Monday, March 5, 2012

Liberties Against Literature Days ©2012 per Eventologist ASK blacklists Literary Thieves. When Damage Control goes beyond The Law.

Chicago, IL USA

Liberties Against Literature Days ©2012 begins on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 and is scheduled on the 6TH of every Month. This is my Fourteenth (14) Literary Holidate whose Premise is:

A permanent ‘Black List’ or D-List (as in Damage) is now on my Blog, KOOPERSMITHIN’ so others will know WHO the potential Predator is against The Writer.

Hypothetically, while looking for Work (whether it falls into the realm of Full-Time, Part-Time and/or Freelance Positions), it is necessary in this Day & Age of The Internet that the Writer is protected from taking a Position (with a precarious Employer) in which he/she is not respected, acknowledged, credited and paid for his/her Efforts. This URL is easily accessible at:

and will be continually posted on this March 6, 2012 Date as an Update and Source so others will know who has taken “Liberties Against Literature.’

And to quote one of our Favorite Poets, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe: "Quote the Raven: Nevermore."

Feel free to send me the Names and Information of Employees who have gone past the Line. Feel free to use this as YOUR - the Writer's Forum.

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March 5, 2012 - 4:24 PM CST

THE D-LIST BEGINS: These are Companies/Corporations that have used my Copyrighted Material and have not acknowledged, paid and credited me for its usage yet, they are a profit(able) organization and have made substantial monies from my Creative Efforts.

BlueMountain Greeting Cards
The Hallmark Channel


* Blackout Wednesday - Jan. 18, 2012

* Eye of The Tiger composed by Frank Sullivan for Sly Stallone's Rocky III (1982 Movie) - theme song used in Newt Gingrich's Presidential Campaign

* Can Rush, Peter Gabriel Legally Order Limbaugh to Cease Using Their Songs?
Attorney: Technically, no, but they can use court of public opinion
by: James Sullivan - ROLLING STONE: March 8, 2012
Online at:

*Usage of ASK's Hug A G.I. Day (C)1996) by:
BlueMountain Greeting Cards
The Hallmark Channel

*Michael Jordan - Infringement Suit against a Chinese Manufacturer using his #23

*Pirating of Rosetta Stone & vast Quantity of other Computer Programs via NBC/NYC Morning Broadcast of Friday February 24, 2012

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