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ART NEWS FLASH: Thompson's 'OBAMA' Dreams Can Come True...

DateLine: Friday, August 29, 2008 - 11:32 AM

Chicago, IL USA. The incredibly hand-drawn and painted Portrait of Barack Obama is now readying itself FOR SALE by its Artist, the world renown Artist, Lowell Thompson, it was recently learned today here at Koopersmith's Global Communications.

"The Portrait is not for Sale at this exact Moment, but with the Election nearing and History being made," explains its Artist, "I am seriously entertaining the Idea of allowing The Obama Portrait (called: 'OBAMA' Dreams Can Come True...) to be purchased for the express Reason that others should enjoy its Technique and feel The Change that is most definitely in the Air."

With a long and colorful History of Art Advertising, Publishing, Entrepreneurship and Politics on his Side, the Creativity of Mr. Thompson, a native and long time 'Son' of Chicago is happy to now entertain The Idea of 'releasing' (t)his Portrait of the Democratic Party's Nominee,

Barack Obama for The Presidency

on the Morning of Mr. Obama's Nomination.

The Talents of Lowell go far beyond his Paint Brushes & Palettes as his Collectors, Galleries, Friends and Fellow Artists see him as a Leader in The Art World who just doesn't stop. Thompson was the first Black Creative Director of a major U.S. Advertising Firm to receive an Addy Award, the highest in that Industry. Within the last two weeks, Lowell has been approached by several Schools (in the corporate Limits of Chicago) asking him to 'come in' and show the Students his Artistic Techniques.

THE ARTISTIC TOUCH: There's no better time than 'The Present' to let this Portrait entertain, motivate and capture The Hearts & Minds(et) of those both near and afar. With America being in The Spotlight for this monumental Election, the Art created circulating at this Time (in History) will become the 'New Collectible.' Thompson's 'OBAMA' Dreams Can Come True...(as it is entitled) is at the Top of that Group.

The Portrait which was created (in 2008) is of a new Style that Thompson has instigated. Thousands of People have seen and marveled at The Original; many rubbing their Heads in sheer disbelief at the fine and minute Detail which outlines every year of The Senator's Life. The Profile literally takes (on average) 20 minutes to peruse. The Conversation that follows is encyclopedic.

A tireless self-promoter who totally loves meeting his Fanfare and talking to 'The People,' Lowell could quite likely be a Politician himself by the way he affectionately speaks about The Detail in this Work (as well as other Masters) he has produced the last 45 years. He beams when 'The Thompson Obama' is mentioned. And mentioned ALOT, it is here in Chicago, the Hometown of Barack himself.

As of mid-June, Lowell was featured in the exclusive Sunday Magazine Section of The Chicago Tribune for another Project he was concerned with, which was written by Literary Great, Rick Kogan of 'Sidewalks' Acclaim.


Some of Lowell's Supporters feel The Obama Portrait should be in The Louvre next to da Vinci's Mona Lisa as its Statement is so profound. Many Locals object with that opinion and want the Painting to 'stay local.' They feel that the DuSable Museum should open a Wing in Lowell's Honor to herald and display The Works of outstanding Black Americans. Others feel that The Thompson Obama Portrait should be ON TOUR, much like King Tut was and other comparables. However, Mr. Thompson is contemplating The Sale of this incredible Portrait to the right Collector -- whether it is for Visual Usage at an Institution or to a Private Collector who admires the Intensity, Showmanship and Integrity that not only Stands for a Man and his Principles, but for The Art that joins all Men together at this most Pivotal Time in World History and Politics.

CONTACT INFO: IF you are or IF you know someone interested in Purchasing Lowell Thompson's Obama Portrait, he may be contacted at:


When speaking to Mr. Thompson, please note that you saw THE NEWS OF OBAMA's Dreams Can Come True Portrait...IMINENT SALE in Koopersmithin' on Friday, August 29, 2008 as your Referral.

FOR MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA: For those in The Media who wish to interview Mr. Thompson at this especially ripe Time about The Effect Art makes on The Preservation of American History, Lowell may be reached (once again) at the above Email Address or contact me below for his Personal Phone Number.

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