Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Going Green without Cigarettes. Butting Out for Optimal Health.


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s

Inner Outlooks on Pop Culture &

its (sometimes Devastating) Affects.

Dateline: Wednesday, November 28, 2007

‘Butting Out’ of the Smoking Camp
Up In Smoke: Let Me Count The Ways

Smokers should be taken out, shot and systematically eliminated from The Planet. If that’s too Hitlerian in nature, then, they should be heavily fined and/or imprisoned. Smoking is not KING. As addicted Smokers drive hundreds of miles to buy cheaper brands out-of-state, now is the time to put the Curse of Smoking to rest.

For Decades now, Smokers have unthinkingly contributed to polluting our Airwaves and destroying the sensitive Eco-System which is already in extremely dire Condition, worsening the Ozone Levels with every Puff taken. Furthermore, many Cigarettes are responsible for Forest Fires that lay Waste to huge Plots of Land, Life, Livelihoods, Wildlife and Homesteads.

Others who fall asleep in the Middle of a Cigarette have caused Devastation on and of their own without even realizing it.

Besides smelling like a reproachable Dragon and complete Turnoff in the same Puff, smoke-filled Rooms wreak havoc and wreck Clothes that need to be immediately dry-cleaned and laundered before wearing again.

Then, there’s Second Hand Smoke that also takes its deadly Toll on People by causing Lung Cancer and Respiratory Problems as badly as if the Person (who inhales) smoked his or her own Cigarette. Merely a Decade ago, the Topic of Second Hand Smoke was barely News. Today, there are 2,060,000 Entries on Google – probably as many Hits as those who will die globally of the Addiction and its Complications in a relatively short period of time.

You don’t smoke Nature. It’s just that pure and simple, nor do you put other’s Health at Risk for the sake of a meaningless Cigarette or Cigar.

Will Smokers ever learn how unattractive and vile their Cigarette or Cigar really is? Can’t they locate another Prop to stand behind or find the Root of this tormenting and expensive Addiction that not only affects them personally in a slew of Debilitating Ways, but their loved ones, neighbors and planet-at-large?

BUTTS OUT, PLANET EARTH: Cigarette Butts are the biggest Form of Littering on the Planet. No Portion of a Modern Cigarette is bio-degradable. The only Characters coming out ahead in this deadly Game are the Cigarette Trade comprised of the Tobacco Firms, Cigarette Manufacturers and Distributors, who are actively killing off The Species – Mankind –with every Cigarette placed into the Marketplace. Fines and Imprisonment certainly would not look too appealing on their resumes.

Although no Studies have been done on this Hypothesis, I would presume that Second Hand Smoke also complicates your precious Pet’s (be it a Cat, Bird or Dog) Life as well, shortening it by a large percentage as well as any Children who may still be home.

Should Cigarette & Cigar Smoking be considered Domestic Violence? In a way, it could be categorized as that as the Fumes are killing off those in your Home if Smoking is condoned. Even if a Smoker goes out to smoke, he/she is then polluting the Natural Environment. No one should suffer at the Hands (and Lips) of a Smoker.

In the Evolutionary Line-up, have you ever wondered why Animals don’t smoke? Is it because they are smarter than Mankind and do not need the Rush a Cigarette provides? Sorrowfully, as it is, since they can’t speak to us and inform us of their much wiser Decision, We may never know. But we definitely can take Clues from them.

The next Time a Smoker blows a few Smoke Rings in your Face choking out the fresh Air surrounding you, smack him (or her) in the Face; dunk their head in a Vat of Cold Water and pull the Carpet out from under him or her. If their Self-Esteem is that low and they’re ‘going down,’ let them leave this Scene on their own Will and Volition without taking down those who choose to live a clean and refreshing Cigarette-free Life.

The harsh Reality is: Smoking kills every Entity it comes in contact with. The Act of Smoking is a losing Proposition fed by Addiction, Nervousness and the twisted Desire not to choose better and healthier Lifestyle Habits. Smokers may be predispositioned and born with a Mutant Gene, much like those suffering Bouts of Clinical Depression or Schizophrenia. That can be left to Doctors and Scientists to discover. In Today’s Modern Age where Change is always emphasized and admired, a few Critical Steps can lead to a smoke-free Life, adding years to a Person(ality) that just may be worth saving.

Just ask Smokey (The Bear), whose Species have been roaming the Planet for 3-5 million years. He would unanimously agree with each sentenced Statement.


Phil Lempert said...

As always Adrienne is on the mark. Just got into a battle at a restaurant in California where there is a no smoking law - both inside and out. Nice day...wanted to sit outside but there was a smoker who appeared to be leaving, I asked how long he would be - at which point he promptly said "now that I know my smoking bothers you I'll have dessert and stay for a while"...nice...
Whether it be plastic bottles or smoking...if we all jsut pulled back a little and looked at the big picture and the well-being of our earth and all our bodies can you imagine how far we could go???

thanks for brining the topic to discussion!

Sheryl said...

Tell it like it is, Adrienne. Smoking is an addiction that kills us all; some more slowly than others, but it HARMS every living entity around. Smokers deal with your issues and get a life; don't smoke it away and take us with you.
We don't want the puffs near us...