Friday, March 9, 2012

Quoting ASK - 'America's Premier Eventologist' on Copyright Infringement: Quote #1.

ASK’s LITERARY QUOTE: I am finishing up my eBook on Copyright Infringement and perfected this Quote that will make Plagiarists think twice (or so We Writers hope) before they decide to convert our Words into their own:

“In this World, there are Three (3) Ways of Viewing each Action that arises.
Those are via MY, YOUR and/or OUR Eyes.
All Three of these Formats can work together for the ‘Common Good’
of a People, Culture & Society.
When Fairness happens and is Part of the Picture,
each Party should receive their Just Rewards and Justice.
Each Party benefits.
This Equality of The Writer’s Rights needs to be bestowed to
those Individuals who possess those special
Talents, Skills & Capabilities.”

I’m expecting and suspecting this eBook will be finished by Mid-April since it appears that I seem to be MORE of a Rewriter these Days!

Cheers, ASK:
Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter
Studio 1437
Chicago – IL USA

3-9-2012 – 11:52 AM CST

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