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How a Grand mushrooms into a Million Dollar Experience. Promotions made simple via ASK: AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith, The Creator of PRAMology.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017
(in Time for Holiday Gift-Giving 
2018 Promotions)

Original Dateline:  Monday, March 6, 2017 - 1:09 PM CST 
Update:  Sunday, July 16, 2017 - 5:34 AM CST

Throwing my Hat into The Ring and due to “The Unmitigated” Fact (as you have undoubtedly read throughout The Years) I love composing and distributing Social Media.  Writing my Blogs furthers everyone’s insatiable Interest in knowing more about exciting Topics as yours.  

In order to successfully do this, I have spear-headed my own:

PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing

Company – since I was 16; therefore my History is sealed and signed in Stone.  Yes, I remember those Days when I stood in line at The Post Office.  Patience was a Virtue… Now I am able to get 85% more done every Day since of The Finesse I’ve gained by using advanced Social Media Techniques.  Plus, my Style of Friendliness seems to garner a fair Amount of Attention that has deemed me as a Leading Influencer who happens to be based in the Third most important City in and throughout the Continental USA.

With that being said, “My Plan of Relevance for 2017” is to carve-out a Block of Time for you every Week (Monday – Friday).  A Maximum of Two (2) Hours a Day with a Cost Incremental of:

2 Hours X $50.00/Hour = $100.00 a Day = $500 (a Week)

X 4 Weeks in a Month = $2,000 prepaid.

I basically use Twitter (that is the most Effective Tool I have found); Facebook and LinkedIn (which I like least) to send out Posts/Blurbs/Notices of where you’re going to be Event-wise as in upcoming Art Gallery Receptions/Openings, Book-Signings; speaking at Tech Symposiums, etc.  These can then be sent to targeted Audiences since my Mailing Lists are specifically angle at 34 Categories, useful Categories as that who:

"Read what ASK writes about...:"
that I am extremely proud to have cultivated since 1979.

What I find to be extremely popular is (com)posting a Quote you’ve made along with a Website. This give Name Recognition to you as your Name is instantly #HASHTAGGED while driving Traffic and hoisting Sales.  That, of course, means you now have a File online - in Cyberspace where People can refer to you instantaneously.  Reporters love this added Help in locating the Movers & Shakers they wish to report on and about.


IF you’ve penned and published a Book, I can be hired to review that Book (paying special Attention to your Publisher’s Social Media Accounts & Modus Operandi).  Let's not forget if you wish to sell BOOKS or  ALBUMS or PAINTINGS, under every Author/Musician/Artist is his/her/their Goal  is to affect a Change and have his/her Legacy live in between those Covers and Musical Notes and Works-of-Art.  

SPECIFICALLY FOR AUTHORS: IF you want your Book (250 Pages or less) read and reviewed in a Week, that Price is $2,000, prepaid. That Review will be placed on my Blog as its own separate Entry and sent to vast Numbers of Literary Outlets for that Two (2) Hour Period Monday-Friday.  It's a Win-Win Situation clear across The Board. All Projects are customized for the Greatest Effect possible.

In a Month’s Time, that Rate is $1000, prepaid.

In both Instances, a Review is posted along with The Cover of The Book and Two (2) Additional Photographs to entice all Readers/Reviewers/Buyers who visit my Blog and who are driven there via The Social Media Posts I will send out during that: 

2 Hours X $50.00/Hour = $100.00 a Day = $500 (a Week) x 4 Weeks in a Month = $2,000 prepaid Experience.

IF you prefer that I keep you “ON MY RADAR” for a full Month, that Fee is $3,000 prepaid per Month.  On “ON MY RADAR” means that whenever I am online; at a Social Event; Conference and/or meet or find a Group that would benefit from YOUR Product/Line, they will be told about your latest Project; your Card will be given out - handed to THEM personally by ME.  This opens more Doors, as this new Person(ality) can contact you directly.  

For $3,000 a Month, prepaid I become your Assistant and "The Path" has been paved...for the Autumn, Winter, Gift-Buying Seasons and New Year ahead.  A Launch that your Product needs in this most Competitive Climate.  This particular Offer also runs on Saturday & Sunday when my Socializing is accelerated.

That amounts to Ten (10) extra Hours a Day of Work and Exposure by a consummate Professional: ME who (from April 5 - June 18, 2017 alone) did  Three (3) Interviews with the leading Broadcast Companies of:

NPR's Planet Money - New York City where the Reporter flew from NYC to Chicago to speak with me for an entire Day;

CNN based in Atlanta; and

NBC News based in New York City (Manhattan). 

These dynamic Corporations called ME after laying out The Groundwork - years of hard work and precise detail along with my Cutting Edge Style draws in those who can then extend your Product Line.

FYI:  As The Numbers stack up:

One of my Blogs received 8,800+ Readers.  Another Blog-Story on helping BEES survive in our polluted World is still growing, bypassing the 1,600 Mark.  People do read what I have to say and if The Subject Matter is as interesting as yours, this boils down to BIGGER FAN FARE = BIGGER SALES AND MORE INTEREST – all within  a  Month’s Time.

At the End of that Month, you are complimentarily sent a Chronological List of WHO was contacted so you can do follow-up, etc…if you know how to.  IF you need further Follow-Up we can discuss that on December 26 in order to rev up for 2018.    

One of the Advantages of this Offer is to endow you with The POW-tential to be a GUEST on any and every of the major Media:  TV Showgrams, Radio, Web, Podcasts, Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, Zines We faithfully watch-and-read every Day.

Please seriously consider how this Two-Hour a Day Opportunity can benefit you.  Only Four (4) Slots exist in my Time Table presently.  There will be turnover; so if you don’t get booked this Month; try again by the 25TH of each Month and throughout 2017. 

IN CLOSING:  By all means you may contact me for any and all Questions and Queries that arise. Being repped by a Personality-with-Clout who lives in the Third largest City in the USA, Chicago, Illinois speaks Volumes for itself (alone).  Thank you for your Listening.

This Blog’s Title:

How a Grand mushrooms into a Million Dollar Experience.  Promotions made simple via ASK: AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith, The Creator of PRAMology.

The corrected Title should now read as: 

How Two Grand mushrooms into a Million Dollar Experience.  Promotions made simple via ASK: AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith, The Creator of PRAMology.

However, because of all the Visitors to this Blog since its Inception, I’ve decided to keep the Title consistent.  

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