Monday, May 28, 2012

ToTS: Toys of The Summer: Just not for Kids anymore

“All GORFed-up with somewhere to go…”

How Chicago’s First Green Mascot Kicks-off his Summer. Even FROGS love a Parade.

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With Memorial Day being here it’s a sure-fire sign that Summer is in the Air, a Time for no Cares, anywhere.  Tiz that Time of Season to take your TOYS outdoors and let them play right alongside you!  And none of us here are forgetting to wish a Happy Memorial Day to all our Friends here on Facebook both near and afar – all within the Touch of a Keyboard and, all those others, who have ever loved and/or played with (a) TOY(s).  That’s most of the World if you ‘ask’ me!

Now, in order to keep the mo-Momentum going, GORF, (1 of the Stars of my Manuscripts & Movie Scripts) pictured below is here Today to tell you that loves a Parade and ‘The Windy City’ held a monumental Parade here in Chicago (aka: chicaGORF, Illinois USA) on State Street that great Street.  FROGS can be patriotic, you know. And this one most definitely is.   It’s in his Designer Genes that are over 217,000,000years old.

Memorial Day first began in 1865 and for the Best Cause ever. Many of those Little Boys who play(ed) with TOY Soldiers bravely defended our Country.  Now, they are Heroes we cannot ever forget about.  This Day is for them – all Days should be for them.  That’s how so many of us think.  But when they come back from War, that’s when many Problems begin for them and that’s when we cannot forget in their Real Time of Need.

For those Kids who naturally enjoy dressing their TOYS and this does not include just your Dollies, Girls & Boys, as is customary and traditional in GORF’s Household, let me tell you what GORF does.   What ‘His Exalted Greenness’  does is that he dons something Red (to match his big Ruby Orbs) – something White and something Blue and feathers  it up with some Stars.  You guessed it:   The Red Portion seems to attract People of all Ages & Stages of Life who will stop and talk to ‘The FROG.’   Cross-Cultural Meetings are some of ‘the Best’ GORF has experienced.  That’s something you can try ‘at home!’

Now, be safe, mindful and careful this Memorial Day Weekend and as We all trail off into the Summer with our TOYS, while you’re still having a Blast.  As GORF ribbits:  “Don’t forget to look both Ways – with both Eyes open – before you leap.” 

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