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HE SAID. SHE SAID. A Guide To Writing Better Conversation + Dialogue by Koopersmith + Hofstadter, The Said Experts.

Longevity in any Trade boils down to using the right and correct Words. Words that will make your Writings and your Speech sound really great.  Writings and Speech that will set you apart from all others.

A Pet Peeve to many Writers and Readers is when a Term is used over and over again so that the same old sing-song Sound reverberates, adding nothing to the Sentence.  Each Sentence must be crafted to the best of one’s ability.  In March of 2005 all that came to a seething Boil when I decided:

Enough is enough!

For 43 years I had read Stacks of Books in which the Quote-able Conversation was simply parlayed into the Phrases of either:  

“He said. She said.”

Dull.  Dry and never giving any Indication of how the Character or Actor was really feeling, I told my Boyfriend, Robert E. Hofstadter that we must to do something to halt and stop (once and for all and for one and all) this Practice.  With his full Encouragement and Support,  the Project began in March and ended at the End of March. I wrote.  He added to the List. Then, he edited and I proofed what was to become:


A Guide To Writing Better Conversation + Dialogue

The Guidebook designed to improve a Character’s Conversations + Dialogues

via instant Action Word Replacement.  Ages 5+.

'The most overused and subsequently Abused Words in the Anglo-English Language.  To say the least is to SAY the most.  SAY something, but just not SAY or SAID.  Designed to make a Writer realize there's far more to say than SAY.  How you SAY it is how they will remember it.  Avoid perpetual Redundancies by making your Words most memorable with:

A Short Guide to a Happier Sentence.

Terming us as ‘The SAID Experts,’ this Book lists 1001 Replacements for the Word:

SAID (including Say & Says).

“To SAY the least is to SAY the most.”  The Theme is for each Writer who strives to improve his/her Article, Book, Critique and/or Dramatization is to SAY something, but just not:




After all, exactly what you SAID and how you SAY it, will affect the Reader’s Perception through the Words you choose to immortalize, becoming historical and making a difference with (sometimes) on a few repositioned letters. 

A Text that should be resting on each Writer's and Authors's lap, while 'in the creative and compositional process,' this is the unabridged and comprehensive List of those Dazzling Word Replacements to use instead of ‘SAID.’  These can (and will) change the Course of Modern Literature with only 1,001 Words.  Not only does this List help Adult Writers, but a Section specifically designed for Children emphasizes well-known and beloved Members of our Animal Kingdom (known as Anthropomorphism) is also included.  Teach them while they are young and they will experience one less Hurdle. 

To keep the Momentum moving strong, as ‘America’s Premier Eventologist,’ I’ve declared the Second Saturday of every Month as:

BAN “SAID” Days ©2005

whose Premise is:  To meet, review and edit Writers’ Works created and developed within the Month in a sophisticated and systematized Method to consistently improve the Conversation + Dialogue. 

“CLUB: SAID” is subsequently launched to redefine Conversations + Dialogues enabling Writing(s) to be SAID better.”  Your Readers, Fans, Audience and Mother  (besides any and all major Literary Contests) will be glad you did.

Order your Copy today via PayPal for $15.00. 

$20.00 for Foreign Orders (including Canada and Mexico).



The Cover Photo of ASK and REH, Authors

March, 2005



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