Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"THE DESiRE TO HiRE & iNSPiRE" by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith



The underlying idea here is the most obvious. By HIRE-ing the most talented, the HIGHER a Company grows vertically on the ‘Food Chain.’ Growth is tantamount to Success. Success does not necessarily come Overnight or in the Wink & Blink of an Eye, but is synonymous with hard Work, taking Risks, thinking Thoughts, seeking Advice, absorbing Constructive Criticism ‘head-on’ and taking (the appropriate) Action. The ‘Act(ion) of Doing’ begins the Process, Journey in the Creative Course.  Should some ‘sort’ of IRE Rhyme occur about now?  Yes, probably so, but I have more to say about Synonyms, which can be FUN, according to most Writers that I know.  Accomplishments are attained by taking and doing the small Steps (first) that lead to bigger and (hopefully) greater and worthier Advancements.  Sometimes, it merely means ‘showing up.’ When an INSPIRE-ation comes in, a Person is elevated. He/she/they feel ‘higher’ and more invigorated than usual; happy and content that something new and exciting is taking place on a Project before him (her or them) that ‘they’ are impassioned about.  Within due Time + Space, the entire World can and will know about that Endeavor, as it’s extremely easy to keep apprised of the Thoughts & Visions that Pioneers advance.  Forerunners who DESIRE to HIRE and thus INSPIRE have no Egos.  Therefore, a lower Case ‘i’ appears in the above entitled Quote & Copy.  Now, for that IRE Rhyme…



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