Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Snickers: The Candy Facebookers love to eat." Quote of ASK, 'America's Premier EAT-Ventologist'.

Dear Mars Bars:  John Mars   & Paul S. Michaels:  As you had asked:

You’re not you when you’re hungry. Who do you become when hunger strikes?

And since those are my very own G-d given initials, I have an Answer for you that goes like this:

When Hunger strikes, I cannot focus and/or concentrate at all until I am satisfied by food. I  then am only concerned about taking a break to get something to eat.  Being a creative, many times, I skip meals which is really not good for me or anyone for that matter.

Can U imagine what it's like to be perpetually hungry like those poor kids in Africa and Bi-Afra who have been starving since I was a kid in the 1950s?   Now, that's real Hunger.  Actually, it's classified as Starvation.  But there are plenty of people here in the STATES who do not have proper meals and/or a neat treat like a good old-fashioned Snicker Bar that beats that hunger with each swallow.

But I would honestly say I get grumpy and irritable when I am hungry.  There's a Thing called: HALT:   Hunger-Anger Lonely Tired.  Those  deal with the 4 basic NEEDS that must be MET in Mankind for him/her to have a Nice Day.  AND, if you take the word SNICKERS a part – as I have as I’m a ‘brilliant Wordsmith as well as Koopersmith’ as Kip Forbes of Forbes Magazine said of my writing expertise back in April of 2005, you have this clever Acronym at hand: 

s-NIC-k-E-rs...the WORD Nice. 

It is NICE to have a SNICKERS.  In more than one way…

Ok, Messrs. Mars and Michaels:  Now,  let’s talk biz.  Do I get SNICKERS for life and a Certified Check for $1,000,000 for that - it definitely could be a new Ad Campaign - that's for sure – using the NICE element of your bar – our bar:


When you have the time, check back with me for the particulars and where to MAIL THAT CHECK and stash of Bars!  I’m ready to do a Prime Time TV commercial endorsing your Bar, all ‘snickers’ aside! 

I know I speak for Billions of People the last 82 years (since 1930 when Mars introduced Snickers, named after the favorite Horse of the Mars family. Thank you, Wikipedia ) when I say:  Thanks for SNICKERS, the Year Round Treat that we love to bite into! Indeed one of my Favorite Food Groups.

Cheers, ASK:

Screenwriter - Author - Eventologist - Promoter

 Chicago - IL USA

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WITH THE PSYCHOLOGY BEING:  That Way (when I’m sleeping tonite), People 10,000 miles away can be reading and nougating their time away…

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