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2017 is The Year to Save The BEES. Launched by Koopersmith/USA & Morin/France, BEE Proactive®. How 2 enterprising Creatifs are adding Purpose to The New Year while safe-guarding Planet Earth, her Plants, WaterWays, AirWays, Wildlife & Animals while instilling Core Values + Virtues into each Day. A BEE-rocracy that works. There's no APP for what We can do and will accomplish! BEE Relevant®.

2017 is The Year to Save The BEES.  Launched by Koopersmith/USA & Morin/France, BEE Proactive®.  How 2 enterprising Creatifs are adding Purpose to The New Year while safe-guarding Planet Earth, her Plants, WaterWays, AirWays, Wildlife & Animals while instilling Core Values + Virtues into each Day.  A BEE-rocracy that works.   There's no APP for what We can do and will accomplish!  BEE Relevant®. 

Conceived & Compos(t)ed by:


Koopersmith's Global Communications

“People read what ASK writes about...”

DATELINE:  November 1-7, 2016

TITLE:  Let me tell you about The Birds & The Bees...1 

FOCUSING ON:  Issues that matter...most of all...or else.

Whoever lands The World Series’ Pennant; 

Whoever wins The U.S. Presidency;

Regardless of Crime, Terrorism, Violence, Turmoil, Jobs, Race Cards, Gender Bias, Lies/Secrets, Wage Growth, Character Issues, Private Servers, Infra-Structures or even The Kardashians;

Whatever The Economy, Healthcare, Entitlements, Inter-National Deficit(s) or even what The Weather may be... 

These Issues (plus every other Single One of them) do not have The Impact, Impetus,   or bear any Credence (whatsoever) when it comes to saving The BEE.  For without BEES, The Quality of our Natural Life on Planet Earth (as Humans know it and are a vital Part of it) will steadily decline in Number. 

“If The BEES disappear from The Surface of The Earth,

Man would have no more than Four Years to live.”

Although this Statement by Albert Einstein2 has been proven wrong, its Essence serves as a Wake-Up Call to immediately jump-in and save Nature & her Species, without hesitation NOW.

The leading eye-opening Fact that We must all contend with is simply this: 

The BEE (as a Collective Species) can be traced back to the Early Cretaceous Period (100,000,000 years ago3), yet it is Homo sapien sapien, our Species and Generation (from The 1900s on with The Rise of Transportation, Pesticides, Habitat Destruction, Pollution & DeForestation) that has produced and witnessed the near-Extinction and Demise of The BEE Population.


According to the following Titles, that horrific Phenomena is occurring now at an accelerated and unprecedented Pace and has BEEN for some Time now:

Would a World Without Bees Be a World Without Us?

Assessing our chances of survival without the prodigious pollinator.

How Climate Change is Messing with Bees

Nation's Beekeepers Lost 44 Percent of Bees in 2015-16

40 percent of U.S. Bee Colonies died in past year

Insect Pollinators in Trouble

Bees in trouble and agriculture decline

Nation’s Beekeepers Lost 44 Percent of Bees in 2015-16

How long would humans survive without bees?

Myth Busters: Will Bees Become Extinct? How Will Food Be Affected?

Furthermore, OUTREACH is tantamount for Progress to excel in any Campaign. Therefore, Astrid & I are also exploring The Interrelationship between Plants & Flora moreso and share those Findings throughout 2017 by adding to our “Grocery Cart” the following Question:

Where would Life on Planet Earth BEE without Plants.  BEES “bank” on Plants.  With their Food Shortages at Risk and with Global Warming & Cooling taking place hand-in-hand, what are their Chances? 


With that dismal News serving as the Primary Catalyst (BEETALYST in fluent  BEEESE),4 I have declared and proclaimed 2017 to BEE designated as:  THE YEAR TO SAVE (THE) BEES ©2016 as of Tuesday, November 1, 2016.  A Platform to work for The BEES' Survival is needed like it has never BEEN BEEFORE. 

“Subliminals.  Trust me – they work.”


Friday, November 4, 2016 – 5:24 AM CST

With all that BEEING noted as Groundwork, I've taken

“The Bull by The Horns”

“The Tiger by The Tail”

“The Bird by The Wing”


“The BEE by The Stinger”

(it can BEE metaphorically stated) to include The Plight of THE BEES as Part & Parcel of my Ten-Year-long HOLIDATE TO CELEBRATE Natural Life, aptly called:


that spotlights my Current Project: 

The Birdictionary ©1998/2015-2025

whereby a Set of 1,050 Original Words have been created in order to SAVE BIRDS and now, BEES (who are as threatened, endangered or sadly, from Species who have already perished and fallen into The Abyss of No Return: Extinction). 

INTRODUCING:  I have invited the multi-talented Astrid Morin of Normandy, France to join me as her ARTISTRY, Talent, Wit & Devotion to BEES & Nature cannot be measured or rivaled.  With merely One Look (even a Quick Glance) at her ART Works & Imaginings (that takes [y]our Breath away), all Senses tingle with Exhilaration & Excitement to see more of what Astrid can create and thus incite. 

That Drive & Desire of Two (2) Type-A Personalities, namely:

Astrid & Adrienne

have culminated in to this Blog & its adjoining/accompanying Posters that now seeks your Assistance by supporting us while We tackle “The Hazards” facing The  Future of THE BEES  and how Plants are co-joined with them, but never without them in this Symbiotic Bond called Life.  At its most Elemental Stage, it is a Calling from Mother Nature herself.

ENTER: Respect and The Teaching of Virtues, at large.


How The American Way of Life teams up with The French Connection:

Spurred on by those ghastly Horrors viewed on Nightly News Segments that loom in “The Shadows” growing larger and fiercer every Day that far too many People “sweep what's unpleasantly under The Carpet,” I, Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith (from Chicago, Illinois USA) and Astrid Morin (of Normandy, France) have joined up, combining our:

ABCD: Abilities/Branding/Creativity/Drive

to affect change, backed by ARTISTIC Writing Skills and Mailing Lists.  As Experts and Influencers in Blogging, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (our favorite Social Mediums) with Astrid's incredible One-of-a-Kind Works of  ART – Masterpieces all that rank her as France's leading Illustrator, We aim to do what(ever) is needed to SAVE THE BEES, who remain and preserve The Species and all THE BEE influences5 and commands.


After all, The Terms: Influence & Influencer may have BEECOME hip and trendy Branding Terms of The 2010s, but The Origins of BEES BEEGAN a rich Life as We now know it and enjoy it.  We take them and many other Creatures for granted. If BEES were to perish, they'd be sorely missed as their Balance in Nature is crucial to so many Species.   Yet, Scores are perishing as this Text is BEEING penned.

“Meritorious” is The Selected Word that suitably fits Our Endeavor, a Journey We have both embarked upon many, many Years ago as Pioneers in the “Field of Nature Conservation.” EVENTS  fill in a Person's Day.  Now with 2017 identified as:


at The Core of Our International Operation is:

My  Saturday, May 7, 2016 BEE Blog at:


My Thursday, February 11, 2016 Bird Blog at URL:

containing Sixteen(16) of my Bird Blogs listed chronologically here for your Reading Pleasure & Perusal. 


Calling all Animators – Movie Producers – Book/Livre Publishers

Astrid's Children's Book: Gabriel & Celéstine needs to be animated.  Therefore, this comprises an Open Call for Animators – Movie Producers – Book/Livre Publishers to team up with her. 

Aided by our Social Media Presence, We serve as  THE GO TO SOURCE for ATB:  All Things BEE – as it should BEE.

This Portrait (known as a BEETRAIT) will be on Display in Exhibition in London, England from:

_____, 2016 through _______, 2016 OR 2017

at The ______ located at: _________________.

Lithographs of  TITLE OF ART will BEE available as a Limited Edition Valentine's Day Gift from February 1-10, 2017.

Aided by our Social Media Omni-Presence, we serve as The Go-To Source for ATBAll Things Bee - as it should BEE.

This ideal Partnership demonstrates how melding “The Birds and The Bees” (strengthened by its own HOLIDATE) for the entire Year, 2017 BEECOMES The Turning Point where Humanity returns to Man as it rightfully should and must BEE.  That Date in Space and Time is:  2017.  It's sooner than you think. 

In French, that is: Il est plus tôt que vous le pensez.

Whatever YOU wish to employ as The Modifier, IT truly is later than any of us like to imagine.


The Bird & Bee Belts

can flourish (once again) with your Participation by joining and supporting  Koopersmith's/Morin's YEAR OF SAVING BEES from Sunday, January 1, 2017 to Sunday, December 31, 2017:

Without a Doubt,

this is our Life's Mission and We

(most likely)

will BEE doing this till The Day(s) when We die. 

On our Drawing Board is The Proclamation of:

2018-2028 as:  The Decade of ATB:  All Things BEE ©2016

that, of course, emphasizes The Strides We have made and will (continue to) make in 2017 after our Sponsors & Clients are secured. 


This is not a Kickstarter Fund.

This is not a non-Profit.

This is a Job (a mighty and a mighty BIG One at that considering how SMALL a BEE is).

This is a Year-long Commitment, a Consultancy that works on BEEHALF of The BEES and your Interests in The Nature of Nature as Nature should BEE.

This is a Three-Tier Promotional Opportunity to align yourself with The World's most exciting and innovative WildLife Campaign instigated by a Team of Two (2) of the most industrious and creative Women of The 21ST Century. 


You buy into our Efforts for Visibility & Expansion of your Efforts.

Price:  $100,000.00, prepaid.

This is a Fraction of The Cost
of what a Madison Avenue Advertising Agency
would charge.

This is a Fraction of The Cost of what a Madison Avenue Advertising Agency would charge.

Our Work Ethic, Belief (BEE-LIEF) and Motto is that:

“Every Company should have its own Campaign

that its Co-Workers can happily participate.

One that makes them feel good about themselves and their Efforts to do good. 

Communing  with Nature suits an innate and inborn Drive in Man

that is nothing short of innate, aboriginal and spectacular.”

As Walter Cronkite, America's #1 Newsman of the 20TH Century summarized with each Passing Day into Tomorrow:  “And, that's the Way it is...”

There's no Doubt about that.  No Exaggeration; that's just how this A-TEAM works to The Absolute Best of our Skills for The Sake of Nature and what matters most.



#BEE_ing at The Forefront of the most important Topic that matters:

By BEECOMING involved (that is, you are aligning yourself with Our BEE-LIEFS that work for The Common Welfare of The BEESBirdsNature) by buying into a monumental Campaign as this), The Annual FEE is: 

$100,000, prepaid by Friday, November 25, 2016;

$130,000, prepaid by Saturday, December 31, 2016; and

CLOSED: After Sunday, January 1, 2017

as that signals The Launch of  THE YEAR OF THE BEES ©2016,
a New Inauguration into now Nature operates.

The Breakdown is:

$50,000 a piece for Koopersmith & Morin

Breakdown:  $8,333.33 Monthly per Person(ality)

$4,166.66 for Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith who is your Satellite Post in The USA


$4,166.66 for Astrid Morin who is your Satellite Post in Europe

for a year's worth of our customized Individual PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising - Marketing Services (working for The Betterment & Survival - ATB:  All Things BEE - from our Studios/Offices in our respective Locales:

Chicago and Normandy = USA & Europe

Your Company remains on “Our Radar” as We scour The Internet every Day (24/7), opening up “Doors of Opportunity” that concerns what your Concerns are all about.   Our leading Buzzwards are:

Introduce & Network

Whereby collectively We are online 30 Hours a Day (15 Hours for Astrid and 15 Hours for me).  Combining our Efforts, We work Thirty (30) Hours a Day (although each Day contains only 24 Hours).  That Statistic is due to “The Fact” that fundamentally a Six (6) Hour Time Difference separates us.  Therefore, We can overlap and blanket our Projects while working (a Distance of 4,043 Miles) and then place and broadcast our News/Findings and yours (i.e.: those of our Clients) to a w-i-d-e-r Audience and Sphere to get noticed.

This is The Wonders of having Two (2) Satellite Offices/Studios in Zones where you need a much stronger Presence with a Vision that is truly unique and influential.  FYI, the Average Retainer Fee for hiring a Branding Company of our  Grandeur & Magnitude (as Astrid & I are) exceeds over $200,000 annually, prepaid. 

All of this is easily accomplished by our Experience, Style & Modus Operandi.  What We instantly do and accomplish as a Team is that Astrid & I open up a(nother) Conversation & Dialog that must BEE spoken about and then activated and initiated.  We perform this in API: Art/Pictures/Illustrations – in abbreviated 140 Characterized Tweets; in lengthier Blogs; in Media Releases (in both French & English); and in select Advertorial Wording that drives a Person to act on #BEE_half of THE BEES – BIRDS – NATURE, as We are all one.  




By BEEING on “our Radar,” your Company's Daily Workload and Modus Operandi are significantly lifted & shifted to experience an:


by BEEING spotlighted by Two (2) astute Social Media Mavens - seasoned and experienced Writers/ARTISTS (bi-lingual at that) with proven Track Records.  Added in to that Formula is our brilliant Networking DataBase that originated in The 1960s – covering The Top Decade that BEEGAN drilling “The P[P into P[PULAR CULTURE.”  This Channel is incomparable, even if you have your own PRAM:  Public Relations-Advertising-Marketing Department in place.  That is and may BEE highly unlikely as I  personally coined The Term:


back in the early 1980s to brand and encompass my own ASKIAN Visions.  TeamWork in Action is what We are most proud of and relish The Opportunity to have YOU join US as Participants in our BEE TEAM. 


Astrid & I would relish The Opportunity to advance and share our Commitment & Promise of a Greener Planet by having you on-board to enforce this Vision.  Scheduled for our Year-long Campaign is that We will be doing TV, Radio, Print, Blog & Web Interviews as well as Book Reviews/Social EVENTS/Festivals; Ecology/ ART/Writing Classes to promote our Cause.  These massive Projects simultaneously instill in others The Fact that Greed & Materialism have thus destroyed The Planet and that Life can no longer thrive in its Present State of Deterioration without acting FAST.  By teaming up with other Significant and like-minded Person(alities) from across The Planet (as Astrid & I have shown, done and continue to do), The Visual is that  Our Goals in The Fight to serve, conserve and preserve Nature can BEE accomplished and are pure-to-form.

Plans on “The Drawing Board” is expressed in Astrid's ART; my Words and The Legions of Followers & Fans We have both culled and cultivated throughout Our LifeTimes.

Deadline #1 to join us is Friday, November 25, 2016.

Deadline #2 to join us is Saturday, December 31, 2016.

This once in a Lifetime Opportunity for 2017 puts (y)our Passion(s) in The Spotlight with Two (2) of The Brightest Creatifs.  What could BEE more original or exciting?  Perhaps a Chocolate Bar but then again, those Ingredients have been pollinated by BEES.   I am sure you can see where We are coming from.

For any or all Questions or Queries, make a BEE-Line over to our Email or Twitter Accounts at:





to set up a mutually advantageous Time-to-Talk. 




BEESIDES Life itself, after all, what do you have to lose? What about The Future of your Kids and Grandchildren; your Folks, your Garden out back; your Pets & your next Vacation, especially one to a National State Park?  What will BEE left if you do not consciously act Today?  Aside from Global Planetary Life, having Astrid and myself assist your Team & Interests (as you rev-up 2017, a New Year with New Opportunities & Potential), this Liaison means extra Hands, Brains & Boots-on-The-Ground in Chicago, The Third largest & most Metropolitan/Cosmopolitan City in The USA & Normandy where The Branch of ARTISTS hailing from France well-known as the "New" Movement born (approximately 100 years ago) called The Impressionniste.   The Impressionists in English that We Americans so admire. That is: Monet, Manet and Renoir and now Mademoiselle Astrid Morin is fueling the “New” Impressionists Era of The 21ST Century where Nature comes Full-Circle and to Life as her ART and Philosophies lift a Veil – a Shroud –  of Stagnation (across The Nations) and Tension across The Species.


These Two (2) 21ST Century Outposts can provide you and your Group (Club – Civic Group – Company) much more Verve in which to grow, expand, cultivate and prosper.


YOUR $100,000 (OR $130,000) PRE-PAID PACKAGE FOR 2017 INCLUDES:

The Think Tank Team of Astrid (in France) and I (in The USA) would act as Satellite Offices (in our own Countries) making, hammering away (365 Days straight) sure you are included “on Our Radar” as We promote THE BEES scanning and spanning the entire Internet-0f-Things in our Daily Work.  BEEtween the Two (2) of us, We have got The Clock covered 24/7.  Yet, there is no Time to wait or waste.  When Astrid is creating and working, I'm asleep; when I'm creating and working Astrid is asleep; then there's The Magical 8 Hour Period in which We work together.  You receive an astounding Amount of Assistance, Exposure & Visibility and BEES are saved as well as Satisfaction in participating in the most exciting HOLIDATE of all Time known as:


FYI, to better understand The Phenomenon of The Importance of The EVENT, I have BEEn lauded as:

America's Premier Eventologist 

by Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine in Washington, DC ~ September of 1997;


The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World

by Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune in Chicago, Illinois ~ January of 2001.

My Creation of 1,900 HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE in 34 precise Categories covers "The Calendar" year-in and year-out.  Experts in The Fields of P[PULAR CULTURE, Astrid and I have our Bases covered.  You're not playing with Kids here, yet our Mentality is drawn from Pleasant Childhood Memories that never left us, but remained in our ARTS & Passions for Nature, Equality and Animal Welfare.

As CBS News stated:  “Starting in 2006, they have watched as the Rates of Dead BEES almost tripled due to a Condition called Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD. And, with the latest Data, it appears the Trend is not getting any better.”

“There are Pesticides; DeForestation and Climate Change

 that add to The BEES' Burden to survive.” 


Saturday, November 5, 2016 – 5:02 AM CST 

Sunday, November 6, 2016 – 4:30 PM CST

“The Psychology & Purpose of  Pro-Active Nature Campaigns: 

A Constant Flow of BEE Content (Words + ART)

that instructs how Nature must be restored with Humanity

 starts a PRO-BEE Movement

and thus an astute Impact is ignited.

Explore unchartered Territory while BEE-ing socially responsible are The Daily Gains

while continuously making a Positive Effect on greater and greater Audiences.


Thursday, November 3, 2016 – 6:18 AM & 5:47 PM CST

Friday, November 4, 2016 – 6:47 AM CST

Sunday, November 6, 2016 – 5:32 AM CST

“Let's roll. Life and Living are at stake.
Plants & Animals and Plenty of Humans
are fighting for their Lives."

In Twitter:

 #Lets_ roll_Life_and_Living_Я_at_stake.

Granted, We have bitten off a lot to chew, digest, spit out and regurgitate as Mama Birds do for their Off-spring.  There is an Upside; however, and that is:  When We pool our Resources & Talents together and work consistently & around “The Clock” in Zones We may never ever visit except for “on Google,” rest assured The Burden Life carries will be listed for The Bees/Birds and all driven and imparted by Nature.  As Poco's 1972 Hit Song portrays: “It's a Good Feeling to know” We can change and that THAT Change will multiply and positively affect one and all, possibly in an Instant by an Illustration that Astrid creates or a “Catch-All” Motto or Sentence I write and distribute to our immense Readership & Followers, as Twenty-First Century Influencers.


“For those of you “on The Cutting Edge or Fringe” who need an Action Activity worthwhile to dig your proverbial Teeth into, honing into a Campaign as significant as THE YEAR OF SAVING THE BEE will BEE that Choice.  At The Close of December, 2017, History will see this Campaign as one lending Credence & BEE-LIEVABILITY? to your “Build-up” of BEE-ING a greater Humanitarian, Parent, Public Figure and/or P[P CULTURE Enthusiast.”


Friday, November 4, 2016 – 5:09 AM CST


(Most often Plant-based):

If you BEECOME a Participant, you are cordially invited to participate in BEE Haus 101. How Innovation saves BEES and impacts your Bottom Line will BEE our First Social Media Post as January, 2017 kicks into High Gear.  After all, there's no APP for what We (as a Societal Entity) can and must do now!  

Astrid and I hope to hear from you soon.  Merci – Thank you for your anticipated Participation and/or Donations.

This BEEROCRACY acts as a HIVE OF ACTIVITY in order to shine a Light on The BEES' Plight – that of a 1/10TH of a Gram in Weight of a BEEING  - an ageless Survivor (until NOW) - who feeds us; who stings us; who intrigues us;  one who We slurp-up his Honey while battling him away with Epi-Pens.  This Love/Hate Relationship of Man with BEE as Predator – against Pollinator – has now turned.  It's now us combined together gain The Nastiness of Time and Man's gluttonous Vices.” 


Saturday, November 5, 2016 – 5:04 AM CST

“To BEE or not to BEE.  William Shakespeare had the “Write Idea.”  Will you BEECOME a Card-Carrying BEE Benefactor (BEENEFACTOR) and Part of THE PULSE of:  THE YEAR OF SAVING THE BEE with us?  We certainly hope you do!




The Aesop of The 20TH &  21ST Centuries

3i’s:  implant. involve. influence.

Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter – Video Actor


“People read what ASK writes about…”

STUDIOS 5820 - 1258 - 1437

Chicago, Illinois USA


847-630-9201 - Cell


Twitter:  @ASK_Koopersmith



1Let me tell you about The Birds & The Bees:  The 1964 Single Release by Jewel Akens.

2 Albert Einstein  Quote:

3Early Cretaceous Eon (100,000,000 years ago:

4 Influencers.  How Degrees of Influencers make The World a more influencesome Arena.  KOOPERSMITHian  Term of Origin:
Sunday, November 6, 2016 – 7:01 AM CST


Created November 1, 2016 to be launched on January 1, 2017

6Fluent BEEESE BEE-TALYST.  Not a BEETLE (Coleoptera inLatin Name).


PS:  As a perpetual and continuous Work-in-Progress.  Checkout Astrid's BEE-BAG, equipped with Seeds to plant that allow BEES to feast & flourish.  Her Book, Gabriel and Celéstine debuts THE FAiRY QUEEN that promises to BEEDAZZLE as the newest BEELOVED Character in TOYLAND.   Plans include Gabriel and Celéstine will BEE scored as an Animated Movie and later circulated/distributed in 2017. Leaflets will accompany each Product.  Your Participation will steer Present and Future Generations into a refreshing and #BEE_utiful Mindset & Setting that Man can, should and will have a Home that is shared as a Peaceable Kingdom by Creatures both SMALL and LARGE, where “a Taste of Milk and Honey” are proverbially preserved for each Human and Non-Human. 
* * *

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