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STUDS TERKEL DAY: May 16, 2012. Upon Stud's 100TH. The 3L: Literary Legend Lives on. Let The Celebration begin!

ASK ON RESEARCH:  According to our Governor  (of the State of Illinois), it is OFFICIALLY STUDS TERKEL Day here in Chicago – upon his 100TH Birthday!  What a wonderful Tribute to a Man that gave so much of himself to the Advancement of People – Chicago – the Midwest and The Life of Literature.  Always being curious I decided to see what exactly was happening back in the Day – 40 years before I was born (in 1952):  In May of 1912, Year of the Dragon  and I pulled up some incredible  facts, thanks to the Internet & Google, of course, that were not even ON THE DRAWING Board ‘back then.’

A Summary Article on the Life & Times of Studs may be found at:

From that article we find that:  “In the late 1930s, while acting in the theater, Mr. Terkel dropped his given name, Louis, and adopted the name Studs, from another colorful Chicagoan, James T. Farrell’s fictional Studs Lonigan.”

NOW that the Subject of History is piquing as you read this:  All you have to do is type in: 

What happened on May 16, 1912?
And you’ll find a plethora of info on every Date there is, as these:

FURTHERMORE:  The price of gold in 1912 shot up to $ 20.67

The Price for one-way tickets on board the Titanic were:
First Class (parlor suite): £870/$4,350 ($50,000 today)
First Class (berth): £30/$150 ($1724 today)
Second Class: £12/$60 ($690 today)
Third Class: £3 to £8/$40 ($172 to $460 today)*

A Loaf of Bread cost 5 cents in 1912 (not sure if that was sliced or not).

$20 in 1912 would be comparable to $500 today.**

STUDS made it to 96!  He saw a lot – he experienced a lot – he shared a lot.  Today, we have his Stories that will live on forever.  For that, we will never forget this remarkable America.
Ah… If he could have only held on 4 more years! 

As the New York Times piece summed up:  “It may be the one time in his life that Mr. Terkel’s ruling passion failed him. “I don’t have to stay curious, I am curious, about all of it, all the time,” he once said. “Curiosity never killed this cat’ — that’s what I’d like as my epitaph.”

*$20 = $500 Stat:


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