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When you are presented: THE GRAND BLUES MUSIC LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for being: “Music’s Most Accomplished & Valuable Entertainment Attorney In The World.” The Full Edition of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Presentation Speech of Thursday, November 5, 2015 honoring Chicago’s Very Own: Jay B. Ross.


JAY, I don’t get this Lifetime Achievement stuff.  You’re only 39.  What are they talking about?  I want to know.  You’re finally figuring it all out.  I think this Award is fully premature. OK!  So let’s hold off on this Honor for awhile.  You’ve got a long ways yet to go.  

However, TOMIKO did ask and I’m so honored to be able to say a FEW Words about you, but that’s impossible considering your Contributions to every Facet of Life whose scope ranges from keeping us entertained to keeping People employed.  So I stopped all my Multi-Tasking and wrote something and when I ran it past TOMIKO, she said: “GIRL, that’s too many Words.  It’s too long.”  Actually, it was only 3,562 Words. And I didn’t count the A’s An’s Or’s or The’s or But’s.  And, I do talk fast.   I suppose I do get carried away with interesting Subject Matters – like JAY’s for instance.  We Writers have that Tendency, you know. So I’ll just read the better BUZZ WORDS and CATCH PHRASES while The Full Speech (along with its 4 Footnotes) that contain more insightful, relevant, germane and applicable Phrases and Pages are on my BLOG who TINY URL is:    


Cutting out all Words is despicable.  Eliminating Words is comparable to pulling Teeth.
I LOOK AT MY MOCK WRIST WATCH.  How else will you get to know JAY from an unbiased opinion unless I use every Word that I happen to know?
With all that being said I now have 30 seconds left so I’m just going to state my Favorite JAY impressions of what I feel best exemplify all the Wonders he has done for all of us. 
Please note that if you’re media stars are with a major station as JAY is now a VIDEO STAR as his First Music Video, SUE THE BASTARDS’ Record Release & Cast Party is on Monday, November 9 at 7 PM CST at Circuit Nightclub located at 3641 North Halsted in Chicago.  The Tune itself hits the Airways the next Day on Tuesday, November 10.  

SUE THE BASTARD’s teaser is on YOUTUBE at:

Good Evening, Everyone.  Thank you Tomiko Dixon, The Creator,  Mr. Germaine Moody  of Moody & Chaplin & Sophia  Dias of Dias Eyewear who sponsored this Special Event (a Landmark Occasion –consisting of Haute Couture with The DIAS Chicago Launch and monumental, magical Musical Moments), saluting and recognizing  (SPREAD HANDS APART) all these deserving Personalities.  Thank you for including me tonight.   Events (as these) are what transpires when a Team of Trendsetters pull together to give Credit to “The Most Deserving,” We become “The Lucky Ones.”


The World is missing Justice & Fairness to all.  Just look around you – you don’t have to look far (outside The Walls of The Alhambra Palace here) to see Prime Examples of The State of The Union or The State of DISunion where so many Conditions just aren’t right from Inequality amongst People who share the same DNA to Gender Discrimination to abhorrent Weather Conditions that rip Our Lives apart and for the most part (to many of us), those Issues do not seem that fixable anymore…




HOWEVER, for those of us lucky enough to have been born during this Timebank; The 1900s (filtering into The 21ST Century), We are a mighty Lucky Lot of People if our Paths met up with a Man named Jay B Ross.  With a Show of Hands, how many of you know Jay B.?   Don’t be shy now!

PAUSE:  Ah, that’s nice.   With Numbers like that, JAY, you could run for The US Presidency on The Music Ballad or is it Ballot?  And win by a Long Shot!   Time to circulate that Petition.   You’ve got to November 20TH to file.

PAUSE FOR LAUGHTER. (OK, that was my Style of Humor.  Laugh some more.    HANDS
DOWN GESTURE. I always wanted to do that on Stage. In front of more People than just my Parakeet at home.  Now that’s off my Bucket List.  Thank you.

(That Gesture is done a lot on TV Talk Shows).  

A Bit of History about JAY would be interesting to know right now.  He was born to a loving Jewish Couple, Joseph and Molly at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday, February 12, 1942 at 3AM.  Now, that’s early.  That’s at The Height of “a Musician’s Prime Time Waking and Gig Hours.”  During Grammy’s Month, The First of which was held in 1959 (when Jay was a Teen) & when another Ross won 2 Awards:  Ross Bagdasarian.  Coincidence or Fate?    That Day also marked President Abe Lincoln’s 133RD Birthday.   

LOWER VOICE & SLOWLY:  The sad and wrenching Part of that Chapter of JAY B.’s early Life is that his Parents, Molly and Joseph both died within two years of one other.  

May they rest in Peace.  Then, a young and helpless Orphan, young JAY was eagerly adopted by his Uncle and Aunt, Leon and Leah, who resided in Rockford, Illinois (located 93.1 miles NW of Chicago) where he grew up as a normal and inquisitive Kid regardless of such a Traumatic Beginning.  

FOR ALL YOU YOUNG SPEECH MAKERS, this is The Part where you can add 3 more Milestones about your Subject. 

As many young, ambitious People did during The 60’s (seeking to spread their Proverbial Wings), JAY migrated to THE BIG CITY nearby – Chicago.  The right Man at The Right Place at The Right Time can do The Right Wonders and he did and does.  In 1967, at Age 25, he was teaching in Public Schools that deterred him from going to Nam, Viet Nam.   Education trumps over War. That works much better, any Day. “Make Music, not Murder!” is what I say.  What was New York’s & Rockford’s Loss switched to become Chicago’s Gain. All unforeseen Benefits merely waiting to explode that put Chicago on The Map as a pre-eminent Music Mecca.   Some Things are destined to be. 

As a Forerunner, a Year later, Mr. Ross started his own Independent Law Practice -- in 1968 -- that continues briskly to this Day.  The Rest is History and what a Story to be told; to enfold and to behold.  A Story that JAY B. paved.  JAY epitomizes what is known as Interactivity – even before it became popularized and widespread as a Guidepost for Communication in The 21ST Century.  He solely crafted Entertainment Law into what it has become Today– setting a Precedence, “bar none.”  That’s a Legal Term.  


This began his illustrious Career that rose as The Entertainers – The Songs – The Music – The Arts - The Entertainment – (itself) as a Collective Entity spanning Decades - that stemmed from this most MO-mentous and pivotal Time in Popular Culture that saw; and, of course, produced every Type of Music, “giving Voice” to those who had something to express.   I could not begin to list all of JAY B.’s vast Accomplishments, but they are there, carved in Stone and still thriving and growing. That includes The Release of his SUE THE BASTARDS MUSIC VIDEO.   “The Rappin’ Lawyer” is his Nom de Plume, clever as it is.   JAY can tell you more and would be happy to do so.  He is just a Point & Click away on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or via a Phone Call.  Alexander G. Bell invented the Phone for him.  Try Speed-Dial.

Returning to The Topics of Justice & Fairness.  You could say that “The Blues” sprang from these or The Lack of Civil Liberties.  Without Justice, Good Faith & Integrity, everything else does not count; nothing really matters.  Perhaps The Better or right Question to ask is:  Who would not have “The Blues?” considering The Mitigating Factors & Prevailing Forces caused by Injustices and Unfairness - Deceit and Disrespect.

But then:  Who would have known!  Breaking up with your Lover? That’s great!  No Problem!  There’s a #1 Love Song there in “The Making.” Love-Gone-Wrong scores and soars to The Top of Music Charts every Day, soothing The Troubled Heart and bereaved Soul!  

When JAY ascended into his Music Law Biz, (that will be celebrating 50 years strong in 2018 and should be internationally and officially proclaimed as:  THE YEAR OF JAY B. ROSS by President Barack Obama, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame (for starters) that Era si-MULL-taneously marked a Social Revolution – like none other -- for it fell at “The Beginning” that ushered in an entirely new, creative Mindset when TV & Radio Experimentation were kicking in! Pre-Pre-Pre Internet Days.  Just to let you know, back then,  U.S. Postage Stamps sold at 6¢ (for 1 Ounce First Class Letter) to move our Mail and News and that took Days to arrive – to be delivered. $24,700 was the Medium Average Price for a Home in 1968 - that’s now The Cost of a Meager Power Lunch, not counting The Doggy Bag, The Tip and Valet Parking --- & a Loaf of Bread cost:  22¢, less than twice of what a Postage Stamp costs Today.  Long before The Photo of your Pet Cat (or your Taco Burrito Lunch) went viral. 

Looking back, it’s now Five (5) (ASK = FIVE FINGERS UP) spectacular Decades that have passed and as they say in retrospect:   “That’s all History & yet it was “The Launch, The Dynamics and The Springboard as to how We live Today and what We (get to) listen to…Today.”   For those on The Scene; making The Scene, remembering The Scene; producing The Scene being a Part of The Scene was of most Importance.


What I personally do to see The Scope and Depth of how Mr. Ross – Attorney Ross – “JAY B.”  to his Friends - advanced The Course of Modern Music (“establishing Milestones” is The Phrase) is to visit his Website: and click on:


Then, wide-eyed I just stare while Gasping-In-Awe & Amazement at The Rows of Names (over 240 Clients that I call his ROSS-ter) -  many of whom are here this Evening with us – that JAY B. has helped – sometimes coming to their Rescue - not only on a Legal Level, but on a One-To-One Personal Basis where he’s made Lifelong Friends – across The Decades -- (across 2 Millenniums & 2 Centuries) --  across “Sweet Home Chicago” as Home-Base, the Third most powerful, prosperous, creative and visibly industrious City in The United States – from Coast-to-Coast -- from Sea to shining Sea – over Purple Mountain Majesties -- across The Oceans and far beyond The Locales & Time Zones -- where The Names of Our Ancestors resided --  yet where “Singing & Dancing” itself transcends through all Ages, every Make/Creed and Model of Person, any Religious Affiliation and/or Cultural, Economic and/or Political Ideologies, shattering each Line of Demarcation. I mean really; who needs those Lines that Divide.  Music Without Borders, that’s what We prefer hearing.  

That, My Dear Honorees, is a lot of Time and Space to fathom and to cover.

Transforming many Music-Makers into “Household Names” is only 1 of The Self-Appointed Tasks and Duties that JAY B. does so well.    ENTER:   The Daily Workload of Contracts, Negotiations, Consulting, Licensing. Publishing Agreements. Sponsorships. Copyright Disputes. Protecting your Rights and your Rights and your Rights and The Rights of theee Artist and their Artistry and Interests to continue in The Name and Vein of Justice and Fairness to them all; The Backbone of Entertainment (as We know IT, recognize IT, like IT and expect IT to be). This is The Reason why We are gathered here this Evening to honor our beloved Jay B. Ross.  


JAY has been breaking Barriers and knocking down Walls even when it was not “The Popular Thing to do.”  He’s… been… busy.  He thrives on The Successes he creates for Others and The Doors he opens.  HE’S… BEEN…MORE THAN…BUSY.  

It is only then when “His Process” is seriously pondered that We begin to fully realize The Core Values, Mileposts & Breakthroughs JAY B. ROSS has procured, secured and put into Action & Place. 

SLOWLY STATED:  No easy Job. This reminds me of The Song: I fought The Law and The Law won -- written in 1958 by Sonny Curtis; recorded in 1959 (released on Sunday, December 4, 1960)  &  ranking as #175 on The Rolling Stone List of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time in 2004, named one of The 500 "Songs that Shaped Rock" by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. The long Arm of “The Law” is timeless as those who have unsparingly observed and upheld those Civil Liberties based in the Musical Accomplishments Man’s procured since he began banging on a Drum eons ago.

JAY B. is “The Law.” Keen Lawyers do it that Way.  His Way works.  Few can keep it “that Way” when Injustices perpetually arise in The Music Industry, causing Aggravation and Anxiety that destroys The Creator’s Flow, Spirit and Drive. Such is The Nature of The Beast of The Music Business, but “The Beat” still goes on.  The Time is always ripe for The Right Course of Action to be pursued.  JAY has a Knack, The Knowledge and The Experience to do this…since 1968 before The American Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin even landed on The Moon on Sunday, July 20, 1969, before The Beatles broke up; before PBS and Big Bird of Sesame Street aired; before Willie Dixon wrote “Hoochie Coochie Man” or “I Can’t Quit You Baby” ( 1954 & 1956, respectively) and before Sonny & Cher gave birth to Chastity now Chaz; (to name Impressions We shall never forget),   JAY was upfront as The Forerunner and leading The Pack, doing what’s Right.  He won’t have to quit his Day Job anytime soon.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT:  Today, in addition to practicing Music Law, JAY takes pride in The Formation of THE JAY B. ROSS FOUNDATION; while he keeps an active Hand in Acting, Comedy, Art, Writing, Fashion, Dance and Teaching. He writes a witty, in-your-face BLOG that’s got all the earmarks of becoming a Book that includes his Music-clad Adventures.  Sounding The Trumpets and Bugles for The Debut of his First Music Video of 2 (at least) aptly called SUE THE BASTARDS will be released premiering here in “Sweet Home Chicago” on Monday, November 9TH at 7 PM at Circuit Nightclub (3641 North Halsted in Chicago) at for your Playlists,  Listening and Dancing Pleasures, where he merely PLAYS HIMSELF as “The World’s Oldest Rappin’ Lawyer.”  Again setting The Standard.  From Tonight, The Countdown:  4 Days and, yes, you are ALL invited to that Debut!  Stand by to see how Jay B.  puts “THE POP INTO POP CULTURE.”  

EMPHASIS: Until now, a little known Secret that I am going to divulge to you all is that The Title of “WORLD’s OLDEST RAPPIN LAWYER” is being examined and perused for an Entry into The Guinness Book of World Records, The Definitive Source of every #1 Standout Hit since Saturday, August 27, 1955 thanks to Sir Hugh Beaver, The Founder and Managing Director of The Guinness Breweries.  That was Sixty (60) years ago, People.  Such a Part of The Fabric of your Life.   Furthermore, if We add in The Categories of being White – Jewish and a Senior Citizen   


then again JAY is still #1, breaking down those Barriers!

It is true, it may not be true yet that   SUE THE BASTARDS has its own Facebook Page.  After all, if OREO Cookies can have one, why not a Song like this?

No one is kidding when they say:  JAY B. is a Personality  - a Character– a Talent amongst Talents in his own Right – while being a serious Businessman with a Comic, Humorous and Humanitarian Side – besides being a Walking Music-O-Pedia  that made The Songs and Sounds of Chicago unique - a bona fide Dream-Maker - making Dreams come true for The  Talent – The Artist and People (like me) who merely like to dance, listen, sing along and party-it-up -- to vast Audiences everywhere.  The Backbone who never fails us that We always can count on.   It’s only Right that “The Man behind The Scenes” comes Full Circle and Center-Stage Tonight. As The Wizard behind The Curtain, getting The Credit and Respect he deserves.  Thank you, Aretha! 

As an unrivalled Influencer, JAY B. has “ROSS-I-CIZED” The Course of Modern Music, Entertainment History and Popular Culture, Note-by-Note and Note-after-Note.   With JAY, there’s Justice & Fairness for all.  Everything’s alright when JAY B. is in The Room.  That’s merely The Way he sees Life should be and should be lived; that’s The Way he feels People should be treated.


IN CLOSING:  And, keeping with The Spirit of Willie Dixon, TOMIKO’s Grandfather who told her to “continue my Story” and so many other superb Talents and noted Legends as Koko Taylor, Moms Mabley, Bessie Smith, Albertina Walker, James Brown, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and many Others who We’ve admired, listened to and followed who have passed away, rest assured and let it be known that their Music has not faded or been compromised.  To that: We cordially say: thank you,  Jay B. Ross, thank you – gracias – danke -  tack (in Swedish) – ขอขอบคุณ  in Thai -  for enriching The Soundtrack of Our Lives and allowing Justice & Fairness to prevail.  We like that!  We deeply appreciate your valiant and unending Efforts.

As Manny Patinkin stated in a televised Interview on Sunday, October 11, 2015, he used three (3) very important Words that apply to this Presentation tonight.  Those are:   Freedom.   Justice.   Dignity.


Yes, JAY B. has refined and transformed The Course of Music and Entertainment by making sure The Artist’s Works are protected – The Rights, Words, Melodies and Images that spell-out the enduring Moments and Memories We hold forever dear, of covering Present to Future Generations (from The Elders to Newborn Babies and those Babies’ Babies), spanning Global Cultures with The Sounds of Music, influencing and promoting “THE WORTHY” for The Listening Pleasure of New Music and the original earlier Sound Sensations for all Generations to come.  “Speaking up for The Music, to continue as it should,” Jay B. comes to bat every Day.  Nothing short of inspiring.  

A Man who loves what he does.  And it shows.

An Epic Era solidified by JAY B. ROSS. 
An Epic Era defined by JAY B. ROSS. 
An Epic Era branded by JAY B. ROSS. 
An Epic Era never to be repeated.

His Capacity to inspire and improve The General Lot of what he sees continues the most incredulous Show on Earth, The Business of Entertainment – SHOW BIZ -- where Lawyer JAY B. ROSS hails as a Guiding Force and “The Music Muscle,” to WHO & WHAT We listen to Today.  He has made all that possible – and in The Best Possible of Ways.    So instrumental to The Careers, Jobs & Lives of Millions.

 “The Glory of The Story” is heard in every Song ever written, ever sung, ever recorded and ever heard echoing throughout The Choruses and The Chambers of Time. For that Variety and Depth of Achievement whose profound Influence has affected The Lives of 20TH& 21ST Century Populations, it’s just and fair to say that Mr. Ross, 




receive the coveted:   


The Brainchild of Ms. Tomiko Dixon, Songstress, Writer and Musician and Granddaughter of Mr. Willie Dixon, The Blues Legend and Icon who would have been 100 years old this past July.   Tomiko is following in that Footprint to continue Willie’s Legacy as only Family could with a Recording Studio Complex that is her Dream.  


IN CLOSING:  So, strap-on your Dancing Shoes, GET ON UP and let’s give his Honorable JAY B. ROSS, a Round of Applause – A Standing Ovation – both – as We thank him profusely and whole-heartedly for a Lifetime of Service, Commitment and Loyalty by being a Ground-Breaker, Dream-Maker and “Someone Very Special” who deeply cares for The Sake and Love of The People who create The Music that colors The Days of Our Lives.  There’s more to this Story…yet to come.




Rappin Lawyer, he's the 1 who can help U out
Rappin Lawyer, he's the 1 who with a lot of clout

Rappin Lawyer, he's the 1 who can help U out
Rappin Lawyer, he's the 1 who with a lot of clout
Rappin Lawyer dot com.
Rappin Lawyer: OH YEA.  (DEEP VOICE).


©2015. ASK/Chicago.  All Rights Reserved.  No Part can be copied; used without the Direct Written Permission of Creator:  Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith/Chicago, IL USA.




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