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Chicago, IL USA:

Hey, Tom:

My answers to your Stick-2-The-Wall VO: Valued Opinions are: Steven Spielberg (w/o a doubt); Shakespeare is over-rated and passe (I might add altho I still use some of his quotes, just readjusted and juxtapozed and Johnny Depp rocks - along with Tom Hanks. You stated: Man is a sensitive being, far more than a rational one. I say: Woman is the sensitive being between the 2 and it depends on how much one drinks/snorts/or inhales as to if somebody is going to be rational or not. I also think FIRST IMPRESSIONS play a key role in those neurological developments in the brain as to what Music we like. I was born & raised on Rock n Roll from the 60s and to this Day can still remember most of the lyrics from those songs altho I’ve not heard many of those tunes for years; yet a few things I’ve done an hour before are gone up in a puff of smoke (unless I write them down, of course!).

As for movies, I think every decade has its favorites depending on WHO the 20-30 year olds are. My Mother loves GONE WITH THE WIND & its actors. I lived in the Tornado Belt and am partial to Toys & Lions (since I’m a LEO) so The Wizard of Oz is 1 of my 5 top favorites. Again, The Wiz was 1 of the first Movies I saw while growing up and I had a Siamese Cat. It was a Siamese Cat that resembled mine that escaped from the hangar of the Balloon before Dorothy was to depart OZ, so I identify. It depends on if you identify – or as an old Boyfriend sez (who was spiritual): “Adrienne, put yourself in the other guy’s or gal’s shoes.” You stated:

In Art Appreciation, Happenstance trumps reason. It depends on what a person appreciates (if any) since so much of it is commercial these days and how a person grew up and if he/she was exposed to Art and for what reasons. I live in Chicago. The Arts & Recess have been removed from many school curriculum. Those kids won’t enjoy what I learned to love & appreciate. Your Peer Group Environment plays a big role, too! It depends on if you are expose to Guns or Roses. Good Questions & Comments, TOM!

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