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ASK's 'V8 Before 58' Challenge: 2010

Kudos to: The Manufacturers of V8

Campbell Soup Co.
1 Campbell Place
Camden, New Jersey 08103 USA

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RE: ‘ASK’ as Spokeswoman for BABYBOOMERS via V8 Juice
(Circa: 2010-2052). How a Brand makes a Life healthier with V8

Dear V8 Personnel:

I have wanted to write to you for a few years now and today is THE DAY, to compliment and state how much I love V8! It all started about 15 years ago when my Mother got her boyfriend (a man in his 70s with a big belly) to drink V8. I do not recall HOW soon it was that he 'lost' it and to this date, no one can find that belly, but I was totally shocked, amazed, amused and OH-SO very happy since a person's heart is the size of their fist and many men do get that 'middle-late-in-life' bulge.

Fast Forwarding to Today: I will be 58 years YOUNG in August and at that time will be celebrating my 40TH Year Class Reunion from Mendota Township High School – as I come from a small farming community 100 miles SW of Chicago, but have been living in Chicago since June of 1974.

During that time ON & OFF, I have drunk V8, but it wasn’t till 1997 that I decided to exorcise Bad Nutritional Habits from my Vocabulary and take care of me. At that time, I began riding my bike wherever I go in the city. Little did I know that within 6-8 years, I would have taken 4 inches of baby fat off my hips! Imagine that!

Then, as you would have it, I had in the back of my mind: V8 and how Mom trimmed Harold ‘down’ to optimal health. Yes, I like that phrase, too – ‘trimmed him/her down to optimal health.’ Too many people of all ages are overweight in America, as well as around the world…and by employing V8 every day, they can return to a healthier weight and lifestyle. I did it – in only 1 month.

“IF THEY ONLY DRANK V8” I kept thinking to myself…so I started a Campaign called:

“ASK’s V8 Before 58 Campaign” is what I have been talking about, recommending and drinking up since May 1. My initial theory was primarily a 31 day or month goal of drinking 3 10 ounce glasses a day to see WHAT WOULD HAPPEN.

R U ready to hear this? You will be shocked and proud, both! My belt is now 1.5 notches smaller – that’s approximately 1.5 inches. But the 2 things that really strike me about V8 that I can verify from being its biggest Fan is:

I am totally satisfied after drinking it. I possess no internal YEARNING for a chocolate bar or some tiramisu or anything salty. It does something to me – in diet circles, I believe they call that ‘suppressing one’s appetite.’

The other thing is that I look forward to having my V8. It’s like my cocktail. I’m not a drinker, but it’s refreshing. As an avid bicyclist going some 14 miles a day, I will come home; drink some water to quench my thirst and then have a 10-ouncer.

What’s really amazing, too, is that my Boyfriend, Robert loves the affect it has on me. When I woke up this AM, I prepared his coffee before work, but guess what: He took the bottle of V8 out of the frig and drank that first! Who sed it’s hard to get thru to men. V8 proved that one – that’s for sure!

So where are we? Oh, yes, I’m bound & determined to look great for my class reunion in mid-August, but V8 is an instrumental part of my day, life and daily life now. I figure out what foods will be good with it and treat my Bottles as ‘old friends.’ I just can’t figure out how it does all of this. Granted, I am an exercise Nut, but V8 has really created what guys call “abs” and more definition. Plus, for those who drink too much carbonation, it satisfies so that you don’t need that extra fizz floating around in your digestive track.

I remember my Mom stating that V8 is an acquired taste. I am at the age now (57 – as in 57 different varieties) to know what is good for me as I was more of a junk eater when I was young and a sweets-a-holic, but V8 has that appeal that should and could be used in America’s Diet Plans in Schools where kids just don’t get the daily supplements they need. Many times in my hood in the early 1990s, I would see kids going to the grocery store and buying a bag of potato chips and a can of pop! If they only supplemented junk food for a few glasses of V8, imagine how much more healthy we all will be!

Later this year, I intend to send:

Paul Charron - Chairman
Douglas Conant - President, CEO, and Director
B. Craig Owens - SVP, CFO, and Chief Administrative Officer

of your organization, a specially designed parcel on my Campaign: V8 Before 58, along with really cool artwork/photography derived from the Empty Bottles, but since I found you online first and foremost, I wanted to express my intense LOVE for V8 (and the benefits it offers) since I know feedback of this nature as this is very important.

What’s also very important is that a Spokesperson (like me who sets a record of taking care for herself) as well as all the BabyBoomers who are now approaching 60+ years can get the V8 Message across to these people. You don’t need to be sedentary, obese and out-of-sorts at any age. V8 provides the Vim & Vigor & Veggies that make a real impact in your day! And that’s what makes it so appealing besides its taste and nutrition.

Yes, my intent is to make it to my 100TH Birthday & with V8, I have a much better chance.

We should all have the opportunity to 'age gracefully. Sometimes in life when we are handed a Lemon, our behavior gets the best of us - primal as We Human are and 'out of control' all the while thinking more is much better and moderation is tossed. If this keeps at its present rate many more people will be suffering the repercussions of a bad diet. That's where my Campaign for V8 as daily Fix comes in as "THE WONDER DRINK OF THE CENTURY."

If you need any commercials made from my V8 Twitters found at:

Give me a call, email or tweet! I’m much more animated in person! Probably due to the V8, I would surmise!

Thank you for V8!


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, V8’s Biggest Fan
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what ASK writes about…”
Chicago, IL USA

Emailed: Friday, June 25, 2010 – 11:52 AM

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