Monday, August 4, 2008

8-4-8: The August 4th Salute to WBEZ's Program: Eight-Forty-Eight


Chicago, IL: Numerology continues to play a significant Role in a Person's Day even 'doing the math' is not your forte. Today (as We begin the Week) is one of those rare Times when The Stars methodically align with Mathematicians and a Party can be held for all PARTYcipants-at-large.

The Symbolism boils down to this Formula:

The 8th Month is August.
It is now officially the 4th Day of August
The Eighth Year of the 2000 Decade is the last component.

Put it all together and what do you get, word-wise?

Eight Forty-Eight

One of the most Popular Radio Programs in Chicago that can be heard on WBEZ 91.5 FM on Monday through Friday - 9am and 8pm.

Encapsulating a plethora of Topics and Issues that concern Chicagoans,
Eight Forty-Eight is CPR's: Chicago Public Radio’s award-winning daily magazine featuring news, views and culture–all with a local bent.

As Wikipedia claims:

Its morning magazine program Eight Forty-Eight was named after the postal address of the station, 848 East Grand Avenue, though the name is sometimes misinterpreted as referring to its air time (originally 9:30 AM, currently 9:00 AM).

WBEZ's News Listings are found at:

Be ahead of The Crowd to learn more about Chicago by turning into Eight Forty-Eight no matter what Day it is.

This Week is chock-full of Events: Next Stop, August 8, 2008. If only the Daily 3 Lottery Numbers would be as cooperative...


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