Monday, March 6, 2017

How a Grand mushrooms into a Million Dollar Experience. Promotions made simple via ASK: AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith, The Creator of PRAMology.

Dateline:  Monday, March 6, 2017 - 1:09 PM CST

Throwing my Hat into The Ring and due to “The Unmitigated” Fact (as you have undoubtedly read throughout The Years) I love composing & distributing Social Media.  Writing my Blogs furthers everyone’s insatiable Interest in knowing more about exciting Topics as yours.  

In order to successfully do this, I have spear-headed my own:

PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing

Company – since I was 16; therefore my History is sealed and signed in Stone.  Yes, I remember those Days when I stood in line at The Post Office.  Patience was a Virtue… Now I am able to get 85% more done every Day since of the Finesse I’ve gained by using advanced Social Media Techniques. 

With that being said, “My Plan of Relevance for 2017” is to carve-out a Block of Time for you every Week (Monday – Friday).  A Maximum of Two (2) Hours a Day with a Cost Incremental of:

2 Hours X $25.00/Hour = $50.00 a Day = $250 (a Week)

X 4 Weeks in a Month = $1,000 prepaid.

I basically use Twitter (that is the most Effective Tool I have found); Facebook and LinkedIn (which I like least) to send out Posts/Blurbs/Notices of where you’re going to be Event-wise as in upcoming Art Gallery Receptions/Openings, Book-Signings doing Q&A.  , Tech Symposiums, etc.

What I find to be extremely popular is (com)posting a Quote you’ve made along with a Website. This give Name Recognition to you as your Name is instantly #HASHTAGGED while driving Traffic and hoisting Sales. 


IF you’ve penned & published a Book, I can be hired to review that Book (paying special Attention to the Publisher’s Social Media Accounts).  IF you want The Book (250 Pages or less) read and reviewed in a Week, that Price is $1,000, prepaid.

In a Month’s Time, it is $800, prepaid.

In both Instances, a Review is posted along with The Cover of The Book & Two (2) Additional Photographs to entice all Readers/Reviewers/Buyers who visit my Blog & who are driven there via The Social Media Posts I will send out during that: 

2 Hours X $25.00/Hour = $50.00 a Day = $250 (a Week) x 4 Weeks in a Month = $1,000 prepaid Experience.

IF you prefer that I keep you “ON MY RADAR” for a full Month, that Fee is $3,000, prepaid per Month.  On “ON MY RADAR” means that whenever I am online; at a Social Event; Conference and/or meet or find a Group that would benefit from YOUR Product/Line, they will be told about you and it and/or dropped a Post with where they can contact you directly.  For $3,000 a Month, prepaid I become your Middle Man and the Path has been paved. 

That amounts to Ten (10) extra Hours a Day of Work and Exposure.   

FYI:  As The Numbers stack up:

One of my Blogs received 8,800+ Readers.  Another Blog-Story on helping BEES survive in our polluted World is still growing, bypassing the 1,600 Mark.  People do read what I have to say and if The Subject Matter is as interesting as yours, this boils down to BIGGER FAN FARE = BIGGER SALES AND MORE INTEREST – all within  a  Month’s Time.

At the End of that Month, you are complimentarily sent a Chronological List of WHO was contacted so you can do follow-up, etc…if you know how to.    

One of the Advantages of this Offer is to endow you with The POW-tential to be a GUEST on any and every of the major Media:  TV Showgrams, Radio, Web, Podcasts, Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, Zines We faithfully watch-and-read every Day.

Take a bit of time to consider how this Two-Hour a Day can benefit you.  Only Four (4) Slots exist in my Time Table presently.  There will be turnover; so if you don’t get booked this Month; try again by the 25TH of each Month and throughout 2017. 

IN CLOSING:  By all means you may contact me for any and all Questions & Queries that arise. Being repped by a Personality-with-Clout who lives in the Third largest City in the USA, Chicago, Illinois speaks Volumes for itself (alone).  Thank you for your Time & Expertise. 





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