Friday, August 8, 2008

8-8-8: A few Choice Words on Dates & Numbers on August 8, 2008.

August 8, 2008 represents contains so much symbolism to so many people, not only those living today, but those from centuries ago. That's what makes Events so very interesting, even if I wasn't proclaimed as 'America's Premier Eventologist.'

FAST FORWARDING TO THE FUTURE (by one day in fleeting time)

I, for one, find it to be the Day before my 56TH Birthday, being born on Saturday, August 9, 1952 back during that 'other Millennium.'

However, August 9TH is quite symbolic in and for The Green Movement as:

GORF, The Icon of The Green Movement


at the

kasia kay art gallery projects
1044 West Fulton Market
in Chicago

from 12 Noon to 12:15.

PLEASE JOIN US: The Chicago Art Scene has not been hotter

Billed as the 'Shortest Art Reception & Peace Event,' this Gathering is bound to make Waves + History, as Waves + History must be made in order to keep our planet -- our ONLY Home -- lean and green. Life was simpler 'back when' I was only and merely 'Sweet 16.' Add in those 40 years and encyclopedias can and have been written.

For all those interested in this monumental Artistic Movement, making GREEN into a Primary Color, please join us at kasia's gallery. This is also the Closing Show for Sugarcraft, a dynamic creative series produced and curated by Wynter Whiteside, having its opening on June 27. This is a Curator as well as Painter who is bound to leave her mark as she 'ages' so gracefully.

For info on GORF, email:

For info on The Gallery, check out Kasia's website at:

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