Friday, July 6, 2012

3L: Lies, Liberty and Literature Day ©2012: Now in its Fourth Month.


“You want to know about Copyright Infringement, I'll tell you about Copyright Infringement & Plagiarism via Liberties Against Literature Days ©2012.”

That Title appeared 4 Months ago (already) on my Blog.  That was on Tuesday, March 6TH.

3L: Lies, Liberty and Literature Day ©2012 is again with us, being held the 6TH of every Month as a subtle Reminder to make sure your Works & Words are properly copyrighted.  It always excites me when I get the chance to talk about one of my HOLIDATES and since there are over 1,900 of them (currently), I guess you could say I’m on an exciting Mode pretty much of the Time.

Actually this happens 24/7 except for those 8 Hours a Day when I’m sleeping.  However, even then, I have myself trained that even in the Middle of the Night while in a fast and sound Sleep, if a Thought bounces in, I immediately record it, as it might be useful in the AM.  It’s nice to know that good Habits do come in handy.  Reading my Handwriting is yet another Story. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Button next to your Bed where that Idea gets penned and recorded as Fixed Material and immediately copyrighted at the Registrar’s Office?  That indeed would be a Dream. 

Many Authors (that I speak wit) take their time when writing their Book.  Not all can whip one up within a Month.  Some take years to perfect it because ‘Life’ gets in their Way. However, it’s advised to take the Time to keep yourself apprised of what is happening in the Copyright World.  Most Info is just a Google Search away and will prove to be invaluable to you. 

The 6TH of the Month is my Time to train and become more ‘educated’ on this Topic that affects our Art.

Pulling myself away from my Projects, I celebrated Lies, Liberties & Literature Days ©2012 – a/k/a:  3L Days ©2012 earlier by merely typing:


in to the Search Box  and was lead to many FaceBook pages of which:

is a Group of 131 Members where lots of valuable Info is shared.  Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with them.  The leading Principals are Inge Wilsen and Joe Beasley. 

Today, I wanted to take note that there are many Facebook Pages devoted to this Topic that I had not known about. And, that’s what is instrumental when it comes to our Artistry.
Mission accomplished.      

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