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EDITORIAL NOTE: After spending two sensation Days at the GREENFEST in Chicago at Navy Pier on May 17-18, 2008, I decided to do some Self-Introspection to see exactly why I am as ‘Green’ as I am. Therefore, this Reflective Issue of KOOPERSMITHin’ ® is entitled:

Going the Green Distance with Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Chicago Personality; Green Advocate & Promoter of GORF: ‘America’s Greenest Mascot’ ®

and details THE TOP 10 REASONS as to my lifelong Fixation with The GREEN Movement. In it, you may find Similarities that can further help SAVE THE PLANET and increase the Life of all its Creatures.

1) Grandfather Srul Koopersmith founded a Scrap Metal Yard in the early 1900s in Mendota, Illinois, my Hometown (a small Farming Community located 100 Miles southwest of Chicago) where I grew up with Green Grass under my Toes. Inheriting the Business, my Father, Louis’s Profession or Livelihood was that of a Junk Dealer along with being the Mayor (for nearly 16 years). Therefore, my Family can be categorized amongst ‘The First Recyclers’ in the USA. I was born with the R-Gene: Recycle ingrained.

2) I have been biking since age 6 when I hopped on my First Tricycle, a Taylor (which I still have). As a Lifestyle Enhancement today, I can proudly boast of Bicycling non-stop since Tuesday, February 25, 1997 in The City of Chicago well known for its extensive Bike Paths and sound Mayoral Endorsements for The Sport. Not only have I permanently reduced 4 inches of Baby-Fat from My Hips (due to The Manifestation commonly known as ‘Writer’s Spread’) in that Period of Time, but I have found lost $; returned Cell Phones for Rewards and even beat the CTA Elevated Train (Public Transportation) Home on Scores of Occasions -- all completed while ‘BIKINGREEN ®’, undoubtedly as ‘THE GREENEST SPORT’ with numerous Cardio-Respiratory Benefits attached. Whereby my Indoor Stationary Bicycle allows me to R&R: Read ‘n Ride as well as E&E: Exercise & Educate (myself) with each Push of the Peddle(s).

3) Another Form of REcycling, much of my Wardrobe is composed of Second Hand Clothes; all in top-notch Condition, Stylish and distinctively One-of-a-Kind. It’s no longer the ‘Little Black Dress,’ Girls, it’s the ‘Little Green Dress’ that grabs the most Attention these Days for obvious designing Reasons. And, you’ve read it here first! Today, Haute Couture can make you stand apart from the average Crowd while embracing THE RULES of how to get-&-stay GREEN and fashionable while being affordably in-style.

4) My Diet is healthy as it is strictly regulated and affected by the 10+ Miles I bike every Day (see #2 above). Yes, even in Chicago’s coldest, windiest and nastiest Weather, I’m cycling, as it’s Part of my OHC: Optimal Health Cycle. Furthermore, I no longer possess that nasty ‘Guilt Complex’ so many have while trying to enjoy their Meals. With (some) Moderation in place, because of my Daily Workouts (that are most enjoyable and not cumbersome), I can splurge and not be ashamed of my Consumption after that Indulgence or any others for that matter. Most People can’t claim that. If they don’t admit that, (just by looking at them) confirms they are not healthy and caring for themselves. If they cannot care for themselves, they cannot care for THE EARTH. Checkout and analyze the latest Stats on Obesity in America if you don’t believe me. But that aGAIN, is yet another TV Segment.

5) Automobiles are extremely limited in My Sphere. With severely limited Car Usage, I only drove (possibly 3-4 times a Week) from the Ages of 16-20 and 23-25. Now @ 55 (I’ll be 56 on August 9TH), it is 30 YEARS that I have not emitted any Carbon Footprint, (ob)noxious Fumes, dire Pollutants and poisonous Chemicals into our Atmosphere. For a ‘Little Gal from Mendota,’ that’s a pretty stiff Assignment and tall Order. However, the RE-Assurance is: IF I can ‘DO IT’ – every Body can and better than that: SHOULD make GREEN a Daily Priority, as important as 3 Square Meals a Day and calling your Mother (but not necessarily in that order).

After arriving in Chicago in May of 1974, like tens of thousands of others, I began taking Public Transportation (Trains and Buses) to my Jobs (located in The Loop – the Heart of ‘The Windy City’) from 1974-1991. With a home-based business operation, commuting suddenly became non-existent. Besides gaining 10 Hours back into my Schedule weekly from ‘The Commute,’ those added Expenses and Complications disappeared with my Onslaught of ‘Biking Everywhere’ (regardless of what the Weather decreed). The Benefits are too many to account for. Since that Pivotal Date of February 25, 1997, I have biked 10 Miles daily and am, undoubtedly, the Healthiest BabyBoomer (i.e.: Poster Gal) who graduated with the Class of 1970.

6) I never saw a Need to litter while ‘Growing Up Koopersmith.’ That’s what Garbage Cans were manufactured for. It’s not complicated to ‘put-back, restack & refile the Pile.’ By the same Token, I never saw a Need to ‘litter-up’ my Inner Environment with Alcohol, Drugs, Pill-Popping or Smoking Cigarettes. I pride myself on keeping both my Inner and Outer Environments puRE, well-groomed and consider each and every Day ‘Earth Day’ without being constantly REminded by those nouveau Green-Gone-Mad Mavericks who have REcently jumped on THE GREEN BANDWAGON for self-satisfying and capitalistically, gREedy REasons.

7) Channeling into GREEN and its Ideologies is strictly a Personal Undertaking. However, for those of us who have experienced Healthier Days (and my Track Record here on Earth goes back 55.5 Years), it’s frightening and appalling to see what Man(kind) has destroyed. Few would dispute that The NATURE of THE PLANET is completely different from The Days of My Youth. This Phenomena is what I see as:


(and the entire Planet for that matter). With Populations living longer, the Findings REport that LIVING GREEN(ER) will add more years to One’s Lifespan. For many Individuals, Longevity (itself) is expanding. This is spelled out as: L-O-N-G-E-R. In the Past, Quick Fixes haven’t worked. Team Efforts that produce Green Events and ongoing Programming are Two of the better-rated Mediums besides Great (GREEN) Parenting that I (fortunately) had which molded me into a GREEN PIONEER even before FLOWER CHILDREN took root and the ‘Strawberry Fields (bloomed) forever…’ Will People decide TO GREEN THEIR WORLD without being bribed by Incentives? That Angle will be interesting to follow as The Concept evolves moreso.

8) ‘ASK’ me about GORF that I conscientiously use as a daily Marketing Ploy & Prop to enhance THE GREEN MOVEMENT to all People of all Ages, Makes, Models and Denominations. GORF is symbolically utilized as a REminder to all HE comes in contact with to be GREEN. Separate Pages (compiled from over 1,000 Pages already penned about ‘THE GRIN REAPER ®’) are enclosed for your Perusal and ultimate: Entertainment and Enjoyment.

“Why is this so? Why is GORF so magnetic?”

MIXING THE BILLION DOLLAR TOY INDUSTRY WITH GREEN: With a strong Visual Message, (as a Plush Toy), GORF adamantly and adoringly confirms that every Picture conveys 1000 Words and Messages that contain the Potential and Capacity to drive others (in)to Action. These Actions may not have formerly have been undertaken on One’s own Prerogative. GORF inlays a Seed of GREEN Consciousness to those he meets that is unforgettable.

EDITORIAL INSERT: Email me at: for a photoGORF of GORF. KOOPERSMITHin' is structured as strictly Words without Visuals...

9) ‘GREEN’ is much more than a Secondary Color on The Color Wheel. It’s a fixed yet flexible Lifestyle Choice and Selection that (once Decades pass) will only prove that Life (as well as improve Living) can be lengthened substantially if a Greener-Cleaner-Keener-Leaner Path is imparted and consistently followed. I firmly believe that:

“GREEN begins in The Womb.”®

As a matter of fact, this Quote (now found in GORF’s Introductory Pages) could be The Opening of your TV Program Debut. If you design a Segment where People are interviewed for their FAVORITE GREEN QUOTES, I definitely would tape this One for you as its Meaning is universal.

Feel free to quote unquote me on ‘The GREEN Womb’ Phrase, if you like. To celebrate the blessed Occasion, a limited Edition of Baby Green T-Shirts with GORF embroidered on the Front & Back (designed by me) are available for Newborns & their Parents for a reasonable Charge.

10) Due to my Green Eyes, Brunette Hair and August Birthday (with the Peridot as its Birthstone), I look GIG: Good In Green, no matter what other Talents Mother Nature bestowed me with including Kindness, Human Compassion for The Underdog, Love of Challenges & Chocolate, Pop Culture and being able to write, create, ideate, visualize and trendset till THE FROGS come home. The Color GREEN alone speaks for itself. With Bands of ‘Green People’ involved in Green Actions, the Momentum builds stronger every Day.

The Test of Time and correct Lifestyle Choices have allowed me to be the LEADINGREEN ® Personality that I am. The Brand of ASK is THE GREENEST found anywhere. It doesn’t get any GREENER than me!

IN FINAL SUMMARY: The Entire Green Cycle Round-Up per ASK

Since Birth, by utilizing Parental Guidance, Higher Education and Wisdom, combined with eating the proper Diet and incorporating Exercise into each Day, the Secondary Factors as Family Dynamics, Historical Insights, Healthy Habits, Networking, Sports as Biking, Reading, Communications, Promotions, Transportation, Wardrobe, following a Green Lifestyle, it has been ‘ONE GREAT GREEN ADVENTURE.’ To continue my accomplished yet ever-expanding Cycle, sharing its Fine(r) Points via this Blog, KOOPERSMITHin’ ® would “show others that a GREEN STATEMENT is The Mindset to mine.”

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Wednesday, May 15, 2008 – 6:56 PM

“People read what ADRIENNE writes about…”
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Clarence said...

Saw the frog GORF while walking around at The GreenFest at Chicago's Navy Pier. Amazing how much attention that little green guy drew. But then again, maybe it's not so amazing. What could be a more appropriate symbol of all things green? Adrienne, keep writing in that snappy style. Al Gore may have the right message, but listening to him is like taking ten sleeping pills. Listening to you is a breath of fresh air. And that's one of the big things it's all about - fresh air, for us and our children and their children.