibility.

RECOMMENDATION #9: Increase your Vocabulary by learning a New Word every Day. For those PC-savvy, checkout, the Online Version of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Empire. Pocket Dictionaries double as a Great Companion as you travel to and fro, besides being a dynamic Writing, Informational and Study Tool.

RECOMMENDATION #10: If you find yourself troubled or bored, the automatic Remedy (Rx) is to pick-up a Book. Thumb through its Pages. Indulge yourself with whatever catches your Eye and Fancy. As Time passes, you’ll become totally absorbed in its Contents, being lifted from those Problems that magically are erased when Reading becomes an active Part of One’s Day.

“Much better than over-the-counter Medication, Reading is the End-All and is ‘what matters.’”
Friday, August 22, 2008 – 9:20 AM

“So it is said and written…”

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 – 7:03 AM

CLOSING: Donate, purchase and/or read a Book at The BookmARK. The Horizons you expand will be your own as well as positively influencing those you meet. A Good Cause just got 'one better.'

NOTE: This Blog is also part & parcel of The ARK's bi-monthly IDP Newsletter published on the August 26, 2008 as well as here online @:

KOOPERSMITHin’ ® Blog Entry at:

For more information about Reading, Literature and the Written Word, contact:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith at

Saturday, August 16, 2008

One Week Later: Follow-Up to GORF’s First ART Show at KKAP/Chicago



Follow-Up to GORF’s First ART Exhibition

The Unveiling of his PEACE SIGN for THE GREEN MOVEMENT


kasia kay art projects gallery

DateLine: Saturday, August 16, 2008



Chicago, Illinois USA: The Timing of The Event could not have been better. ‘Better than War’ is, undoubtedly, a diabolically wicked and perverse Clause to use, unless, of course, you’re a Terrorist Monster that prefers War to Peace. Chances are, you aren’t.

STAY TUNED for the completion of this BLOG Page on Monday, August 18, 2008 by 12 Noon sharp.

Open Letter to Madonna: 5 Points you should realize about Turning 50

Saturday, August 16, 2008 - - 9:34 AM CST

Dear Madonna:

Evidently, the Media did not portray you in a very pleasant light the last few months before your 50th birthday. That's a shame for a number of reasons, a few of which follow:

1) You've gathered the Wisdom of the last 49 years (something no one else) has and have become the person you are, today.

2) You know what works and what doesn't work in your Life. This basically is applicable to all people. In other words, they know that too much drinking and drugging causes havoc on the body.

3) You've amassed a fortune in every kind of worldly good a person could ever want. Since a great deal of the global population lives on $1 or less a day, there's really no reason to complain,
moan and/or groan.

4) You have the abiity now (with 1/2 of your Life yet to go) to do something for Humanity that will leave an indelible mark. The younger generation (these days) is in trouble. Education is their 'only way out.' Being a role model with the right set of Ethics can indeed leave them better off than they were...even a day ago.

5) Lastly, Age is just a Number, much like your zip code; phone number or dress size. If a person has $100, he or she is richer than if a Person only has $50. If The Western World looked on Age as an Asset instead of a Mark of Senility, Loneliness and Abandonment, We'd all be healthier, wiser and richer and less panic-stricken or anxious.

From a Personal Standpoint (where I draw, develop or contrive all my Date + Info), I (magnificently) turned:

'Sweet 16 + 40'

last Saturday on August 9TH or '56' if you're counting Candles. Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Bad Relationships and Crime haven't stopped me yet. Lions roar...if you want to get Astrological about the Days & Dates.

Happy Birthday, Madge! Contrary to Popular Belief and Pop Culture, 50 is a glorious Milestone to behold, that's to be celebrated and enjoyed...And is the Start of 'The Best' to come. You'll never see 49 again (except in Pictures) and for those who haven't made it 'This Far' yet, Age(lessness) is definitely a Blessing (in-disguise).



ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
AFSEE: Advocate For Senior Equality & Enrichment
GORF Werks Central - Home of the Grin Reader & The Icon of The Green Movement
Koopersmith's Global Communications
"People read what Adrienne writes about..."
Chicago, IL USA

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Koopersmith at Sweet 16 + 40...August 9, 2008

The big Day has arrived. Today, at 56, I'll be giving unveiling a Graphic deSign called:

GORF's Peace Sign for The Green Movement

at Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery at High Noon.

During this Time, I'll be giving my thoughts combined with 2 ideas on how to instill Peace in this highly troubled world of ours...not that it can ever be achieved. But we can definitely try.

As I stood at my local neighborhood Library, it dawned on me that:

'Billions (of Dollars) won't buy Peace."

Peace is one of those intangible Objects we have to discover on our own and savor for however long we have it -- even though it may be only a few minutes. Life's short enough. Living a peace-filled existence without tension or stress certainly is something that IF money can't buy it, what will?

For those who have that answer, email me at:

It would be interesting to have it solved as I start my 'Second Half.'


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
'America's Premier Eventologist'
'The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World'
Chicago, IL USA

Sat., August 9, 2008 - 9:21 AM CST

Friday, August 8, 2008

8-8-8: A few Choice Words on Dates & Numbers on August 8, 2008.

August 8, 2008 represents contains so much symbolism to so many people, not only those living today, but those from centuries ago. That's what makes Events so very interesting, even if I wasn't proclaimed as 'America's Premier Eventologist.'

FAST FORWARDING TO THE FUTURE (by one day in fleeting time)

I, for one, find it to be the Day before my 56TH Birthday, being born on Saturday, August 9, 1952 back during that 'other Millennium.'

However, August 9TH is quite symbolic in and for The Green Movement as:

GORF, The Icon of The Green Movement


at the

kasia kay art gallery projects
1044 West Fulton Market
in Chicago

from 12 Noon to 12:15.

PLEASE JOIN US: The Chicago Art Scene has not been hotter

Billed as the 'Shortest Art Reception & Peace Event,' this Gathering is bound to make Waves + History, as Waves + History must be made in order to keep our planet -- our ONLY Home -- lean and green. Life was simpler 'back when' I was only and merely 'Sweet 16.' Add in those 40 years and encyclopedias can and have been written.

For all those interested in this monumental Artistic Movement, making GREEN into a Primary Color, please join us at kasia's gallery. This is also the Closing Show for Sugarcraft, a dynamic creative series produced and curated by Wynter Whiteside, having its opening on June 27. This is a Curator as well as Painter who is bound to leave her mark as she 'ages' so gracefully.

For info on GORF, email:

For info on The Gallery, check out Kasia's website at:

Monday, August 4, 2008

8-4-8: The August 4th Salute to WBEZ's Program: Eight-Forty-Eight


Chicago, IL: Numerology continues to play a significant Role in a Person's Day even 'doing the math' is not your forte. Today (as We begin the Week) is one of those rare Times when The Stars methodically align with Mathematicians and a Party can be held for all PARTYcipants-at-large.

The Symbolism boils down to this Formula:

The 8th Month is August.
It is now officially the 4th Day of August
The Eighth Year of the 2000 Decade is the last component.

Put it all together and what do you get, word-wise?

Eight Forty-Eight

One of the most Popular Radio Programs in Chicago that can be heard on WBEZ 91.5 FM on Monday through Friday - 9am and 8pm.

Encapsulating a plethora of Topics and Issues that concern Chicagoans,
Eight Forty-Eight is CPR's: Chicago Public Radio’s award-winning daily magazine featuring news, views and culture–all with a local bent.

As Wikipedia claims:

Its morning magazine program Eight Forty-Eight was named after the postal address of the station, 848 East Grand Avenue, though the name is sometimes misinterpreted as referring to its air time (originally 9:30 AM, currently 9:00 AM).

WBEZ's News Listings are found at:

Be ahead of The Crowd to learn more about Chicago by turning into Eight Forty-Eight no matter what Day it is.

This Week is chock-full of Events: Next Stop, August 8, 2008. If only the Daily 3 Lottery Numbers would be as cooperative...


Sunday, August 3, 2008

AFSEE Installment #8: August, 2008. Aging vs. The Alternative

On the brink of 56 in a matter of 6 more Days, Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith summarizes up her first 55 years as:


"Female Seniors are 'Senioritas,'" so sez ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith of Chicago, who at 55 looks like 35. When 'ASK' was 54, a Las Vegas Maturity Mag spotlighted her on a page and featured that very understandable Clause. Truer Words were NEVER spoken, read or said and that Quotation is one that immortalizes all robust BabyBoomers:

"ASK is the New 34 @ 54."

How does she do that? ASK's Formula is quite simple. Her Life revolves around a Series of NEVERS as in NEVER drinking, smoking, drugging or supersizing any Substance that could prove unHealthy.

Even while 'Growing Up Koopersmith' in the 1950s-1960s, she was one of The First to exercise a Green Attitude of Gratitude which is now the Major Movement on The Planet.

Her Innate Creativity, Biking and Joie de Vie kept and continues to keep Adrienne as fit & sparking now (in the 2000s) as she was in that other Century, The 1900s. Writing about the Act & Art of Aging under the Heading of:

AFSEE: Advocates For Senior Equality & Enrichment (R)

is how ASK expresses herself to others across The Planet who marvel at her prolific Attitude - one that is easy to obtain.

ASK's Blog, Koopersmithin (which examines Pop Culture through her Eyes) at:

is a 'must-read' for People of all Ages, as it shows what's important IN Life and how that Life can be lived to its fullest and finest.

AFTER ALL: Who could 'ASK' for more?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Koopersmith's CODE is exposed and explored.

DateLine: Friday, August 1, 2008

SUB-TITLE: Pre-Preparation is Key in The Arts

Chicago, IL USA: August 1 officially heralds in 'The FROG Days of Summer.' Such is the case with the Upcoming UnVeiling of GORF's Peace Sign for The Green Movement. Said Event will be held at:

Kasia Kay's Art Projects Gallery
1044 W. Fulton Market
in Chicago

on Saturday, August 9, 2008 from 12 Noon - 12:15 PM

Its Slogan is: "The Shortest Peace Event & Art Reception in History"

ART Receptions always sizzle no matter what the prevailing climate is like. However, when a Show registers as 'spontaneous' and means there's not too much Time left to devote to it, Time is precious and indeed 'of The Essence.' Therefore, it's time to abide by 'The CODE'. By undertaking a few logical Steps while doing One's Artistry (no matter what that Talent may be): You, too, can hold a Reception in 3 weeks OR less with surprising Results.

The Abbreviation for CODE stands for:

C = to Concentrate
O = to Organize
D = to Design
E = to Expose

Keeping these 4 Pointers in the front of your mind is a sure-fire Way + a Catalyst to make sure that every Day (before the Program takes place), certain Pivotal Points are met. Lists also help in undertaking 'THE CODE.'

After The CODE is met and the Event is over, take full advantage of Follow-Up Follow-Up is just as important as The Event because then, certain Issues can be addressed that were overheard and spoken about during The Event that may not have been referenced before. During Follow-Up, all those smaller Parts can be ironed out and fixed; thus making The Project a likely success and a Point to build further upon. The Challenge has been met. Part 2 is ready to work.