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ASK/Chicago: NOW, they are preying on American War Veterans. The most troubling Intellectual Property Case in 21ST Century Literary History.

ASK:  Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
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Established:  1979
Chicago, Illinois USA

DATELINE:  5-18-2015 – 12:35 PM CST

TRENDING TOPIC:  ASK/Chicago:  NOW, they are preying on American War Veterans. The most troubling Intellectual Property Case in 21ST Century Literary History. 

LOW AND BEHOLD, THEY ARE AT IT AGAIN!  The Smithe Bros., owners of Walter E. Smithe Furniture Showrooms (located in Chicago, Indiana and Suburbs) are now aligning themselves and partnering with:  HONOR FLIGHT CHICAGO  -  to all THE VETERANS still alive who courageously fought during World War II, now commemorating The War’s 70TH Year Milestone Anniversary as of Memorial Day Weekend (Friday, May 29- Monday, June 1, 2015). 

Based within the Chicago Region, Smithe Bros., have produced and are airing a Series of TV Commercials on the Major Television Channels in order to obtain the Names and Numbers of Veterans (War Heroes) who wish to go to Arlington for the Big Ceremonies during the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

WHERE?” you may ask do they get all their Money in order to piggyback on very important Event as this, plus others they have consistently and criminally commercialized on since their Beginnings circa 1945?


They steal THE COPYRIGHTED WORDS & WORKS of the most talented Writers & Authors.  As myself.  I know.  The Smithe Bros. stole my Copyrighted Material – how I make my BREAD & BUTTER, first off via an Entity called:


in 2012 and aired it on NBC/CBS/ABC Chicago TV for an entire Weekend. They did not get my Permission; and, they did not pay me any Money for Usage for Licensing, etc.  this Work.  In the Music World, that is called ROYALTIES.

The Smithe Bros. are

Serial IP: Intellectual Property Thieves

with a Proven Track Record that extends across Decades.

I need not go into The Legalities of what they have done and continue to do and GET AWAY WITH.  Yet, they continue to steal (as their Televised History shows that they also stole and infringed upon Copyrighted Material from Jerry Seinfeld and Sarah Jessica Parker).  The National Smith Day ©1995 TV Commercial aired in January of 2012.

Four Months later, the Smithe Bros. collaborated with former Chicago Songwriter Skip Haynes (now of Los Angeles) who wrote Lake Shore Drive in 1971 that is still getting Rotation and stole my TV Script in which the Song, Lake Shore Drive would be The Background Music celebrating the Tune’s Popularity via its 41ST Year Anniversary that also coincided with the Route LSD takes in Chicago, along our illustrious Lakefront.   They aired my Copy with a very well-orchestrated and produced TV Commercial again on the major TV Stations for the entire Week surrounding: 

Memorial Day, 2012,
July 4TH, 2012; and
Labor Day, 2012.

For those in Advertising (and Public Relations and Marketing) as I am in, that is a lot of money to dole out and time aired that reaches vast Audiences and Viewers that is then translated into Sales and Recognition for the Writer and/or Producers.

I have Written Documentation on-hand  from Haynes himself admitting that he did not even KNOW or KNOW OF the Smithe Bros.   

Had it not been for my Suggestion (as I was the one who introduced them as well as The Documented Fact that I  penned The Script that could have, should have won an Award in Advertising History) this Commercial that ran for 21 Days would not be Part of the Summer of 2012. 

Haynes also promised he would give me “An Undisclosed Percentage” of any Monies gained (that he chose)  if “something happened.”  Something did happen.  He has not held true to his Word, but has FADED away, trying to distance himself from me and this Theft and Copyright Infringement Case that he and the Smithe Bros. collaborated upon. 

Again, I was completely ousted from The Team and did not receive a single PENNY. Yet, to Rental on THE BAT MOBILE and another slick Vintage Sportster from Volo Auto Museum cost them (at least) $4,000 – a Partial Payment on what “My Take” would have been. 

From their Website:

Make a donation to help us bring as many vets to Washington as we can—the cost of the trip is approximately $600 per veteran.

This is MONEYS that was NOT paid to me. 

Besides the Fact of losing numerous Customers (from a Radius of 5 States who saw these Commercials that aired for a total of 25 Days during 2012) – where new Possible Clients could have been harvested, these sinister Actions drove me INTO HOMELESSNESS for Four (4) Months. 

Today, under The Guise of trying to be “Patriotic” and “Good Guys” at this most Pivotal Point in American History,  the Smithe Brothers are again aligning themselves with PEOPLE and TALENT (who are The BACKBONES of The Times and Community who make that Difference that We all come to know, revere and respect.  The Main Difference is:  They are taking MY FAIR SHARE and feathering their Nests, while My Nest remains bare-as-a-bone as I work my Way through My 60s, having DESTROYED MY AMERICAN DREAM. 

Now, the Smithe Bros. are piggybacking on the most fragile of People, the American Heroes World War II who are responsible for any of us even being here today.

This Notice of Monday, May 18, 2015 is to notify all IP Attorneys and Authored Literary People (both near and afar) as I am also an INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC RELATION EXPERT since 1979 that you must be aware and BEWARE of:

THE SMITHE BROTHERS:  Walter E. Tim and Mark Smithe and Skip Haynes.

who are  notoriously known as SERIAL COPYRIGHT INFRINGERS.  If it happened to me, it can happen to you.  Be On The Alert.

Boycotting the Walter E. Smithe Furniture Stores (11 in total) and banning Haynes’ Music is one proven Way in which to address this Issue.  They do not deserve to be “in-business.”

THE SMITHE BROTHERS:  Walter E. Tim and Mark Smithe
Skip Haynes.
have no respect for WHO puts the POP into POP CULTURE.

They are AT IT AGAIN, but rest assured, their Time will come.  

As one of my Media Associates states in the Posts to her Clients,   this is clearly a “Case of David and Goliath” that is gaining more and more Attention since January of 2012.

The Smithe Bros.  Jingle and Motto:

 You dream it, we build it
should be now modified as:

Walter E. Smithe – You dream it, we steal it.

Not only ONCE, but TWICE with the Stealing of my copyrighted Material:  National Smith Day & the TV Script for Skip Haynes’ Lake Shore Drive.

TO REITERATE:  As I stated this is the most troubling Intellectual Property Case in 21ST Century Literary History because this Foursome thinks they are ABOVE THE LAW and can get away with anything.  Yet, their Reputation in The Chicago Community (the third largest Marketplace in the USA) is that the Smithe Bros.  are “Laughing Stocks.”   


IP Attorneys, Literary/Music/Furniture/Interior Design/USA Veteran Magazines, Radio & TV Stations and Bloggers may contact me directly at:

for all  Questions/Queries and/or Interviews as We build up to The Fireworks for Memorial Day Weekend. 

Let us not forget that these Two (2) TV Commercials or Liaison would not have TRANSPIRED at all if not for me.  Protecting what Writers/Creatifs do is tantamount to The American Dream and that, no one can argue.   The Evidence proves it all…


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