Sunday, August 31, 2008

Harold N. Solomon, Chicago's Finest at 100: Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Birthday Wish to Harold on his 100TH & Other Centenarians:

In the 1950s when I was really young - a youngster, a Friend of The Family stopped in to visit us in our small town of Mendota, IL 61342 (when phone numbers were only 3 digits) who would later become a Father Figure and Hero in the Eyes of Me & my Mother, Betty. That Gentle Man was Mr. Harold Solomon (who lived and worked in Chicago) whose profession was that of a prominent Attorney as well as humanitarian. Mom struck up a terrific Friendship with Mr. Solomon from the mid-70s till his untimely death in March, of 2004. And today,

August 31, 2008

would have been Har's 100TH Birthday. It's neat to look back at such a Historical Period in our Lives -- after all, IF you are amongst the fortunate to have lived such a Span of Time, you've seen and experienced encyclopedia amounts of events, no matter if they are happy, sad or some degree between or beyond those 2. Harold, being a Deep Thinker, analyzed the Daily Events of his Day and always shared those with us. Most of the Time he was 'right' in his thinking and philosophies - although we begged to differ, if only because he was a Man and Women do think at a different level than Males do.

History Books note Harold is one of the First Attorneys to try the Nazi War Tribunal after World War II ended. But, as a most humble Man, we never heard Harold brag about the Strides he made in Human Rights of not only Individuals but in securing World Peace.

Taking care of your mental & physical health is important so that you, too, can celebrate the 100 Year Milestone. We wish Harold had 'made it' to this Date, but in our Hearts, he is with us every Spirit and in the Legacy he left.

From 1908 to 2008, you have seen alot. This was before Airplanes, Fast Cars, White-Out, Moon Travel, TV Talk Shows, High Definition TV and Skyscrapers. Imagine having lived through all those Inventions and experiencing how easy Life has become! The Wonders of living a long productive and fruitful life details how that Person survives in times that are constantly changing.

If you arrive at your 100TH Birthday, Congratulations because:

you have blinked: 513,977,341 Times
you have breathed: 602,007,119 times
you have eaten this many meals: 110,396
your heart has beaten this many times: 3,879,831,600
your heart has pumped this many gallons of blood: 75,777,960
you have slept this many hours: 283,366
you have slept this many days: 11,806

And for those Ambitious, take the 11,806 figure, divide it by 365 (for the days in a year) and you will see that you slept approximately one-third of your life - of your 100 years, but you needed it - because after all, Life is a Thrill a Minute and you've only 'just begun.'

After all, in 'The End,' all We have are Our Memories.

Happy Birthday, Harold on your 100TH!

Love, Ade & Mom
Sunday, August 31, 2008 - 9:15 AM CST

NOTE: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith is the Founder of AFSEE: Advocates For Senior Equality & Enrichment, promoting the Wonders, Issues & Joys of Life in The Senior & Seniorita Years (50+).

Birthday Fun Statistics from: Your Birthday - A Book for each Day of your Year
Natalis Press, Inc., New York City, NY
(C) 1993

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