Friday, February 17, 2017

Losing My Apartment in 10 Days. Need Donations & Contributions to make a Smooth Move. Cat-in-Tow.

ASK/Chicago:  This is a totally dreadful Situation.  Can you say Nightmare?  If I had “Worse Enemies,” I would not even wish it on to them. Now, cutting to The Chase and The Cause of my Concern: 


I need FINANCIAL Assistance in transitioning.  No, it's NOT that Transition that's on the Nightly News.  I'm quite pleased with my “SELF” and plan on keeping all Body Parts for as long as possible, as they are.  HOWEVER, this is a Situation many Seniors are finding themselves in who are on a Fixed Income and suddenly find their World turned upside down due to an ailing Companion.


My Apartment Building has gone Condo-Conversion (again) and I'm kicked out (again) – along with my NEW CAT, Cali, The Calico.  This is the Second Time this has happened in 3.5 years!  For months, I've methodically searched THE SCENE (on and off-line as I'm an avid Researcher) & cannot find an appropriate Place since the Market has gone haywire.  Nor do I not plan on moving outside of Rogers Park or Edgewater as every one of the vital Necessities I need (from Food to Transportation) is right at my Fingertips.  A Monthly Rent for a One Bedroom in Rogers Park is approximately $1,200 and you must show you have three (3) times that Amount in the Bank; then there's the Credit Check; Admin Fees; non-refundable Move-in Fees as well as Moving Expenses that add up to Hundreds of Dollars.  


Due to Robert's Illnesses & Hospitalizations where he has visited the ICU Five (5) Times (alone) the last 3.5 years, We are rendered Penniless for any sort of Increases as I have been his SOLE CARETAKER the last Fourteen (14) Years.  Plus, his Credit is deplorable & mine is non-existent. 


Therefore, I need a Start-Up Donation of $5,000 which includes (those) MOVING Expenses, but any Amount would be much appreciated and would be put to GOOD USE IMMEDIATELY.  Today, Friday, February 17, 2017 is Random Act of Kindness Day.  If you care to contribute or donate to Our Plight, please contact me on Facebook at:





or call me at:




IF you donate $1,000 or more, I'll be happy to write and send out a designated 100 of Social Media Posts for you and/or company starting after March 10, 2017 (for a Period of 2 Months (Monday-Friday), readying you (or your group/company) for Summer Time Activities) once I get settled IN with “Princess Cali.” 


IF you donate $100, I’ll send out 10 Social Media Posts to accommodate your generous Donation. 


OR, if you have a Spare/Vacant Room or Coach House that I can have FOR FREE from 1-3 Months, that also would be another Option - much appreciated with a Kitchen/Bed and spacious Place for Cali to roost. A nice enclosed Backyard would be very nice as she likes to go out and “hunt.”  She needs her Daily Exercise.


Please act quickly as We have to be out by February 27TH by Noon.  That's really soon!  Too soon for comfort. 


Thank you. 



ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Chicago – Illinois USA 


@ASK_Koopersmith (Twitter)

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