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In Favor of Franky Sullivan's Eye of The Tiger: The Politics & Presiding Principles of Copyright Infringement.

ASK ON COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Did you hear the News this AM? I did. I was watching NBC – Chicago Channel 5 – WMAQ and was totally appalled. My blood began to boil! The News now is that Newt Gingrich, (who now wants to be ‘our’ President) is fighting Frank Sullivan (Songwriter/Musician of the Band, SURVIVOR) who co-wrote EYE OF THE TIGER for the 1983 Rocky III hit movie penned by Sly Stallone. Gingrich has been using this Song without Frank’s Permission and/or Compensation which clearly violates Frank’s Copyrights. The current news report stated that Newt wants the Judge (here in Chicago) to merely ‘drop the case’ calling upon ‘fair use of copyrighted material.’

Not only does this get the BLOOD CURDLING in every Musician who ever composed a Song (even those who have not gotten this far in their Musical Careers), but every Writer of any and all genres ‘out there’ who has created-from-scratch something that is so extraordinary that the untalented but super-rich and greedy businessman thinks he has the ‘RIGHT TO STEAL.’

Does Gingrich think that Song just materialized out of thin air? And, let’s NOT forget – for all you Americans who are voting: If Newt Gingrich is ready to RIP OFF one of the most notable and thematic Songs in America & in Rock n Roll History that was ever penned (and heard clear across the world that is the Inspiration for so many young Artists and Musicians-in-the-making) - that is CLEARLY not his own, just think what he would do (and has probably already done) to the American People. What kind of Message do we want to send out to THE YOUTH of Today, besides the #1 Fact that this TUNE was not his to abuse for his own Benefit without due Compensation, Acknowledgement, Credit & Permission?

As a side note to substantiate this Case that does not fair well to so many People of Ethics, I have to add that I then continued listening to & watching the Morning Broadcast of the TODAY SHOW on NBC/NYC with Matt Lauer, Ann Curry & Al Roker. The 3 were in the Plaza of ‘30 Rock’ talking to the Folks who had gathered there. One Set of People wanted to sing the BIRTHDAY SONG to Willard Scott who was born today on Wednesday, March 7, 1934, but only were able to say: ‘Happy Birthday, Willard’ as they held his picture up for America to see. To explain why this was so, Al (Roker)went on to say that IF the entire Birthday Song were sung, the Station would have to pay ROYALTIES.

Newt Gingrich has ROYALTIES to pay, but he can’t ever get back his Reputation. In my VO: Valued Opinion, that and the Presidency are lost for sure.

Come on now…where’s the Justice! Newt is a total Disgrace to Politics period. If I were the Judge trying this Case, I’d turn this into the Biggest Copyright Infringement Case in America since it’s so obvious to see who is in the wrong and who has been wronged.

In closing: This Video shows the Legion of Fans that love and support Mr. Sullivan in his fight against Newt Gingrich.

10,750,368 You Tube viewers cannot be wrong! I arrest MY Case.

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