Thursday, February 12, 2015

The New Definition of HATE CRIME. Approaching Hate & the Taking of Innocent Lives in Today's Escalating War on Terror.


The New Definition of:  HATE CRIME.

Penned after hearing about the 3 Muslim College Students:

Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23,
Yusor Mohammad, 21,  Deah’s Wife  
Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19, Yusor’s sister

who were murdered (execution style) on Tuesday, February 10, 2015
 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by Craig Stephen Hicks,  
their White Neighbor,
self-proclaimed Atheist via his Facebook Posts.

Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln,
16TH President of The USA: 
November 6, 1860 – April 15, 1865

On Thursday, February 12, 2015 – his 206TH Birthday

Redefining Crime & Punishment.

People behaving badly…

Every Act of Violence (in and of itself) is a chilling Hate Crime because the Perpetrator (Killer) hates Life (itself) no matter whose it is so that the Fatal Attack is staged and carried out against any and all Life Forms (whether the Victim is a Human or Animal). 

It breathes. 
It lives. 
It loves. 
It thinks. 
It procreates.
It moves.
It mourns.
It inhales. 
It exhales.
It is mortal. 

If  this prophesizing Concept is seen, interpreted and viewed according to this Statement of in-depth Understanding (like this) the Prejudices encircling Race, Religion, Sex, IQ and other Profiling Indicators do not apply, as We all possess those innate Factors, possibly called Birth Rights (gained by merely being born) as an active Member of Society and Nature.  By taking this new-fandangled Approach, no Reason why the Crime was committed (premeditated or spontaneous in a Fit of Rage) needs to be addressed, court-wise, We all know that inborn Hatred & Hostile (Hostile Ways) grow in the Human Soul  & Psyche (of a disturbed, confused and discombobulated Person); whether the Act of Terror is  enacted out  via a Violent Death in an Individual Case (or not).

If Man and Animals were born without the Gift of Sight (to see who is before him regardless of what that Person is and who he represents) and the Ability to wait before s/he acts irrationally, then, this New Definition of a Hate Crime and its application seems appropriate for these growing Outbursts and Flair-ups of uncontrollable Violence. 

Being caught in the Cross-Fire happens every single Second of every single Minute of every single Day of every single Month of every single Year of every single Decade (the progression advances) across the World.  People are losing People they love, know, care about and depend on. Had the Gun not been invented; Violent Crimes could and would still be possible due to strangling; poisoning or using an object that can ‘turn deadly.’ Needing to find a Reason (physical and tangible based on a Person’s Look or Beliefs) is juvenile and may be standing in ‘The Way’ of the Evolution of Civilization and how Man must rethink how Crime is redefined in light of the extremely unethical and illogical Reasons why People hate; are biased and prejudiced.  This is at the Root of all of our Core Problems.


Legions of Fans agree with Jon Stewart’s Statement after he viewed the Eric Garner Video of July 17, 2014 where he stated: 

“We are definitely not living in a Post-Racial Society.  And, I bet a lot of people out there are wondering how much of a society we are living in at all.”

My initial Answer is:

“Not much. The Decay of our Morals has significantly decreased,
reaching a new-time Low
whereby the Words ‘Civilized and Civilization’
no longer apply.
It has dissipated.”

Quote of ASK:  Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Cartoonists Against Crime/Terrorism/Racism:  1991/2001/2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015 – 8:30 AM / 8:51 AM / 9:25 AM


Fragile as Life is on its own accord, Life should not be snuffed out prematurely (decades before that person has really lived a full life).  To enable that to happen, a Bucket List builds consistently (on its own Volition) as We discover Places We wish to visit and explore, someday.  That Bucket List may have to be fulfilled much sooner than what was previously planned or expected due to Diseases (that most likely will take a Life before it is led all the Way through) and/or the Take-over of Regions/Nations that are being absorbed and conquered by Radical Militants who comprise what The West calls:  The Axis of Evil.  When a Bucket List is not fulfilled; when a Violent Crime occurs, the Grief is too great. In the Pursuit of ‘Why’ that Crime happened and as to find a relevant Reason, the top two Reasons are: 

Race and Religion

that immediately come to the surface as to why that Person died before their time (having lived a rich, enriching and fulfilling life).

Seriously, The Definition of HATE CRIME has to be amended. We should know better now, much better than We do by now.  How many more of these Crimes must We endure?

People behaving badly…does not even begin to address this
Great Sociological Pain We all are forced to suffer.

Cool it, People, you wouldn’t want this to happen to you…


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