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Ball-Spotting*: Kurt Perschke's RedBall heads South of Congress to The Hyde Park Art Center.

Chicago, IL USA: For all those astute Modern Sculpture Aficionados and Curiosity Hounds, Friday ignited a Weekend Blast that jointly appeals to locals (stayvacationers) as well as Tourists, Sight-see-ers and fellow Artists (of all Genres). The Hyde Park Art Center that is relatively new to The Chicago Art Scene (having opened in April of 2006) was the 9TH Site for Kurt's RedBall Project that 'coveRED' (cover + RED = coveRED which seems to be THE WORD that fits the Occasion perectly) nearly the entire Sidewalk on the South Shore (Line).

Psychology RED-efined:

The Interaction and Reaction is what intrigues the average Person who sees The Ball. The immense Size of TheBall also stops them in their Tracks. Then, like Journalists true to their Art and/or Craft, they automatically ask the 5W's of Journalism. The Combination of The Three IRS Factors (Interaction/Reaction/Size) are Elements that separate a REDBALL Day from any other on the Chicago Art Scene. And, why is this so? Because People are naturally curious. Curiosity makes a person friendlier and ultimately Conversations begin.

New Friends are made.
The Network grows.
Creations of other Dimensions spread.
Peace ensues.

Such was the exact Case when GORF & I finally arrived at 5020 South Cornell, around 2 PM on Friday, September 19TH. We had a long Trek from Edgewater, but We wanted to see the latest Reaction of The RedBall in more of Neighborhood, cozy Setting, away from Corporate Skyscrapers and Pinstriped Suits, Attache Cases and High Heeled Stilettos. Besides, with The Buzz now 20+ Days 'in the Making,' the General Curiosity & Acceptance Level would be peaking regardless of the sensational Weather Conditions.

With a perfectly clear Day and Zero Humidity Factor at hand, We really had no Excuse to be anywhere else. The General Population at the HPAC: Hyde Park Art Center appeared to be more like those enjoying the Ambiance of a French Bistro...seated on comfy Chairs-- of which there must have been 30 Seats and (at least) 15 Tables.

Surrounding KURT was an Entourage of People who were interviewing him. I strolled closer to hear what he was telling them, as a Flurry of Questions kept flying from their Lips. Maybe there was MORE to be learned about his Work than met the we heard (FIRST HAND) from The 'Mouth' of The Artist himself.

And then from the 'Mouse' of my Interpretation.

Paraphrased (since city traffic and backround noises were prevalent) is what PERSCHKE told his Assembly of Columbia College Reporters who were all budding Journalists. Just think - their Interview may become Part of Art Journals in the Years to come...along with other Interviews given to Art Greats at deKooning, Picasso, Dali, Paschke and many others who've achieved a large Degree of Acceptance:

"The Person who ignores it (The RedBall) is a stranger."
Kurt Perschke Quote - Friday, September 19, 2008 - 2:30 PM CST

"You never know who's watching you."

"I don't see the Project as an Object, but an Experience."
Kurt Perschke Quote - Friday, September 19, 2008 - 2:35 PM CST


-- Earlier in The Day, a Man was arranging Gumballs in various Colors around The RedBall and taking Pictures of it.

-- In June of 2009, Kurt will be designing a Set for a Performance in New York City, his new Home (although by Birth Rights, he's a bona fide Chicagoan).

(ASK Insert: Chances are all this will be documented and updated for his new Followers and Fans from Past Shows on his Website. Stay tuned).

-- Toronto is next on The RedBall Project Schedule for June, 2009. Quite coincidentally, a huge Expose on t-O-r-O-nt-O appears in the Saturday Home Edition of The Chicago Tribune's RedEye on Page 16.

As the 4 Columbia College Students wrapped up their Interview Time with Kurt, more People began gathering outdoors at The Outdoor Cafe/Art Center. Since they were now really 'charged up' from talking to The Artist himself, they were anxious to hear Comments from others on The Sculpture. Because of my 'Milling Around,' I got the Opportunity to speak to Alyssa, Jenn, Isiah and Keith and they were curious (as all inquisitive Reporters should be) as to what my Opinion of The Ball was.


After all, it's Part of the(ir) Job Description and it's the Food For Fodder (as Chicago Tribune Metro Reporter, Eric Zorn states) that ultimately makes for interesting Reading for their Subscribers;

demonstrates their Instructor was 'right on TARGET' (although Target Retail Stores is Kurt's Sponsor) in assigning this Story; and

their Take makes for a colorful Story in The Archives of Modern Art that all becomes 'history' as the Day passes.

THE BOTTOMLINE: It's a good Idea to take a Tablet of Paper with you wherever you happen to go, as you don't want an(y) Idea to escape a possible Red-Event Story.

Alyssa asked me which Day (from the past 8 Apperances was my Favorite.

"It's not that you like One Location better or over another," I tried to explain to the Students. "A parent doesn't or should not like one of his/her Children more than another. It's just that everyone brings their own Charisma or Charm (or lack of both) to The Table. 'So it goes' is the perfect Phrase that Kurt Vonnegut said as Billy Pilgrim in Slaughterhouse 5 (with his own Preferences). Five (5) different Locations (actually more to this Date) all have something different to offer The Viewer. Then, of course, it's what The Viewer puts into The Surroundings that makes The Opinion either positive, negative or somewhere between in varying Shades of Red (We could and are say(ing)). You just have to be mindful to what each Location (Red Spot) offers and presents. It's the simple Law of Supply +Demand. Kurt Perschke supplies The Inspiration and whatever the Viewers' Demands are (which are totally personal), will emanate from that Presentation and the(ir) Contact."

Quote of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Friday, September 19, 2008 - 4:20 PM CST

As Alyssa, Jenn, Isiah, Keith & I finished our Chat, two Senioritas (Ladies who just happened to be Senior Citizens) walked by, taking 2 Souvenir Booklets from Kurt's Assistants. "We came by for this Special Occasion," the taller Gal said smiling, pleased to be Part of The Assembly of People who had gathered to admire.

David Delgado arrived late. He was the 5th Spoke(sperson) of the Columbia College Student Group who missed 'the Bus' but biked the Distance, nevertheless to interview Kurt and become a Part of The RedBall Project Experience.

"We could interview each," I said to him, "Since We are both Writers. It's is a good Exercise in and of itself - in order to see WHAT the other Comments are a Person may not pick-up immediately. We both know something about 'The Craft of Writing' and I'm sure the Conversation could be beneficial and spark another Idea or two..."

"You should really go talk to the Artist himself, David. Kurt is right over there," I motioned to him. DD walked over and within a few Minutes came back to where I was still standing with another terrific Quote, that one being:

"The City acts as a Canvas and The Big RedBall is moving through the City, juxtapozed."

"Juxtapoz(ed), "I commented: "That's the Name of a Magazine - an artsy one -- found at Borders and popular Bookstores in your area. You should write up a RedBall Article and send it in to them; maybe you can get it published. You should check this out, seriously. Score some Points with your Creative Writing Instructor, too and 'ace' The Class."

Maybe David will do just that. It is Something he definitely would not have done if Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project had not visited Chicago this September...


do you say that We have been:


I choose the later, for the obvious Reasons, of course!

UnlimIITed Access to THE RED BALL PROJECT EXPERIENCE continues on:

September 20, 2008: The RedBall Project will be at The IIT Campus - 3201 S. State

September 21, 2008: The RedBall Project will be at The Chess Pavilion - North Avenue & Lake Michigan

Comments can either make or break a Creative Endeavor. Once again (if Perschke's RedBall was a Movie), you'd have to admit, Roger Ebert would give the Production a 2-Thumbs up.

And, "that's the Way The RedBall Bounces..." for Day #9.

Reported By:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
GORF Werks Central
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& The Icon of The Green Movement
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NOTE: Ball-Spotting*: A Spin-Off of PR Maven Richard Laermer's Term: Trendspotting and the Book of a comparable Title.

Posted on: Saturday, September 20, 2008 - 10:45 AM


Ainsley posted a Comment to KOOPERSMITHin stating that:

The Hyde Park Art Center actually dates from June, 1939.

Doing some further Research, I found that after 10 Homes, this Art Facility finally arrived at its modern Center as of 2006. My Posting was to reflect its latest Location from where THE REDBALL PROJECT was documented on Friday, September 19, 2008.


Ainsley said...

Hey, I thought it was pretty cool that the redball project came all the
way to Hyde Park too! I just wanted to point out something that I
noticed in your article-- You say that the Hyde Park Art Center opened
in 2006 and is relatively new to the art scene. I live in Hyde Park and
have been to the Art Center a few times. I believe they've actually been
around for over 60 years (according to their website
they were founded in 1939. They did move to a new location in
2006, (and it is definitely a great space, I've taken classes and been
to events there), but the Art Center itself is actually a very well
established and longstanding alternative exhibition space, giving the
community some really interesting and innovative shows featuring
contemporary artwork.

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith said...


Written & Submitted by:
Klancy Perkins
Assistant to: ASK
December 31, 2008 – 10:20 AM CST

ASK, ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH, a long-time Chicago Resident, emitted an extremely enthusiastic response for Cameraman/Director of Photography/Filmmaker, TONY GADDIS of St. Louis, Missouri who asked her to say a few words about her initial Reaction to Kurt Perschke’s Redball Project that was stationed in front of the Restaurant called Wishbone-on-Washington (merely a stone’s throw from Harpo Studio – Home of the Oprah Winfrey Show) on Friday, September 5, 2008. Being an Artist, Writer, Lifestyle Conceptualist and hailed as: ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ in her own ‘Rite of Passage’ as well as an ardent Fan for all Things RED, one of the 3 Primary Colors of the Universe, ADRIENNE spoke to TONY at length about what she personally felt KP’s Contribution to The World of Sculpture was and what The Sculpture symbolized in its month-long stay in Chicago, the 3rd largest Marketplace in the USA. This was (after all) her 2ND of 15 Visits (having sadly missed its First at the Millennium Park) she would make TO THE BALL (as she termed the EVENT) and a RED-imentary Way to get out for The Month and Mingle.

Seeing and charting The Pulse and Reaction of others as they stopped, stared and encircled THE BALL (that measures 15 feet high) was an Adventure in Human Nature. Promoting Popular Culture for nearly 30 years via her PRAM (Public Relations/Advertising/Marketing) Company, KOOPERSMITH’s GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS, ASK knew exactly what Manhattan Sculptor, Kurt Perschke was aiming to do with his monstrously BIG RED RUBBER BALL.

Later, after they got to know each other, ADRIENNE joined the Team by becoming their official Daily Blogger contributing 22 BLOGS (equating to 24,656 Words) on her Forbes’ hailed BLOG called: KOOPERSMITHIN’ ® that appeared in September – solely devoted to THE REDBALL PROJECT.

HOW’D HE DO THAT? Kurt garnered the Assistance of one of the top 3 greatest Retail Giants in the Northern Hemisphere that coincidentally was RED-dy to help. Most of the General Population was not aware that Target would soon be opening up 36 new Stores on October 14TH in 21 States, after a near Total Collapse of the American as well as Global Meltdown (in October, 2008) -- within just a month. Seeing a Big RedBall appear out of nowhere instantly made a Person smile and wonder…why or why not.

‘Giving Back’ to The Community (in an otherwise greedy, ‘take-it-all’ World) ASK surmised was an incredible Marketing Strategy aimed towards The People to show, overall, and on a Grand Scale that even when Times are slim and sparse, there is Solidarity at work highlighted by a Flaming Red Event, all within The Bounce of a Ball. Being an Attention-Getter, once a Person’s Attention is within reach and secured, any Conversation and Dialogue can ensue and hopefully, it will be beneficial to both participating Parties.

For those viewing The Reel found online at:

ASK also promotes GORF (the 24.5” plush TOY FROG with the infectious 11” Smile) as ‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot’ & ‘The Icon of the Green Movement’ (who coincidentally has two big Red Eyeballs or Orbs). She is holding him during her Commentary that Filmmaker, TONY GADDIS was shooting at The Wishbone Restaurant. GORF continuously accompanied ADRIENNE as she attended each RedBall Event and used as a Photographic Prop during the entire Duration of the REDBALL PROJECT as the Parallel of how both REDBALL & GORF ran along similar parallels and makes an Artistic Statement in and of itself.

QUOTING CLARENCE: Clarence Lipideau (after seeing the Video believes Tony’s Taped Commentary was): “The most positive Statement Target could have received from a Civilian. No script or state-of-the-art New York City Ad Firm could have placed those poignant Words into Koopersmith’s Mouth. Her Testimonial is definitely worth its Weight in ‘Gold’ or should we say Red Rubies to keep with the Theme. When I saw Adrienne’s Segment, it was so spontaneous, fresh, upbeat, real and true, it inspired me to exude my Appreciation for the Content of the Moment.”

CONCLUDING REMARKS: Target Corporation, the #2 Discount Chain Store Retailer is not like Wall Street Financiers in the sense that it houses unscrupulous Overlords and Swindlers. “Every Man” (Woman & Child) is Target’s Bed-and-Butter. Their Corporate Mission is to treat People the Way ‘The People’ deserve to be treated, with Respect, Dignity and Provisions or Opportunities to score great Products, super(b) Deals as well as knowing and feeling (deep down) that when their Customer returns home, that Trip is with Money in their Pocket(s). Scalping or Robbing is not in their Vocabulary or Business Plans. To Koopersmith, this is the Continuation of ‘The American Dream’ which is quickly dissolving in too many People’s Lives.

“Target puts the FUN and FUNDS (back) into Shopping.”
QUOTE OF ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Monday, December 22, 2008 – 11:34 AM CST.

Tony Gaddis for his 2009 Filmmaking Schedule at: tony(at)thefountainstudio(dot)com


Kurt Perschke for his future Art Projects that include The RedBall Project’s June, 2009 Appearance in Toronto, Canada during their Luminato Festival at: kurt(at)redballproject(dot)com

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