Friday, August 1, 2008

Koopersmith's CODE is exposed and explored.

DateLine: Friday, August 1, 2008

SUB-TITLE: Pre-Preparation is Key in The Arts

Chicago, IL USA: August 1 officially heralds in 'The FROG Days of Summer.' Such is the case with the Upcoming UnVeiling of GORF's Peace Sign for The Green Movement. Said Event will be held at:

Kasia Kay's Art Projects Gallery
1044 W. Fulton Market
in Chicago

on Saturday, August 9, 2008 from 12 Noon - 12:15 PM

Its Slogan is: "The Shortest Peace Event & Art Reception in History"

ART Receptions always sizzle no matter what the prevailing climate is like. However, when a Show registers as 'spontaneous' and means there's not too much Time left to devote to it, Time is precious and indeed 'of The Essence.' Therefore, it's time to abide by 'The CODE'. By undertaking a few logical Steps while doing One's Artistry (no matter what that Talent may be): You, too, can hold a Reception in 3 weeks OR less with surprising Results.

The Abbreviation for CODE stands for:

C = to Concentrate
O = to Organize
D = to Design
E = to Expose

Keeping these 4 Pointers in the front of your mind is a sure-fire Way + a Catalyst to make sure that every Day (before the Program takes place), certain Pivotal Points are met. Lists also help in undertaking 'THE CODE.'

After The CODE is met and the Event is over, take full advantage of Follow-Up Follow-Up is just as important as The Event because then, certain Issues can be addressed that were overheard and spoken about during The Event that may not have been referenced before. During Follow-Up, all those smaller Parts can be ironed out and fixed; thus making The Project a likely success and a Point to build further upon. The Challenge has been met. Part 2 is ready to work.

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Mickey said...


Everyone I talk to about setting up a reception or opening to highlight my work and accomplishments (and, importantly, to notify the appropriate movers/shakers and press - and attendees) wants $1,000 or more to put the event on. I heard you mount a super effort for only $500 -$600 or so. Is that right?

If so,call me or Email me ASAP.