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BOOKS FOR BUCKS in Evanston, IL: The Choicest Cause of them all. When Playing Ball meets Books!

ASK’s LITERARY RECO: Everyone knows about my great Passion for Books, but this Endeavor combines 2 of ALL of our Top Loves: Books & Sports and voila the MIX equates to a new Store called: BOOKS FOR BUCKS.

While biking down the Main Street today, I happened to spot the Store that has been open for about a month and stopped in asking for a Card. SCOTT was there - probably the most hospitable and generous person that I have met in years. He explained to me HOW this concept works and I immediately told him he was sitting on an idea whose time has more than come! You could feel his excitement as he busily, yet systematically taped up signs on his window and told me about how this 21ST Century Bookshop works. And, listen to this: The Books are all donated; the Books are all NEW and the Books are all $1. What is better than this? In 2 words: Absolutely Nothing.

Here’s a bit of info about them of which SCOTT is the Administrator and a former baseball player for the Reds that I will quote from their Flyer:

“The North Shore Youth Football program has been given an incredible fundraising opportunity. With an enormous donation of 1000s of brand new coffee table & gift books (many, if not MOST of them sports related) from a program support, we are opening a Holiday Gift Shop (in a retail space generously donated by a NSYF parent) to raise money for our fabulous North Shore Youth Football program. We have the potential to raise 10s of 1000s of dollars to support our program, but UR help is needed to help our Boys.”

That can be done by: Volunteering – Donating – Spreading the Word (which I am doing here); tell your school and/or PTA; solicit current and/or former College & Profl Sports Players to do a book signing; Shop!

Just stop in. You’ll be mesmerized at this Operation. Visit BOOKS FOR BUCKS at 2422 Main Street in Evanston – in the mall where Sam’s Club and Food for Less is located – directly east of the Starbuck’s. The books are $1 – what better way is there to support the Youth of Today and read up on the sports you and your family/friends’ love!

If UR a wealthy person and you want to help some of the Libraries in poorer neighborhoods in Chicago and get some of the KIDS into reading; out of gangs and into Sports, buy up a few 1000 of these books and start: Delivering. That’s what I’d do…

IF UR a media personality involved in local and/or national sports, contact:

Scott Clayborne at:


or you may email him at:


Scott has fabulous stories to tell and spent a good 20 minutes with me explaining to me the BOOKS FOR BUCKS Concept is a 501 C3 organization whose donations are tax-deductible. He told me to tell you about: where their Sponsors are: The Rice, Lowell, Belluardo, Michelon & Maizel Families, Triumph Books, Bond Company, Dicks Sporting Goods, Energy Connection, ABT Appliances & Greater Than. They offer scholarships to all families with financial needs as well as helping to provide the Opportunity to play football to others. Teamwork & Giving Back are their 2 main focuses.

What Scott & his Team are doing here can certainly serve as a Prototype of what should be happening in communities across the USA. I am so proud I made a wrong turn – a turn that definitely makes me think how wonderful fresh and lively Concepts like these are…and they are all under $1. If this doesn’t make you stop, think, read and ‘play ball’ – I don’t know what will!

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