Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Once Upon a Time" Story Week happened: The Sharon Lurye Rendition: A Must Read for every Reader/Writer/Author(ity).

THE FOLLOWING IS A FACEBOOK POSTING to the Chairman of the Literary Department at
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Story Week.

Mr. Albers: There’s also a great 1/6 of a Page Article on Page 45 of this Week’s Chicago Reader by Sharon Lurye – this Piece is so eloquently written, I haven’t read anything that poignant in Journalism in ages (sorry to say). Her thoughts were so thoughtfully set into motion – it was as if SHARON had a Mission – and the hidden Message deals with MORE than attending your Event – it deals with how DREAMS can come true. At the top of the Page is a photo of John Sayles. You can’t miss it. Sharon begins by coining the popular opening: ONCE UPON A TIME and I relate to it so well, because I think she speaks for 1000s (if not more) people in those 4 short paragraphs. It’s called:

Dreaming is free a t Columbia College’s Story Week Festival of Writers.

I wanted to make sure you saw that one also and tell all others who are reading this to check it out.

Also online at:

Looking for-WORD to the Events @ 3C!

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