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When a Book piques your Interest, that's Curiosity-at-work. Enter: A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life by Brian Grazer & Charles Fishman. Thinkin' about ATC: All Things Curious on a Cold Winter Day: February 2, 2015.


 A new Spring Book-To-Read revealed:  A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life (Simon & Schuster, April 7, 2015) by Brian Grazer  and Charles Fishman,  acclaimed Business Journalist.  

For those of us (tens of millions) who consistently make ‘New Friends and Contacts’ via the Plethora of Social Media Networks, you’ve got to wonder what this Period of Life (1994 – the Present) would be like if We were not ‘as’ connected as We are Today.  Chances are We would still be cuing up at the Post Office every Day (except Sundays) even during those Winter Winds and Polar Vortexes cracking at our backs, as We helplessly shudder away, hoping not to catch a Common Cold, Pneumonia or a nasty air-borne Virus.  Imagine how much Time (fleeting as Time is) We have saved as well as communicable Diseases that always make the News (for starters): THE NEWS.  With this extra Time on our Hands, it provides more Time in order to be curious in whatever PIF: Passions - Industry – Field you gravitate to(wards).  

Because of the Advancements in Communication and Broadcasting alone the last Two Decades, I am definitely scheduled to ‘read’ (t)his Book because:

1)  the Topic is clearly intriguing;
2)  We all seek a bigger (equating to better, livelier and more exciting) Life;
3)  the last Book I read (of a comparable Subject Matter that matters) was:

How to be a Genius:  Your Brain and how to train it

written by John Woodward ©2009
DK (London – New York – Melbourne – Munich & Delhi); and

4)  With a substantial Sociological Shift in the USA Demographic, the last Baby-Boomer turned 50 on Wednesday, December 31, 2014 at 11:59 PM.

Therefore, I’m naturally curious as to what Secrets (perhaps new and improved ones) Mr. Grazer and Charles Fishman plan to share with us, being born in an Era when the oiled and lubricated Wheels of an Active Imagination and Modernization took us all by surprise.

Getting to that Stage was no small Fete. A very fertile Time for Creativity & Curiosity to combo (launched as Post World War II Wonders were seizing ‘The World’) this led to how We could improve the Curve and increase our Odds.   By being curious of what was already being invented, Innovation and its Secrets would lead to Bigger and Better Living (hopefully for one and all).  Possessing a rich History linked to a Period before Technological Times, that Story Line is as ‘curious’ as the Journey  itself.

Cats (Felis catus or Felis silvestris catus per Wiki) are naturally curious, in a stylishly independent fashion.  ‘Born that Way’ (with the #C_Gene in place) ‘Curiosity may have killed the Cat,’ as the Proverb tells us, but as a Species living on Earth for 10.8 million years according to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City), Cats have s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d their Lives out to Nine (9).  That is no simple Feat(ure).   As of today, Monday, February 2, 2015, Humans have yet to achieve that Height of ‘Curiosity’ and Sophisti-CAT-ion, for lack of better Words to employ.  With Eight (8) Lives to go, Hurdles can be jumped (or pounced upon) and much may be accomplished, led by the Curiosity Factor at the Helm that drives us on our Way, every Day.  As a Suggestion to consider at the End of this Paragraph (PURR-agraph to the Cat Lovers amongst us): Maybe We Humans should adopt some Cat Characteristics and a few more Cats from the local Shelter.  

Starting a Basic Conversation on this ‘curious’ Topic; and

Starting to think about how to be more ‘curious’ during your Day

in a Curiosopolistic World will dispel the Negativity associated with Boredom.  What the ‘insatiable Urge to be Curious’ leads to may be more than surprising and life-saving in the long run and for the long haul.

If Messrs. Grazer and Fishman reveal their Secret(s) to a ‘Bigger’ Life (that’s bigger than Life) what do We have to loose?  Gaining a new Perspective on a Challenging Topic of Interest is the Bottom Line as to why most Books are written. It’s an unspoken Truth for those who author any Manuscript or Script.  Self-Improvement is always stressed in every news-stand’s monthly magazines and especially so each December as People consider our New Year Resolutions.  Maybe this is a Step-up on the Evolutionary Ladder for Man.  Time will tell as it always does.  However, once that ‘Secret’ is revealed upon publishing and the Book read ‘n spread, doesn’t that mean it’s no longer a Secret?  If so, then what? 
Got an #App for that ‘Bigger Life?’
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CLOSING ONE-LINERS: Keep curious.  It’s a Maneuver that makes our Lives as interesting as a Life can be(come). If not Today, then sometime soon.  Curiosity builds upon itself.  Was ‘Curious George’ (written in 1939 when Europe was going to War) the Leader who began telling us something – implanting a ‘Subliminal’ in(to) the Minds of all Children fortunate enough to read the Series? Children that would later become Adults who were fearless enough to keep-on keepin’ curious? You decide.  As a Pop Culture Phenom, ‘Curious’ - #curious - should become The Buzzword of 2015 if you ‘ask’ me.  For some of us, it’s (already) a Way of Life… and that’s the Best Secret Brian Grazer is sharing with us.  

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