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#Talking_Turkey. The far-reaching Benefits (both gluttonous & spirited) as to why Turkey Killing & Indulgence should be finally banned in The USA for Thanksgiving. #Leave_That_Bird_alone!


Take those Turkeys off The Chopping Blocks Days ©2015

Via The Creation of Three (3) Innovative Bird Terms


DISSOLVING THEME:  Profits Over Life

“Take those Turkeys off The Chopping Blocks Days ©2015 is scheduled as a Floating Holidate under The Calendrical and Literary Dynasty of my:


The ART of EVENT-Making

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990

designed for those Individuals (namely: Farmers, Butchers,  Chefs, Restaurateurs, Meat-Eaters, Cooks,  Retailers, etc.) whose  innate and unstoppable Urge to Kill/Roast and (exploiting-for-profit) innocent Birds is destroying The Planet to its very Core upon which We all live.  “Take those Turkeys off…” is a Humanitarian Drive running through THE DECADE OF THE BIRD(S): 2015-2025  that prevents Extinction.”


Saturday, November 21, 2015 – 10:15 AM CST

Friday, December 4, 2015 – 2:20 PM CST

Never before in The Course of Civilization have so many People become FoB: Friends of Birds, a Sign of Our Times. In Western Societies and in Nations of Affluence, Food Experts advance that most People eat well every Day of The Year, having access (if not excess) to Food that many Populations are devoid.  Therefore, it is ridiculous that a “Big Meal” has The Power to make Thanksgiving into an Endless Eat-a-Thon that many Obese People should not be indulging in.  “Giving Thanks” has no direct Correlation to having an Excuse to Eating.  One Side is Spiritual. The other is Physiological.  Thus, at The End of November throughout The Continental USA, a Five (5) Week-long Period begins in which Millions of Americans eat themselves silly and then pay-The-Piper later (if not long-term) by being overweight, lethargic and sapped of Energy that lends itself to an insurmountable Throng of grim  Medical and Health Problems.

ENTER: The Start of Morbid Obesity that begins with a Single Bite.  But STOP!  This Conversation is not weighing in on Weight.  This concrete Appeal is to “Save The Turkey” (taken as a Collective Whole) to hold a Decade’s long Moratorium to return The Turkey to Nature, where The Bird belongs.  The Turkeys’ Final Days may be sooner than We think, based on Millions of Executions.  And, for what?  Not only is this a losing Proposition for “The Turkey” himself who loses his Life as a Member of an overall grand Gene Pool, but The Aftermath of such a super-sized Meal  that has far-reaching Consequences to The Planet’s Overall Life Cycle. 


THEN:  Thanksgiving must close.

AND, NOW AS OF NOVEMBER 24, 2015 @ 1:20 PM: I’ve decided that Thanksgiving must be recouped.  Parts of The Celebration are worth-while, if tweaked for The Benefit of what is served; as We are all here to “serve  and protect” with The Talents We own and hone. 

Therefore, Thanksgiving must recoup Thanksgiving to what it originally was meant to be commemorated as:

A Return to Thankfulness, pure and simple.

No Species needs to be eaten in order to “give Thanks.” 

No Species needs to be sacrificed in order to “give Thanks.” 

No Species needs to be murdered in order to “give Thanks.” 

This ASKIAN Alteration would be “The New, Improved and Best Thanksgiving of The 21ST Century as I and many other Humanitarians and BirdLovers see it.


“Thanksgiving must be readjusted as The Holiday has run its Course. Too many People-of-Conscience can no longer stand-by seeing The Turkey being guillotined as “The Bird” has been for hundreds of years.  Enough is enough.  Mistreatment of Nature has its Consequences.” 


 Friday, December 4, 2015 – 2:33PM CST

Furthermore, “exhausted” is how most People feel after The Event and Party closes or ends. 


As a Religious Figurehead, Pope Francis wonders, worries, considers and then asks how inhumane The Global Situation has become with Terrorism taking Center-Stage. I would add Greed and Intolerance to that Line-up.  To combat this Issue, I created:

International Thank You Days ©1994, an Eight (8) Day Period in January (kicking off The New Year into High Gear) that salutes The 8 Chief Professions/Occupations Man has created that add Meaning/Worth/Value to his Day; and

SIR: Santa Is Retiring ©2014 and #Santa_Is_Retiring that places a full-fledged Boycott & Halt on the sheer Madness and Insanity on what Christmas has turned into for many Greed-Mongers.

Thanksgiving will someday only be a Digital Memory to everyone…except for The Turkey, a Fatality of irrevocable Rebounds.  That’s why an Alliance to redesign The Holiday once and for all (of us) is a pressing Necessity to restore those remaining Turkey Populations and Return The Birds to how they were meant to live…in Nature and not in Man’s Stomachs and toxic Vacuum.


Thanksgiving can no longer be celebrated as a Take-Off of The Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving in 1621 with Chief Massasoit & Ninety (90) of his trusty Warriors in Attendance.  Later, in 1863 16TH President Abraham Lincoln had much loftier Plans for that Day’s Festivities than when President George Washington first initiated The Day. Had the Two (2) Presidents left well enough alone, The Pilgrims (New England Colonists who came to America for many Freedoms) Celebration would have remained intact.  Today, when Scholars examine The Content and Logic behind The Event, The Holiday is labeled as: profane, barbarian and highly heathen.  Thanksgiving has undergone plenty of Changes in its Evolution, but none in Favor of The Bird, all foul-in-nature.  This Revision sets forth Man’s Priorities, long, long overdue.

AFTER 152 YEARS:  1863 had its Heyday 152 Years ago. Somehow during that infinitesimal Period, Man’s Greed(y Inclinations) clashed with those who still have miraculously kept their Values and Worth in-check.  Similarly to a Company, Shop or Storefront that goes “out of business,” Events can close down.   Their Interest dissipates.  What they stood for no longer applies nor aligns itself to The New Emerging Culture of Animal Equality that has emerged on the Global Scene.  The Case now goes against The Grain of Modern Decency.  The Times change.  Newer Philosophies take light. Something better invariably arises in its Space and Place.

ENTER: “Take those Turkeys off The Chopping Blocks Days ©2015.

That Phenom is already happening as We examine The Amount of Vegan & Non-Meat Products that are taking hold by Popular Demand and consumed on Thanksgiving instead of The Regular Holiday Menu. But, for The Turkey, that Pace is not happening fast enough, as The(ir) Heads keep rolling, as Observers relay and their Numbers shrink.


Terrorism takes many different Faces, no matter what Species or Breed you are born as.  Turkey Abuse is another Type of Mass Murder where “The Assault” is directed on “The Animal Kingdom” since these Creatures cannot fire an Uzi (Submachine Gun) to protect themselves from Man.  For that Reason, this heinous Act now is labeled by Three (3) Original Words  I solely created to direct Everyone’s Attention to this appalling Situation with abysmal and disgraceful Outcomes.  One is being explained below.  Its Word-Mates will appear when The Birdictionary ©1998/2015 is published in 2016 (if and when Funds are procured by a future Online GoFundMe Campaign that will be launched by February, 2016).

Thanksgiving’s Shut-Down will not be due to a premeditated, hideous Jihadi Islamic ISIL Daesh Terrorist Attack although Security Forces tell us to be more alert and diligent of (y)our Surroundings.  The blatant and eye-opening Truth of removing TURKEYS from The Thanksgiving Menu lies in:

The Irony and Ridiculousness of The Holiday itself.  Many Traditional Holidays are flawed. Which is One of the Two Primary Reasons why EVENTOLOGY, my Literary Genre was created on Wednesday, July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM CST.   It will soon surface that Leaders will see that Thanksgiving is just One Step closer to The Extinction and The Annihilation of The Turkey – a magnificent Bird who did nothing to anyone to cause (t)his Annihilation.  In The Meantime, a Ground-Swell of Common People (who can see what this Mass Murder is leading to) are bonding together to Fight The Turkey Killers so that “The Bird” has a fighting Chance to survive for Survival’s Sake.

“Man’s Core Problems all started when We turned on The Lights; when Electricity lit The Darkness of Earth’s Nights and threw Life off. But delving into The Psychology of Man’s absurd Actions is not this Document’s Message which stoically stands at The Side of The Bird (having his Back, per se) whose Basic Rights should be exercised, respected and not violated.”


Saturday, November 28, 2015 – 6:50 PM CST

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 – 2:50 PM CST

THE BOTTOM LINE IS: THANKFULNESS & GRATITUDE.  People should be thankful for their Lot in Life every Day. This Virtue must be instilled in Childhood, running through Adulthood, till Death.  Every Day that We are given Life is an added Blessing where many Freedoms and Joie de Vie may be expressed.  Many other Global Populations are displaced, not having access to even The Basics in Life as Shelter and Food.  Think about that Situation. The Fatalities of War are never kind.  Refer to your local Newspaper Headlines that highlight The Shocking News of The Day.  Too many of us are not putting ourselves in our Brother’s or Sister’s Shoes – of those who are suffering, as Pope Francis observes and understands The Situation to be. Step back and find something to be thankful for.  Plenty still exists without celebrating-by-Slaughter. 


The Power of THAT. 

Who and What can and will make THAT Difference.

When, Where and Why THAT Difference will arrive is never exactly known.

Should THAT Change begin with you?

THAT Change can begin with you.

Giving Thanks every Day for every Day is a Privilege that should not be taken lightly. As a Universal Motif, The Privilege of being alive alone is a precious Commodity because so many People are not “making it” beyond their Teen Years.   Keeping alive, fruitful and productive on the mean City Streets across The Planet and in Rural Spaces and Places (once never touched by the Heinous Crimes Man has committed and inflicted) is difficult.  Therefore, The New Mindset rules THAT each Day out of The Year is to be “A Day of Giving Thanks.” Diversions from Feasting out-of-control (THAT leads and equates to a Food Addiction THAT is given “The Okay” for The Day), is a Group Action registering as pure Insanity.  THAT Path wrong and contains Negative Factors that cannot be undone as We have all experienced.  Taken a Step further,  this ultimately destroys a Species simultaneously, off-setting The Balance of Nature.


Founder/Creator: International Thank You Days ©1994  

Monday, November 23, 2015 – 10:25 AM CST

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 – 11:48 AM CST

Sunday, November 29, 2015 – 5:03 AM CST

Friday, December 4, 2015 – 3:10 PM CST

THE BLEAKNESS OF LIFE:  This “Open Access to Awareness” is changing in The Court of Public Opinion (where Assemblies of large Congregations of People meet) so that Life’s Reality and Sudden Uncertainties support Animal Lovers’ Concerns who know a better Method of celebrating exists than in what We have presently done the previous 152 years. 1


Albeit, his Motives were honorable, Civil War President Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation of Thanksgiving  (commemorated as an annual, Federal  and National  Holiday  since  1863) thanks God  for our Blessings, on The  Final Thursday in November.2  Today, an Alteration and Amendment are sorely needed.  Furthermore, begin with an overhauling of The Mindset that encompasses the other 364 or 365 Days (when a Leap Year arrives).

ENTER:  The Creation of My International Thank You Days ©1994 spotlights an Eight (8) Day Period or Stream pinpointing who (and when) to thank, that began in The Analog Age as one of my first, foremost and most popular HOLIDATES.  Now, said HOLIDATE is also Digital in Nature, being both online and offline as its Importance continuously portrays.  This is The EVENTOLOGICAL Mosaic to kick-off The New Year without driving any Species into Extinction.  And, of course, no Birds are sacrificed making The HOLIDATES (all 1,900 of them falling into 34 precise Categories) extremely appealing to those with a Conscience and Heart.


This registers as a seismic Slap-in-The-Face towards The Lord (whomever you choose to hold in that Position, if you so do) as every Day is one where We should stop, step-aside, think, ponder and be grateful, not coerced, forced or ordered by The Chief of State:

whether We stuff and gorge our Selves endlessly while others on Our Planet starve; and/or

visit Homes (making futile and useless Pleasantries) while others are homeless.

These Actions do not fare well with Humanitarians as The Pope (Pope Francis) as he decreed in his Sunday, November 22, 2015 Proclamation – nor me – as this Paper expresses that Depth-of-Insight.

By methodically working for The Betterment of The Societal Whole which is unraveling (at its Core and Seams) when considering The Global World Crises, streaming out-of-control, Consideration must be applied.  Non-Indulgence begins The Healing Process. 

“Do I see a Pattern emerging here?”

A 152 Year Pattern has nearly led “The Turkey” into The Throes of Extinction.”


Tuesday, November 24, 2015 – 11:52 AM CST

Sunday, November 29, 2015 – 5:11 AM CST

Incidentally, I have seen this Malfunction coming for a long, long Time and have clocked how Greed has severely seeped into People’s Personalities, Consciences & Souls, taking over The World and destroying what was once decent.  Did this Transgression begin in The 1970s when Malls were open on Sundays and Praying there became more popular than attending your Church, Synagogue or Mosque? That’s the acceptable Theory that began The Descent and Declination of Man’s Story.  Obtaining “The Most” for One’s Self is a Selfish Act regardless of who or what one steps over (via Acts of Killing and/or Stealing), registering as a Cardinal Sin that is horrifying, yet condoned Today. Rest assured.  “The Revolt” has started.  

On Tuesday, November 11, 2014, I released an All Points Info-Blog and its accompanying Set of ongoing, promotional Social Media Networking Posts entitled:

SIR: Santa Is Retiring ©2014


#NewsFlash: #OMG! #Santa_Is_Retiring & he told #ASK of #Chicago Y. Quits his #DayJob. UR last #Xmas 4-ever! Info:

that formally addressed this Issue:

“Out-of-Control Greed escalates while others suffer, abhorrently”

that runs parallel to what The Pontif at The Vatican is now elaborating upon and extolling across The Planet. 

The leading Blog’s Tweets that readily implant this Humanitarian Mindset are: 

#Santa_Is_Retiring. It's official. As of 12-25-2014 He has. #NorthPole is officially closed down, being dismantled.

#ASK_Chicago: #BOYCOTT as in #BUY_NOT #Xmas, #Chanukah & all major Greed-driven Holidays. 2 much Global #Suffering 2 enjoy any Indulgences

TO ALL #Santa_Impersonators:  Dude: How many of those Gr8 #Gifts R going 2 the #Immgrants w/NO Homes, No Chimneys 4 #Santa 2 slide-down?

#Santa_Is_Retiring. Last yr. Even #ThePope @ The Vatican was fed-up w #Lack_Of_Humanity. Issued #15_Sins 2 #Vatican.

Becoming Viral Sensations(from across The World), these Posts that drew Scores of Internet Interest, directing this Readership to deeply analyze, examine and give urgent and critical Thought to the overwhelming  Seriousness of what has become of Man in The Society he has built.

A growing Number and Body of People never enjoy a juicy Drumstick; roasted Breast or snap a Wishbone for Good Luck nor do they view a Pheasant’s Tail Feathers hoisted into a Glass Vase flanked by silk Autumnal Leaves, all set-up on The Fireplace’s Mantle for what is labeled as Tradition – a Tradition that has now decreased The Turkeys’ Population in Half since the Early Days of Colonization and Exploration.

The Historical Perspective of Man versus The Turkey has not been in favor of The Turkey.  According to The NWTF Bulletin Bulletin:3 

The largest Ground-Nesting Avian, The Wild Turkey who superbly populated The North American Landscape greeted The First Euro-Immigrants upon their Landing, yet those Numbers significantly dwindled due to The Defects of Colonization.  Wild Turkey Regeneration finally kicked in during the 1960s and became a Wildlife Success Story, except for the Millions of Birds skewered each year.  For some Reason they do not matter, until now.

Turkeys Lives Matter.


As more and more Migrants arrived on The Shores of a new Nation, an insatiable Appetite for Wild Turkeys overtook them; thus Populations rapidly diminished.  As a delicious Food Source, these GameBirds were relatively easy to hunt throughout all Four (4) Seasons. No stringent and enforceable Game Laws regulated Hunting in Colonial Times. 

The First Conservation Law that restricted The Cutting and Sale of Wood were enforced by The Plymouth Colonists as early as 1626.

Yet, as The WorkDay progressed, expansive Woodlands were cleared for Agriculture.  Therefore,  two (2) mitigating  Factors:

Gregarious Consumption of Turkey Meat; and

Turkey’s Habitat Loss

began a Decline in their Species’ Populations.

Today, The Wild Turkey can be found in uninhabited Terrains and other favorable Regions, rating as a successful Comeback Story. However, the primary Factor limiting Wild Turkey Populations continues to be Habitation/Homeland Loss and Mass Consumption, keeping The Birds tally at lower levels than those living 400 years ago when America was unblemished.  As a Gamebird (from a Historical Perspective), The Turkey’s Impact and Influence on People have immeasurably shaped Man’s Cultures and Lifestyles.

AS HISTORY REVEALS ITSELF:  Indian Tribes and Explorers/Colonists who rapidly spread across North America were grounded in ATT: All Things Turkey, affecting all their Descendants from that Point-in-Time onward. Once associated with extremely well-hidden Locales, Today’s Birds are found throughout vast Regions of Terrain  - more than any other North American Wild Fowl.  The Turkey’s Adaptability and Flexibility Ratios and Responses to their Surroundings allow them to live in Habitats where Climactic Conditions are erratic, all affected by Man’s continual Modern Innovations that oft-times does not consider The Creatures about him. 


If you are planning to get together with Family & Friends in late November to host a striking, distinctive and memorable Feast, accomplish that instead by “Going Meatless” or Vegan.  The Combinations of Platters are endless. Cookbooks on this (healthier) Topic command Prime Shelf-Space at Bookstores and Libraries.  The Choices you select affect Life on Planet Earth that starts with The Dawn of every New Day.  What do you value?  Plan Alternatives to your Day.  Skip that Meal altogether. Give it to another Family-in-need. Plenty of them now exist in both large and small Towns and Cities across our Planet. Exclusion is not an Option.

Coming face-to-face with Evil, this Evil consumes every Living Creature (in its own Way) so that it’s a Slippery Slope and Proposition. No Creature not immune from the dire Results of Man-gone-wild.  This is especially felt by The Wild or Domestic Turkey (whose Scientific Name is

Meleagris gallopavo) who pays dearly for hefty Price Man perpetuates.4/5  This Species is now most likely extinct.  Residing in South Mexico, the Bird was  The Ancestor to the Domestic Turkey that Spanish Explorers and Conquerors in the 1500s returned to Spain (with).

The other Six (6) Distinctive Turkey Subspecies include:

The Eastern Wild Turkey (M. g. silvestris)

The Florida Wild Turkey (M. g.osceola) 

The Merriam’s Wild Turkey (M.g. merriami) 

The Rio Grande wild turkey (M. g. intermedia) 

The Ocellated Turkey (M. ocellata)

The Gould’s (M. g. mexicana)  

This Hands-off Policy can also be applied to Poultry, Cows, Goats, Pigs/Hogs, Horses (all Livestock and Farm Animals), many who have been caught up in The Ravages of Domestication.  Livestock’s Duration or Lifespan is shortened due to Man’s Carnivorous Nature with near to no Remorse.  Your Conscious Choice affects your Optimal Health that leads to The State of The Planet.


Man is a ticking Time Bomb, ready to explode at The Snap of a Finger.  He does not have to be harnessed into a Suicide Bomber Belt to have that escalating Amount of AHA: Anger/Hostility/ Anxiety contained – an AHA! Moment none should experience.  “The State of The Times” has driven many Individuals over The Cliff – the proverbial “Edge of The Ledge.”  The Writing appears clearly on The Wall.  The Answer to lead us back to a calmer Place is shrouded in Carnage and not that observable or easily found.  When Civilization erodes; what Civilization loses is more than One Species; One Bird (or a Person, a Lion as Cecil, or an endangered Black Rhino), but an irreplaceable Family Member.   “The List of Loss” is endless.  Prehistorically, all Creatures’ Origins date back Millions of Years. Such is how Evolution progressed.  The Bird alone can trace her Roots back 150 Million Years to The Days of The Dinosaur.  It is only now that her Numbers are severely waning, perpetuated by Mankind’s Killing Machines and careless Philosophies, along with The 6TH Global Extinction that is exacerbating that Toll.  Known as “our Existence” and that of our Children and Future Generations, what We do or do not do will have Cataclysmic Effects.

THE IRONIES POSED BY LIFE:  Domestication, the Wicked Step Sister of Evolution, is accepted.  Who can live without The Daily Sacrifices made by The Creatures who have been domesticated for just that Reason:  to feed, clothe, house and satisfy Humans as well as being a Companion-in-need.

“When they say “Harvest” in The Autumn,

they don’t  specifically say to ‘Harvest Turkeys.’ 

The major Point of Reference is for Fruits and Vegetables,

but The Interpretation has been totally misconstrued and misinterpreted.”


Sunday, November 30, 2015 – 5:25 AM CST

Thursday, December 3, 2015 – 3:57 PM CST

Domestication feeds Millions upon Millions of People while Killing off Billions and Billions of Creatures.  Ironically, Starvation is present across The Planet because these People cannot feed themselves.  That Figure stands at:  One in Nine, are suffering from Chronic Undernourishment from 2014-2016.6   Yet FOMO: Fat/Obesity/Morbid Obesity and its Sets of complicated Diseases are present and confronts the Medical Field daily.  Currently, too many Americans are too fat to fight (in any major Armed Crisis) that We face, as another World’s War.  Sociologists state that The Military will no longer be able to recruit the Number of Men needed to retain Peace and Tranquility.7  

Thirty-Three Percent (33%) of US Adults are overweight while a staggering Seventeen Percent (17%) of Adolescents/Children are overweight. This Statistic has tripled from only a Generation ago.  Less Animal Meat and more Plant Fiber in their Diets and on their Menus would slim them down for a Healthier Future.  A Planet of Ironies confuses us all, thus leading to a wider Array of Addictions and Personal Malfunctions that strike Animals the hardest. 

Devouring One Domesticated Species has its Implications; that then leads to another; then spirals out-of-control.  The Killing Machine does not stop. The Blood Lust is there, already implanted while The Nation gets heftier and more immobile. After all, there are: Carnivores, Frugivores, Graminivores, Granivores, Herbivores, Insectivores, Nectarivores and Omnivores.  Along with my newly created Terms of:   Aquativores, Birdivores and Predatorivores that play a Significant Role in my Birdictionary ©1998/2015.  

WHERE DOES THE RATIONALITY LIE?  Then another Animal is consumed. The Cycle continually perpetuates itself so much so that The Cycle of Life and Death accelerates, destroying Planet Earth as it is doing Today. The Earth of Today hardly looks like its former Self in The 1500s.   As self-proclaimed bright and intellectual Human Beings (for the most part), We need not perpetuate that staggering Number by losing 37,000,000 Turkeys on One Specific Day for a 30-Minute Meal-of-Consumption.  ENTER:  Thanksgiving, a Holiday that needs to be placed on The Cutting Block to remove its cancerous and diseased Parts. 

Direct from The Internet, a Source for current Figures, The Conclusive Evidence states:

On a daily Basis, Scientists gauge that 150-200 Bird, Insect, Mammal and Plant Species fall into Extinction, approximately 1,000 times The Natural Standard. Leading Biologists insist this Number is greater than any The Planet has beheld since The Dinosaurs faded (never to return) 65 million years ago.8

The Extinction Crysis is on.  The deadly Damage and Mega-Deaths have already started with The Onset of Exploration in The 1500s.   Proliferation began immediately and sped up with the Invention of Electricity, lighting The World for all to see what was occurring. No one was left in The Dark.  But no one looked the Way or imagined how this would change The Course of Evolution or De-Evolution, as many Scientists have decreed.

BUSINESS AS USUAL IN WASHINGTON, DC:  The Ironies of living Life perpetually divide People whereby, The Class System becomes highly strained.  Keeping this in mind, it is no wonder that People snap, crack(le) and pop (exactly like Kellogg’s Rice Krispies’ Cereal Brand), committing radical and heinous, sinister and sometimes deadly Actions.  Various Segments of Society are in a constant struggle as utter Chaos ensues, such as:

Families where Parents can no longer adequately care/feed/provide for their Children;

Individuals who can no longer adequately care/feed/provide for themselves; leading to Homelessness, swelling Numbers across The World, whereby The Politics of War is to blame; and

Homelessness (across The Planet) occurs from numerous Reasons from Natural Disasters, pre-meditated Attacks to losing a Job (based on The Economy, Stupid).

The innocent Children suffer “The Most” as they are most impressionable.


Homelessness persists across The Planet in greater Numbers, especially so since Climate Change is perpetually wreaking Havoc as in: Blizzards, Fires, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Monsoons, Tsunamis, Ice Storms, Earthquakes, Tidal Waves, etc. that can destroy a Family’s Home, rendering them as a New Faction of The Tragic Homeless Demographic, a non-stoppable Tragedy ready to strike ANY Minute of ANY Day at ANY Time. ANY Where.  This is a Common Occurrence where no one or Species is immune.  Yet, Animals always have a Nest or Den.  Domesticated Animals are robbed of their Natural Instinct to care for themselves.  That’s what Domestication causes.  If, for example, all of Mankind were to disappear, what would Livestock and Man’s Assortment of Pets do to survive?  Dependency on Man is a double-edged Sword.  

Only One (1) lucky Turkey will be spared The Rod by getting “The Presidential Pardon” at The White House before the full-fledged Festivities of Thanksgiving fall into place. That Bird gets to “walk free,” but for how long, it is unknown.  Is this Action a Sign of Remorse or playful Tradition linking Politics to Comedy?  Thanksgiving is a Hard Course to swallow.


Friday, November 20, 2015 – 1:43 PM CST

Sunday, November 22, 2015 – 7:18 AM

Monday, November 23, 2015 – 2:30 PM CST

Then, over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC, the “Totally Absurd” happens.   The “Presidential Pardon” at The White House of a single (sometimes a Pair of) Tom Turkey(s) make(s) National  Cyber News as a frolicking Commentary broadcast to show Man’s Generosity and The Presidential Sense of Humor.  Relegated as a completely ludicrous Action that could have been better spent by dealing with the major National and pressing International Issues of the Day.  That Time and Effort are forever lost, as are The Lives of The Turkeys that perished for that Thanksgiving Holiday.


Identical to this sick Form of Humor is the Idiotic and Neurotic Notion advanced every year by Humans who shake and wake a Sleeping Ground Hog (or Woodchuck.  Marmota monax in Latin – as his Scientific Name)9 in The PreDawn Hours of February 2 (during its Hibernation Period) “testing The Waters” to see if The Season of Spring will arrive on time, earlier or later than its designated March 21ST Due Date, comprises their Cruel Motive.

#1:  At this Point, no Creature must be shaken and awakened, while dormant.  That is purely against how their Circadian Rhythms work. 

#2:  At this Point, it must be inserted that in many Areas of our World, Spring no longer “comes on time” due to Global Warning.  Therefore, an entirely new Set of Strains and Constraints is placed on The Planet and The Creatures who are attempting to readjust their Coping Mechanisms to live in this Environment that is radically different from how they are/were programmed by Nature.

REGARDING THAT:  March 21ST Due Date: 

Have People subtlety forgotten that The Calendar affirmatively states (in a very clear Context) that March 21, The First Official Day of Spring, is numerically only 47 or 48 Days after February 2,  dependent on if a Leap Year exists for that Year?  Evidently, they have forgone this Tip-Off. This is calculated as 6-5/7 Weeks or 6-6/7 Weeks away. That’s the proper Figure.  Use your Fingers to calculate that, if you must. Your Calculator works just as well - in lieu of disturbing The Ground Hog.  It’s the humane and kindly Act to take. The Bottom Line remains: 

Turkey Pardoning and Ground Hog Wake-Up Calls rate as Animal Abuse.

CONTINUING:   No Creature wishes to be disturbed from their Slumber or even a brief Nap.  For Nature’s Sake, leave sleeping Ground Hog’s lie.  That’s known as respecting Nature; respecting Life. Messing with Nature and how Nature operates does have its Consequences and Repercussions of which We are feeling now with the unpredictable Onslaught of all these wicked Weather Patterns and Climatic Highs and Lows that never plagued, ravaged or tormented our Planet 50 years ago. 

I know:  I was there.



What’s in your Heart?

Is this Justice?  Is this justified?   Where is The Justice?  Does any remain? Justice, that is. Many of us Humanitarians no longer think so, believing Man should be held accountable for what He/She/They are doing to The Planet, once a Paradise & Oasis, we call Home.

“Nature may respect you, if you respect Nature.”


Sunday, November 29, 2015 – 6:03 AM CST

Thursday, December 3, 2015 – 5:10 PM CST

Friday, December 4, 2015 – 5;08 PM CST



Thursday, November 19, 2015

#Talking_Turkey. The far-reaching Benefits (both gluttonous & spirited) as to why Turkey Killing & Indulgence should be finally banned in The USA for Thanksgiving. #Leave_That_Bird_alone!

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The Birdictionary ©1998/2015 contains 1,025+ useful Bird Terms (all original that instill the Love of Birds and their Support) and is presently on my Drawing Board, drawing to a Close, in one of its Final Edits.  Tentatively, once The GoFundMe Account is running (circa January, 2016 – the Second Official Year of THE DECADE OF THE BIRD(S) ©1998/2015), those Early Funds will be earmarked for its Completion.

Because this is a Ten Year-long Project, $10,000,000 will be required to fully activate all Departments consisting of Literature and Cinema and all that those Industry entail  - for the Benefit of Aviculture, both near and afar. 


It’s all about The Birds.

It’s all about The Content, of which Project: BIRDSTORY (as this Work-in-Progress is called) stands out as an Investor’s Dream-come-true.




#2:  THE ASKIAN all-Original Bird Terms used in this Blog will be listed for your Perusal on December 20, 2015.  All are Part & Parcel of my BIRDICTIONARY.



WHILE ON HOLD -- since the Creative Process does take longer (sometimes) than We Creatifs think) 

UPDATE OF:  Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - 3:20 PM CST

A Work-in-Progress.

Full Rendition of:

#Talking_Turkey.  The far-reaching Benefits (both gluttonous & spirited) as to why Turkey Killing & Indulgence should be finally banned in The USA for Thanksgiving.  #Leave_That_Bird_alone!

will be online here at Koopersmithin' on December 10, 2015.  It is late only because the Topic grew out-of-control and now (as of Tuesday, December 1, 2015) is in its Final Read-Down. But don't despair.  The Basic Theme is that Turkey must be removed from your Menu if you so choose to eat this Bird.  That's all explained in:  6881 Words, that as WORDS go, always need to be tweaked.  Since many People will not be giving up their Wishbones & Drumsticks, this Paper will be applicable next Year (I know) and become Part of my Birdictionary ©1998/2015 that it also relates to.

For the 75 of you that visited this page, THANK YOU for your Patronage.  

Dear Folks & Friends, 

OK:  I must admit:  This Topic has gotten away from me.  So much so that I did not give myself enough time to finalize the Turkey Paper as I had promised.  However, I did see a Correlation between a BAT PHOTO and Tomoro's Celebration on my Facebook Page Today and am inserting that, instead.

HOPE-fully, by Monday, my Full Rendition of how:


will appear.  I appreciate your support and am sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused you.

Happy - Save & Healthy Holidays to you all.

ASK - Chicago, IL USA



Bat World Sanctuary: Don’t get me wrong now, BAT-LOVERS for the Comments I am adding below. I love BATS, too, since I was a Kid over 50 years ago and use BATS in my Fight-Racism Movie Scripts. After all, they’ve been around for 52.5 million years. I’m wondering if Man will even last half that long.


That's exactly what U got to do: You got to be MEAN; quick; drink Blood from your Victims; have the Potential to spread Rabies and fly-by-night. You need to tap into The Tribal Part of Mankind that is scared and afraid of his very own Shadow. That way no one will eat you.

HAD THE DOMESTIC OR WILD TURKEY whose Latin Name is: Meleagris gallopavo done that 152 years ago when President Abe Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving in 1863 during The Civil War era, The Turkey would not be slaughtered and eaten for his Drumsticks & Wishbone as so many are doing tomoro, all in the NAME of Giving Thanks.

I don't see anything thank-ful about EATING The Innocent Creatures OF Nature and IN Nature whose Numbers are dwindling.

For more of this pertinent TOPIC that deals with SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST refer to my BLOG at:

The Complete Exposé will be online by December 1, 2015.

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