Thursday, March 29, 2012

“It takes Words to write about Words.”™ Part 2 by ASK: March 29, 2012.

ASK’s LITERARY UPDATE: In Literary Circles, it’s always about the UPDATE – The Sequel & what’s next. Even when U think the ‘Project is perfect’ (a/k/a: the Pip Factor), it needn’t be that Way – at all. As We mature day-by-day, there’s always something else that enters into The Story. This does not even take into consideration ‘High Tech’ that makes your Project even better yet, so a bit of tweaking is necessitated. Such is/was the case with yesterday’s FB Posting about my Vocabularied Dictionary for my 4th coming eBook on the Perils of being a Writer/Author in a Techno Age.

Close to being perfect and hitting upon 1700 Words, I excitedly spent yet another 3 Hours typing in the Additions made since yesterday’s draft, let alone a few hours reviewing it to arrive at that ReTyping Phase. I’m still a firm believer in Hardcopy – except I do recycle. Now the Dictionary officially rocks with 59 new Terms – for a total of 2077 Words - some 377 more than yesterday’s Pen-Time count that brought in 1700 Words, a nice round #. That’s now:

35.20338983050848 Words per Term – or 35.2 for those who like to round it up.

Six (6) new Words were added to the List from yesterday that I found as I re-read a few of the Chapters. But it took 124 other Words to describe those new Six (6) Terms. For the New Terms on the Block (no Writers Block here, of course – if I did, then I might be caught up), that’s 20.666 Words per Term for those mathematically minded. At $2 a Word, I just scored myself a pretty healthy Lunch there.

BUT ABOVE ALL ELSE: I’ve just gotten a new-found respect for Editors. Writing is harder than you think. With all due respect to doctors, try a career in Brain Surgery instead. Most of us who are striving to be Perfectionists are Rewriters. I’m sure writing does charge up a person’s brain – if there’s any photos of brains ‘high on writing,’ I’d like to see them.

And Editors are the ones who must figure it all out. Most Writers are Editors in their own’ Writes’ tho…and the Experience does come in handy, altho ‘Parting with Words is such Sweet Sorrow.’ First uttered in the Capulet’s Orchard by Juliet, thanks to Wm. Shakespeare. How many times thereafter have Men put Words into Women’s Mouths? Too many for sure! But that’s another Topic, for sure.

HOWEVER, the Way I C it: Since U only have 1 time 2 make a FIG: First Impression Great, U might as well give it your all.

I can see why Editors get paid so much. Actually, I don’t know what they get paid, but they can’t be paid ENOUGH if you ‘ask’ me. There R Websites where U can look that up if UR so curious, go ahead and do it. I can’t do it WRITE now as I’m too bizzy rewriting something…

After all: “It takes Words to write about Words.”™

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Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 1:55 PM CST

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