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ASK/Chicago announces: The I Am Chicago Spring 2016 Ad Campaign spurs THE TOWER OF SPLURGE ™. Yet another First for Chicago + Retail Development & Therapy.

DATELINE:  Wednesday, April 6, 2016 
3:19 PM CST: Chicago Shopping Time


RE:  Still adding more of “The CHIC” into CHIC-ago

TO:  All Boutiques & Retail Establishments in The 900 North Michigan Building

After auditioning for The I AM CHICAGO Ad Campaign at The 900 North Michigan Shops Tuesday Afternoon (on April 5), I realized that you (as one of the many Shop Owners there) may wish to participate in a HOLIDATE I created nearly 22 years ago aptly named:


Proclaimed as:

America's Premier Eventologist

by Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine (Washington, DC) in August of 1997


The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World

by Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL)  in January, 2001

I am the Soul Creator of over 1,900 HOLIDATES-To-Celebrate in 34 precise Categories all housed in The Literary Genre I launched on Wednesday, July 25, 1990 at 9:45 PM named:


The ART of EVENT-Making

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's Campaigns For Humanity ©1990,

After this Casting Call, it dawned on me that for this Year's Event, The 900 North Michigan Shops' Building should be designated as


My HOLIDATES have always been a Big Draw as The Publicity I've garnered and received about them (always poised in Curiosity and saturated in all Things Pop Culturesque) reaches across The Planet. 

As One of my Mottos reads as:  “Give the People something different; no Cookie Cutter Clones need apply!”

One of my favorite Articles about NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994  appeared in Fast Company Magazine owned & operated by Chicagoan Joe Mansueto of Mansueto Ventures operating at the 7 World Trade Center Skyscraper in Manhattan found in their 100 Most Creative People Issue (its Yearly Edition) in June of 2010 on Page 30.  Please check it out, online at:


CEOs Share Their Spending Dreams for National Splurge Day

to illustrate the Relevance of how far EVENTOLOGY has come.  I could writely say:


But that does sound oh-so 20TH Century, doesn’t it?

After all, when “THE URGE TO SPLURGE” strikes, logical Reasoning points to nowhere else, but:

The 900 North Michigan Shops!

Then, as I say: “You are batting 1000.”

And, it has immensely helped me, too (that for the 42 years I have lived in Chicago) that I worked in many of Chi-Town's leading Top Advertising & Public Relations Firms, now forefronting my own since 1979 as I promote this Literary Genre, guaranteed to make each of (y)our Days “The Best” they can be(come) and my other Humanitarian Campaigns, Movie Scripts, Books, Zines, etc. that have branched out as well as the Comic & Cartoon Art Campaign I pioneered on Tuesday, December  24, 1991 called:

Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991

where I solicited  (even before eMail was made available to us) a wide Range of talented Cartoonists/Graphic Artists/Illustrators/Artists to help me to “TOON OUT CRIME” since that was The #1 Issue on The President’s Agenda. I had been beat-up, robbed & left-for-dead in the Lobby of my Apartment Buildings two days before Christmas. This acted as a wake-up call for me. 

After contacting them of my Ordeal,  President William J. Clinton, Mayor Richard M. Daley, Governor Jim Edgar eagerly entered into The Crusade in order to “save a Precious Life” via Letters of Endorsement and Proclamation.  With their Assistance, two more serious HOLIDATES:  Cartoonists Against Crime Day ©1993 & Day Without Crime ©1993, were established. 

WWSD:  What Would Shoppers Do:

The History & The Art/Service of Shopping rests in each Department Store, Shop or Boutique that ever opened … even before “The Wheel” was invented. We, who live in this grand Era and cosmopolitan – metropolitan Hub of Chicago have The Diversity & Spice of everything nice right at our Fingertips.  Knowing it's here; knowing you will always find a Surprise; knowing you are offering something to someone who may be visiting and shopping your Locale (Hot Spot) from thousands of miles away; knowing that your Uniqueness can be applied, tested and accepted is a Retail Coupe, savvy  Business Acumen and a bona fide Chicago State of Mind, not found elsewhere as We Chicagoans know and represent.  We are all an Embodiment of The Chicago Fabric & Tapestry, especially so since 2017 marks our

180TH Birthday on Saturday, March 4, 2017.

That calls for (at least) a 3-Day Weekend Celebration of “Sweet Home Chicago” of which Chicago’s been a part of so many People’s lives for nearly 200 years.

Life in Chicago only gets better.  Chicago ranks as a Leader on “The Sophistication Scale.”  That's a given, given Shops like yours here @ 900 North Michigan.


Let me re-edit that Question to:  WWYSD:  What Would Your Shoppers Do?

In order to SPLURGE properly (according to my The Tenets of EVENTOLOGY) @


The Tentative Nickname for The Property known as 900 North Michigan Avenue,

a Plethora of Opportunities are presently on my Drawing Board...all designed for your Clientele's Optimal Shopping Experience.  Such is “The Nature & Design of EVENTOLOGY...”

IN CLOSING:   Therefore, if you're interested in exploring more using this Angle and my HOLIDATES (of which there are 400+ EVENTS that focus on Food alone) that highlight and spotlight your Product Lines, contact me on FB and/or Twitter at @ASK_Koopersmith.   All you need do is “ASK.”

Thank you for perusing and considering my Offer-andum as detailed here.  I appreciate that kind Gesture. 

Posted by:
Eventologist - Birdologian - Screenwriter – Author – Promoter
Koopersmiths' Global Communications
“People read what ASK writes about...”
Chicago – Illinois USA

eMail:  Adrienne(dot)Sioux(dot)Koopersmith(at)gmail(dot)com

Cell:  847-630-9201  


Twitter:   @ASK_Koopersmith


* * *

April 7, 2016 Addition:

When Inspiration strikes.  It must be blogged about , of course. As sent to the Shops @ 900 North Michigan at:

VIA THE #ASK_CHICAGO_IDEA_BANK. For your 2016 900 North Michigan Shops Ad Campaign: How about a #IAMCHICAGO_Shuffle ©2016 ™ ®? This would keep the Mo-Mo-Mentum going (forever). I'd employ/use local Chicago Talent to write the Music & Lyrics. I have already gotten

"The Dance Sensation"

choreographed. This Bon Idee (as they say in French) just came to me as a Vision @ 5:41 AM this Morning after auditioning with you for The Opportunity on Tuesday. A bona fide Work-in-Progress that shows lots of POW-tential. I don't think We (as a Town) has had a catchy Dance - Shuffle attributed to us since The SuperBowl Shuffle back in 1985-6.

And, I'm sure it could hit the Billboard's Top 100 Chart, too...for weeks on end, as well! Got some more thoughts on this 900-apalooza (as I have named it) (as well) but just wanted to send you a Teaser on it since I know UR all so bizzy @ "The Landmark."


Cheers, ASK/Chicago - IL USA
4-7-2016 - 8:22 AM CST

* * *

As of Saturday, April 9, 2016 – at 10:21 AM CST, I’ve developed Five (5) more Branding Sensations for the astounding 900 North Michigan Shops aka:  #900_North_ Michigan_Shops on my Blog, called KOOPERSMITHin’  found here located near The Bottom of this:

Blessay ® The Term derived from The 2 Words:
Blog + Essay = Blessay

Defined as a Composition or Creative Piece of Literature, a Document placed on a Blog (in that particular Format) being accessible Online & electronically that reads at an Essay or Info Sheet Level. 

Let’s begin with:

An OSH: Online Scavenger Hunt involving each Shop (the s-HOP when you’re shopping at Easter Time) that can be played around The World anywhere via many of The  Shops are international in flavor & tone @ The “900.”

“I'm every Shopper” – A Spin-Off of Oprah Winfrey’s Theme Song (that was originally recorded by Chaka Khan, a Chicagoan (at that)  in September 1978. Chaka could even re-issue the Song, using it as a TV Commercial for the I AM CHICAGO Ad Campaign.  

BRANDING SUGGESTION #3:  Use 900-apalooza as well.  

BRANDING SUGGESTION #4:  Create and/or draw Wallpaper ART from all Business Cards &/or Logos & Store Mottos. This could be utilized as a 2016 Summertime Beach Tote and/or sturdy Shopping Bag.

BRANDING SUGGESTION #5:  As luck has it for this Year, my National Splurge Day ©1994 arrives on:  Saturday June 18.  That’s in 71 more Days.  That Revelation also means that as:

“America’s Premier Eventologist,”

a Title no one else in The World holds (i.e.:   The Title given to me by award-winning Journalist, Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine from Washington, DC in August of 1997),   I can now declare said EVENT as a  it a Floating HOLIDATE.  Now, NSD can be rightfully celebrated Friday, Saturday & Sunday!  Yes, for the entire Weekend which makes it especially valuable as a marketing & merchandising Tool since so many People shop the Weekend. 

Plus, you have “The Summer Crowd” coming into The City from abroad.

Plus you have “The Suburban Mobs” coming to town.

Plus, The Way I have scheduled National Splurge Day ©1994, it falls Three (3) Days before The Arrival of Summer – Summer Chicago 900 Style, that is, IF you choose to celebrate this HOLIDATE with me.

After all, this is the HOLIDATE 's 22ND  Year in full Splurgematic Mode – that's Splurgematique in French.  Remember your 22ND Year?  I'm sure you celebrated each Day of that Period. 

Therefore, this is your Golden Opportunity to join me, “America's Premier Eventologist  - The Creator of this HOLIDATE plus many more HAUTE COUTURE EVENTS I have created THROUGHOUT THE LAST  26 YEARS that I have been writing, launching & promoting -  EVENTOLOGIZING  in order to make  The Experiences of your Customers & Clients their Best.

Let's give them what they want.  A Special Shopping experience like none other @

THE TOWER OF SPLURGE: 900 N. Michigan Av. 

Let's Open The Doors @ 5 AM – till 12 Midnite beginning on  Friday, June 17 for the Shopping Extravaganza, kicking off The Summer of 2016. 

A  Ticker Tape North Michigan Avenue Parade need not be optional.  This 900-apalooza FUN can begin The Marketing Buzz of The Year.   Time is growing short as this all happens in 71 more Days, but an Adventure of this Nature can be done.  The Power of 70” Shops can hold their own, I'm sure based on Chicago Talent & Work Ethic.  

IF you have any Specific Questions, just call me and ASK!

* * *

Thursday, April 14, 2016.  A Quote I recently created:


Sunday, April 10, 2016 – 6:08-6:23 AM CST

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 – 6:27-6:31 AM CST

Chicago is a Big Little Town swelling with 'tude.  Attitude.  Latitude. Magnitude. Aptitude, Definitude, Fortitude, Plenitude & Plentitude.  Above all else:  Chicagotude® stems from an eminent History, as a “Place with a Past” rooted in Americana, yet decisively built on The Blood, Sweat, Tears of its industrious and imaginative Residents from every Global Center & Culture, aggressive Sports Teams & One Feisty Cow that all blended, creating a Groundswell of Gratitude, displayed (in all of us) who are smart enough, good enough and ambitious enough to experience ‘Doses of Chicago’ every Day and in every Way that cohesively meld into what We do (both as Individuals and as a Group Entity with (a) Plan(s).  With all that being said and stated, it is with Great Pleasure that upon The 180TH Birthday of The Incorporation of Chicago (long ago in 1837 when only Twenty-Six (26) States were in The Union) that another stupendous ABC: Anniversary-Birthday-Celebration occurs during 2018:  The 30TH Year Commemoration of The Grand Opening Celebration of 900 North Michigan Shops, one of The World's Most Exquisite & Classic Structures, first ‘The Home of The Skyscraper’ & now ‘SuperStores,’ beckoning for you to stop-in and visit.  Won’t you stay for while with us?”  

“As fluid as The Lake that edges and meanders its Way along the bordering Shoreline of Chicago's Eastern Coast, this Shopping-Dining-Residential-Entertainment Emporium & ‘Epicenter-of-Action’ reflects upon its Mastery of a strikingly distinguished History as ‘The Windy City’ & ‘Sweet Home Chicago,’ but thoroughly concentrates on ‘The Present Moment’ casting its Eyes upon The Future, a Future where We hope our Fellow Chicagoans play a vital Role for Our City’s next dazzling Chapter.”

900 North Michigan Shops:  Where Shoppers shop.  Where Eaters dine.  Where Browsers browse.  Where ‘The Curious’ converges to shop, wine, dine, browse, discover and voraciously ‘consume’ The World Best Haute Couture, Goods, Services, Delicacies…umbrella’d all under One Roof and over Seven Spacious Floors.”


ASK NOTES:  TWITTER NEWS UPDATE:  Due to The Fact that Workout Supplements of Miami liked my TERM:  Chicagotude®, I then created: 


for The People of Miami (Florida) as of Friday, April 15, 2016 – 8:16 AM.  “Have Terms will Travel.” Marketing at its Finest always starts with incredibly crafted and drafter Terms.  

Are Cincinnatitude ® or Los Angitude far behind? 


UPDATE:  Sunday, April 17, 2016 – 1 – 1:09 PM CST

Two (2) more Marketing Ploys to use for the 2018 ABC: Anniversary – Birthday – Celebration of the 900 North Michigan Avenue Shops and those created earlier today at 9:52 AM& 11:10 AM respectively are:

“On The Boardwalk intersecting Beauty & Fashion…”

ARTWORK – better known as Word Art where Words & Numbers are stretched, exaggerated and all coming in their own innovative Font is:

900ze® taken from the Word "OOZE" because shopping OOZES with exciting, inspiration because of its culture – its merchandising Finesse and the Amount of Sophistication that is brought to the “Proverbial Table” – or closet for all of us who like to play “dress-up.” 

Many of you probably wonder where I come up with “such Ideas.”  Well, I’d tell you, but that would take up an(other) entire BLOG.  Part of that Magic tho is by putting yourself into another Pair of Shoes and seeing how they would perceive what(ever) the Topic may be or is.   

                                           ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

As Posted on Facebook.

ASK/Chicago:  Comments from a Conscientious Consumer

After perusing this List of 25 Finalists, I do not see that any of these Selectees are going to be of any Service to The GOALS of the:

I AM CHICAGO Marketing Campaign. 

Nor will they bring in any new or additional TRAFFIC – People/Buyers/Shoppers with MONEY and an expendable Income to spend to keep your Building “alive and thriving” from its Competition further south on Michigan Avenue and in The Loop (and/or Online Buying) for the next Decade.

These 20 & 30 year olds have college debt; they basically have no genuine Values and do not have a strong History or Sense of Civic Pride to impress anyone that they speak to.  Most of them were not even born when the First Mall was built.    

Most of those PEOPLE (classified as BabyBoomers born between 1946-1964) with a Track Record that works are over 50 who have proven themselves because they have worked for at least 25 years of their lives and know WHAT IT TAKES to make Retail successful.  They have Mailing Lists and Data Bases 25 years in “The Making (at least) that stretches across The Planet. Their Value System is based on Experiences that these 25 sorely lack.

Furthermore, with the Costly Prices that these 70 Shops command at your Property, I highly doubt that any of them DO shop there.  I was hoping for a much better and broader Cross-Section of WHAT “the People of Chicago” are all about with our various PastTimes and Activities. That Criteria would make that Difference in any Marketing Strategies from now until December of 2018, when you’ve reached your 30TH Year Anniversary, which I am sure you hope to be extremely successful.   


When I shop somewhere;
if I am reading about Someone who is a Spokesperson (a Standout in their Field),
I wish to connect with a tried and true Personality with a Backbone. 

My 36 years of being in the PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing Field prove that this Pack sheerly do not have the Pizzazz nor the “Brand Appeal”  that’s needed to CUT IT. 

Posted by:
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
Creator of National Splurge Day ©1994
“People read what ASK writes about…”
Studios 5820 – 1437 - 1258
Chicago – IL USA

Relevant: BLOG NEWS: 

ASK/Chicago announces: The I Am Chicago Spring 2016 Ad Campaign spurs THE TOWER OF SPLURGE ™. Yet another First for Chicago + Retail Development & Therapy.

Posted 4-22-2016

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© ® ™ ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.


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