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FATHER HEROS’ WEEK ©2017: The Creation of a HOLIDATE honoring The Institution of Fatherhood.

ASK's Editorial Remark: After Thoughts

In My Quest of being a “Word Genius at Term Creation” while I perused The BLOGS I penned this Year according to Themes (that I felt were pertinent), my Eyes fixated on The Words:



and suddenly created a new Term that swells with Relevance & Thought Provocation:


Not that a lot – most – or any Dads (for that matter) unless We do a Headcount are:




[as it takes certain Factors to line-up for an(y) EVENT to happen) but this POW:  PLAY-ON-WORDS is Way/Weigh for us to look at THE FAT (meaning excess and excessive; pork if you think “governmental”) and how Man (mis)governs himself.

Fathers and those who appear as “Father Figures” have waged and bullied their Way through this Year, namely 2017, a Period marked by Sexual Allegations that have totally obliterated and scorched “The News” (after The Political Warfare of 2016) and now destroying and crushing The Careers & Livelihoods of countless Individuals (both Allegators & Allegatees) who are now pointing “The Finger” and rushing off to hire a high-priced and powered Legal Team. 

This Malevolence (volatile & violence-based) is setting a grave Negative Connotation into The Minds of Our Impressionable Youths (who for the last Decade) have acted out in their own unsophisticated Manner by staging Hazing Parties, College Campus Frat Rapes, School Shootings, etc.   The Topic is complex. Most of the GP: General Population are not Psychologists learned to figure out what goes on in “The Mind of Modern Man” but Greed & Obsession really need to be harnessed. With that being said, my newly created HOLIDATE that launches on Monday, January 1, 2018 named:


has taken on new Meaning & Definition being penned on Friday, October 20, 2017. Harness and Corral your Vices & Sins because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH already. 

With that being said, please continue reading this BLOG & feel free to comment or visit me regularly on Twitter at:


where I am one of the few  (not corporations, agencies or firms) to have reached the(ir) (100,000 Post this Year, being inducted into The Twitter Hall of Fame.  Brevity [at even the colossal amount of 280 Characters] is a Challenge.  We should be up for plenty of those with The Dawn of a New Year. Make The Best of it with The Best that you have…


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AUTHOR's NOTE:  The following is a Facebook Post I wrote earlier today (Monday, June 12)  addressing a very important Topic that needs to be addressed that was inspired by Attorney Jeffery M. Leving of Chicago.  It is also The Beginning of The Formation of a Holidate that continues our beloved Father's Day Tradition that is 107 Years Old as of 2017.  Updates & Facelifts are always important in the Advancement of a extremely serious Issue.  This Blog Entry serves and stands as one of those. 
* * *
ASK /Chicago: As We approach Father's Day at the end of this Week, a few Words to ponder and take to heart:


So I am enjoying the Day. Strolling around #PrintersRowLitFest on Sunday, June 11, 2017 in the early Afternoon when I approached a BOOTH with someone who looked VAGUELY familiar to me. Then, all of a sudden I put 2 + 2 2gether & saw that it was Jeffery M. Leving that I see on TV all the time! So I blurted that out; but I'm sure he gets “THAT” all the Time, being so visible on a ForeFront that is one of a Family's Greatest Threats to their Safety & Welfare:



When Families break up and The Kids are fought over.



Being the Product of such a self-destructive Family (Unit), I realize how that is carried through a complete Child's LifeTime and impacts them; the Mates and Choices they make after the(ir) Parents’ divorce.



Attorney Leving and his Partner & I chatted for several Minutes. I asked him about the State of Divorced Husbands who finally attain and get to share Custody Rights and about Parents that abscond (kidnap or snatch) their Kids and then return to a far distant HOMELAND, where the remaining Parent has to hire the appropriate Agents to negotiate the Child’s Return. Attorney Leving is also involved in that Scenario – one Faction I had not considered when listening to his TV Commercial.



Needless to say: There’s a Hollywood Movie there in “The Making” – all at The Cost of the Child’s Security & sound Mental Health. Bitterness never works. Every Child should be able to experience an “Age of Innocence” where all he or she needs to do is GROW up surrounded by Love, Education and Familial Support.



SO THIS STARTED ME THINKING AFTER OUR CHAT: Father’s Day began in 1910 according to Google. That makes this Tradition at its 107TH Anniversary Birthday Celebration as of Sunday, June 18. Now, since I’m “America’s Premier Eventologist,” a new HOLIDATE should be creatively invented called:





starting on the Third Sunday of June running through the Fourth (4TH) Week giving Dads everywhere “The Gift of Time” which is something We never have enough (of) with Our Parents. It’s delightful and reassuring to know that our Generation is living the longest – well into their 80s – 90s and many seeing 100+.



And, The Spokesperson(ality), of course, would be Jeffery M. Leving who has been fighting for Fathers’ Rights for a very long Time. After all, #Fathers_matter_most. It’s important to keep a Perspective on WHO’s been there for us. A Dad serves as The Basis of a well-balanced Child.



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