Saturday, January 11, 2014

From the Creator of International Thank You Days©1994. Twenty Years in the Making as of January 11, 2014.

DATELINE:  Saturday, January 11, 2014




Creator of 1,900 HOLIDATE TO CELEBRATE in 34 precise Categories


ASK’s International Thank You Days©1994 turns 20 today.  THANK those who have made THINGS possible 4 U!  Now, that is a Mission that really is not that hard to do.  It can even be TWEETED & RETWEETED OUT as this:




This 8-day long HOLIDATE  (that has received WORLD WIDE ATTENTION) salutes 8 specific TYPES OF PEOPLE who make a Happier Life possible for us.  ITYD salutes my (kind – gentle & illustrious) Kindergarten Teacher,


Miss Lucille Fritz


who taught me and the “CLASS OF 70” what was really important @  age 5 when I left home in September of 1957 in Mendota, IL USA to ‘explore’ Learning & the World around me. 


Interviews & hand-made KOOPERSMITHIAN THANK YOU CARDS for each Category are available via contact here on KOOPERSMITHin – through January 18, 2014.

A Special THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART goes out to my Fiancée, ROBERT E. HOFSTADTER, who has been the only Strength on a Whirlwind Ride through some extremely tumultuous times – which, of course, lend themselves to a really exciting Interview emphasizing how Creatifs & Writers produce and publish their Innermost Inklings.

Thank You for your Time here – reading this 222-Word Explanation. 


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