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BookmARK that BookShop! Celebrate the Grand Opening of The BookmARK in Chicago: August 24, 2008

FOREWORD: The Power of Reading goes far beyond The Content that’s found on The Page alone. Whereby The Power of focusing on The Pictures in a Book also surpasses the mere Images seen on any Textbook Page. Those Statements are easy to understand. However, for those Authors & Photographers who have achieved a certain Amount of Popularity, Notoriety, Fanfare, Critical Acclaim and Awards for their prized Manuscripts and Masterpieces, they would bicker those fine Points while trotting happily off to The Bank. However, what’s written joined by Visuals present a Special Message on a Page that aids in

‘The Escape into another World’

which (most likely) affects each Reader in absolute Ways that are not necessarily universal to other Readers. It’s all found in The Perception.

“Each Page of any Book written in any Time Slot, Period or Era is merely an Interpretation and Extrapolation of what The Author is conveying and wishes to express in that exact Moment.”

Thursday, August 21, 2008 – 12:59 PM CST

“Books allow a Person to take what they like and leave the rest, very much like going to a Restaurant or analyzing an abbreviated Side of The Serenity Prayer.”

Friday, August 22, 2008 – 6:35 AM CST

Fine Questions in point or fine Points to Question are:

FOREIGN LANGUAGES. If you are unable to read a Foreign Language you’re blatantly out of Luck. In a nutshell, you can’t enjoy or learn what that Author in that Space and Time is seeking to convey if you find a Book written in a Language that is indiscernible.

INSERT: Furthermore, as an Adjunct, if you can’t read your Native Language, stop what you’re doing and immediately seek help. Poverty, Ignorance and Despair await the non-Reader.

TO CONTINUE: If you discover a Foreign Translation (derived from a Book, Poem, Essay, Dissertation, etc.), Chances are that Interpretation could be ‘slightly’ altered from what the Original Master set forth, meant and maintained. On a Deeper Level, would the Author agree with what he/she wrote as a young Man or Woman compared to what he/she would write in Mid-Life or in his/her Golden Years?

The finest Case in Point regarding The Fundamental Difference in Reading can be found in The Bible. World Religions interpret their Belief System as ‘The Best’ they can although their ‘Aws & Flaws” have been fought out in Mortal Combat since Cave Man Days of struggling-to-survive.


Reading The Torah, Bible and Koran to immerse oneself in how Civilization should act and react is an Honorable Task. Additionally, as honorable are those Individuals (Monks and Scribes of ‘Old’) who made and took The Time to read, study, (attempt to) interpret and understand what The Creative Process is all about. A Bound Book is much more than Paper (from Trees); Glue, Words and some eye-catching Illustrations. Any Page from any Book (if read by the Right Person can move that Personality to great Achievements simply by motivating him/her in Ways he/she may not have thought possible if not for that Single Page, Paragraph, Sentence, Clause, Phrase, Sidebar, Thought or Idea.

“Any Denominator on a Page can, may and does cause Inspiration. That is the POW-tential of Reading”

Friday, August 22, 2008 – 9:55 AM & 11:35 AM CST

Had that Idea not presented itself to transcend The Written Page an Action taken on your Part would have been missed, perhaps sorrowfully so, forever(more). An Open Discussion or Review of The Book is also revealing.

Books, as Purveyors and Sources/Resources of and for Knowledge, are also accompanied by Magazines and Newspapers where Information, News, Photographs and Graphics are shared and intermingle. Magazines and Newspapers are not as creative or culturally adept as a Book. There’s no End to a Book which can be turned into a Major Motion Picture and/or continue in a Series. Newspaper & Magazine Contents are ruled by their Deadlines being sooner than those of a Published Book. No Problem. What came First? The Book or The Movie? Only Google and Wikipedia (not Memorex) know for sure.

We like Newspapers and Magazines ‘as is.’ Combined, they fill a Void and keep us up on The Latest until The Present Day passes and “The News’ suddenly becomes History. The Format is similar; The Costs (and now Standards due to Competition) have been lowered.

The biggest Dilemma Publishing (of Books, Newspapers and Magazines) face is The Internet and Online eBooks and News). With huge growing Numbers of People flocking to The Internet for their News & Entertainment ‘Fix,’ a serious Look at the ‘State of the Newspaper’ is being scrutinized by large publishers across the World. Downsizing has already hit major American Publishing Houses since 2000. It’s no longer your Grandpa’s Newspaper anymore, Boys & Girls.

For those who find it hard to concentrate on The Art & Act of Reading but enjoy ‘The Beat,’ Recorded Music can have a similar Entertaining Affect that Reading possesses.

ENTER: The BookmARK, Ark/Chicago’s latest Commercial Venture located in the Lower Level of their Thrift Store at 3345 North Lincoln Avenue. Due west of Lincoln Park, with Thousands of Books lining Six (6) full Aisles, this new Locale is a Bookworm’s Paradise - a Haven for Bookophiles from across “The City of Big Readers.” Opening in June, 2008, August 24TH marked the(ir) Grand Opening from 11-2 where below wholesale-priced Books, Posters, Records & Tapes may be purchased, all before the new Autumn School Season falls into place.

“With an faltering Economy, a Resale Book is the most reasonable and logical Entertainment found anywhere. For the truly frugal, only a Library is better where Book Reading is free. For the savvy Business Person, a Resale Bookstand can become a Success Story, that yes, someday could become a Book that sits on one of those Shelves. As a Win-Win Situation, a Book Shop (whether used or new Books are sold there) is a Library awaiting to happen.”

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 – 6:40 AM CST &
Friday, August 22, 2008 – 6:30 AM CST

“So many Books – so little Time” is the General Lament of most Adults Today and with ample good Reasons. However, voracious Readers (who cannot read enough) will instantly find that The BookmARK provides that added Opportunity “to have your Book and read it, too.” Additionally, you can expand your PBC: Private Book Collection as every known and renown Genre (that has ever been written about) can be found here along with some sensational Surprises! It all depends on WHO donates WHAT. Rare First Editions may crop up from time-to-time for those astute Literary Collectors.


3345 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago 60657 USA

A Welcome Sign greets the Customer walking down the wooden plank steps of the newly decorated ARK Thrift Store. Old Record Albums adorn the Walls. CD Art is carefully glued to the Walls brightening up the Lower Level which harkens a ‘What do We have here?’ Attitude from the new Customer. Located on a Commercial Block where Shopping is the Main Activity (for well over 80 years of Chicago History), comfortable Seating in large, cushy Sofas and Chairs are placed in The Aisles that give the weary and tired Consumer a well-needed Break. Resting + Reading have always gone together as a pleasant fit. “This is just like Borders & Barnes & Noble” you might think, but with one vast qualitative Difference. Prices are reasonable. These are Second Hand Books. ‘Vast’ is nice. Vast is extremely ‘do-able.’ Could Reading become an ‘Extreme Olympic Sport?” Timing the fastest Reader may be an interesting Challenge.


Six (6) full Aisles with Shelves lining each Side entices The Reader. Using Modern Math & Logic, this Formula equates to:

A Total of 168 Bookcases
X 6 Shelves (the average Number of Shelves per each Bookcase) = 1,008 (this spells out as: Shelf-Space)
X 20+/- (Books per Shelf) = 20,160+/-Books totaled.

That equals to ‘a Lotta Books’ and immediately brings a Smile to The Face of those not knowing what Treasure they will locate next. If you need a reasonably priced Gift, check-out The BookmARK. Then go home and wrap the Book in Fancy Paper (bought at your neighborhood Dollar Store). Voila, you’ve got an attractive Present for less than $3-$5. And, who is going to know? You read that here FIRST.


Art, Arts & Crafts, Biography, Business Leadership, Children – Judaica Only, Children – Kids’ Books, Children’s Reference, Classics, Coffee Table Books, Computer, Cooking, Dictionaries, Fiction, Foreign Language, Health & Fitness, History/Secular, Home & Garden, Horror/Science Fiction, Humor, Judaica, Large Print Books, Mystery, Needlework, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction Biography, Personal Growth, Pets, Poetry, Pregnancy/Childhood/Motherhood, Reference, Religion Books, Romance, Short Stories, Sports & Games, Staff Picks, Teen(s) & Travel

An educated Guestimate would assume that there are more Books located in The Kids’ Aisle because Children’s Book are trimmer and more can fit across a Shelf. Make it a Point in your Weekly Schedule to check back often as Shipments of Books are received Six (6) Days per Week. The ARK Thrift Store is open daily from 10AM – 5 PM, and closed on Saturday.

A BLAST FROM THE PAST: For those Chicagoans old enough to remember the early 1970s in Chicago, on the West Side of Clark Street near Wrightwood was Aspidistra. A phenomenal Resale Book Store located on the First Floor with huge, smudged windows covered in posters, smelling of Mildew and not well-maintained Aspidistra (meaning: Eastern Asian Plants of the Genus Aspidistra in the Lily Family and is widely cultivated as a Houseplant) still drew a Crowd, paid a hefty monthly rent (for that time period) and became a Landmark Institution. This Literary Leader (hailed as The First Second Hand Bookshop in Chicago) drew many People because their Prices were ‘write-on target.’

Today, (gracefully) Aging BabyBoomers (many now on fixed Incomes) buy their Reading Material Books in Resale Establishments, whereby, 35 years ago, The Retail Spending of Big Bucks took centerfield. Many Books bought at retail were discarded. Aspidistra was there to accommodate that Population and begin the Recycling Process which is now a lucrative Industrial Trend. One thing never changes. The Need and Desire for Books has continually been with us (through thick and thin) ever since Alphabets vastly improved the Communication Process.

“Cleaned up and a few Blocks west, The BookmARK could very likely become ‘The Aspidistra of The 21ST Century.”

Friday, August 22, 2008 – 10:37 AM CST

Kids Soft Cover - 50¢
Kids’ Hard Cover - $1.00
Kids’ Hard Cover Reference - $3.00
Kids’ VHS Tapes - 10¢

Adult Paperbacks - $1.00
Adult Trade Paperbacks - $1.50
Adults Hard Covers - $2.00 & up
Reference Books - $3.00
Coffee Table Books - $5.00
Adult VHS Tapes - 50¢
DVDs & CDs - $1.00


Besides Books-galore, there are Hundreds of CDs and old(er) Magazines that sell for 25¢. There is no telling what you’ll discover in their 25¢ Bin! Some Games and Posters are available although this Section has not been expanded, yet. Stock all depends on WHO donates WHAT and WHEN. That’s WHY ‘The Hunt’ is the next Best Part to ‘The Adventure.’ The Best Part, of course, is finding a Book – The Book – you’ve been searching for for years now or discovering a new ‘old’ One. ‘Beating Inflation’ couldn’t be any more stellar.

The only Flaw that I see as an Author (who has penned Fifty (50) Books in my own “Write” is Visibility. Had The BookmARK been placed in their Front South Window on the First Floor and The Furniture now situated there moved towards The Back of The Store where the small Incidentals and Kitchen Items are located (closer to the Back Door which is used for Deliveries, in and out), Passers-by (at all Hours of the Day or Night) could see Rows of Book Cases as they robustly stroll up-and-down Lincoln Avenue. Instantly, they would know this is a new Book Salon for them to visit and haunt. Perhaps a Neon Sign could be erected to direct those who are unaware of this New Reading Establishment. Underground or Basement Bookshops faired well in the 1960s, not Today. Furthermore, if a torrential Rain were to strike and flood the Basements of these Stores along Lincoln Avenue, a majority of those Books would be destroyed.


RECOMMENDATION #1: Take a Course in Speed Reading. This Process will assist you in reading more of The Literature We have amassed as a bright and creative Society and effectively help to retain more of what you’ve just read.

RECOMMENDATION #2: Keep a Journal of your Activities for a Year. After that Period, you can easily begin to edit those Sentiments, Thoughts & Feelings into a Book Format that will show you how you’ve grown within that Period including Places traveled; People met and ultimately showing where Change and Improvement should now be taken in your Personal Growth Cycle.

RECOMMENDATION #3: The Vote is in. Children’s Books may be read by People no longer classified as ‘Children.’ Some of the Best Literature with the most important Messages are found in Larger Print, colorfully illustrated Kids’ Books which is easily understandable and oft-times amusingly and ridiculously funny. Amusement + Humor are necessary in the Course of One’s Day. Reading one-a-Kid’s Book-a-day, one-a-week or even one-a-month will bring back Memories as well as transport The Reader to a simpler, happy uncluttered and uncomplicated Time.

RECOMMENDATION #4: Pass-A-Book & Share-A-Story ®. Have you read a Book that’s changed your Thinking or added and/or opened Door or lightened a dim Dimension in your Life? If so, then pass that Text along to another Friend. Just don’t let The Book lie there, a Hostage on a dusty Shelf or strewn in a lonely Corner! Make the most Use out of those Books. A discarded Book doesn’t mean The Writing is inferior. It means it’s Second Hand and only gets better with Age as its Reader learns more about a Topic and incorporates it into his/her World. Subjects matter. Thereby, a Person’s Interests expand The Older he/she gets.

RECOMMENDATION #5: Re-read Books you have previously read in Grade, High School or College. A Trend is quickly taking root in Chicago for BabyBoomers to reconnect and re-read The Books they (had to) read while Growing Up. Revisiting their Past is a delightful Process that can very likely put Life into Perspective.

RECOMMENDATION #6: If possible, keep a current and running List of all The Books (you have read), Dates (when read) with a Brief Description of what The Book entails. Rate it according to Historical, Character, Plot, Message and/or Content. Online Book Websites are always in need of this Review Material.

RECOMMENDATION #7: Form a Book Club with 2 or more Friends in order to discuss and relay The Essence of your latest Book read. Quiet Sections in Public or University Libraries, Coffee Shops or in your Living Room make for comfortable Weekly or Monthly Meeting Places.

RECOMMENDATION #8: Write to your Favorite Author(s). Although Writing appears to be ‘a Snap,’ it’s not. Trust me. Publisher(s) will forward Reader’s Mail to them. Additionally, finding that Author online in order to retrieve an eMail or Street Address is a Possibility.

RECOMMENDATION #9: Increase your Vocabulary by learning a New Word every Day. For those PC-savvy, checkout, the Online Version of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Empire. Pocket Dictionaries double as a Great Companion as you travel to and fro, besides being a dynamic Writing, Informational and Study Tool.

RECOMMENDATION #10: If you find yourself troubled or bored, the automatic Remedy (Rx) is to pick-up a Book. Thumb through its Pages. Indulge yourself with whatever catches your Eye and Fancy. As Time passes, you’ll become totally absorbed in its Contents, being lifted from those Problems that magically are erased when Reading becomes an active Part of One’s Day.

“Much better than over-the-counter Medication, Reading is the End-All and is ‘what matters.’”
Friday, August 22, 2008 – 9:20 AM

“So it is said and written…”

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 – 7:03 AM

CLOSING: Donate, purchase and/or read a Book at The BookmARK. The Horizons you expand will be your own as well as positively influencing those you meet. A Good Cause just got 'one better.'

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