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Unveiling the Top 19 Companies at the 2008 ALL CANDY EXPO

The Who, What, When, Where and Why nut...of Candy in May, 2008

Bite by Byte, the ALL CANDY EXPO (ACE) defeats the 'Moderation' Issue a Gain.
When Excess 'Sweet it is.'

Once again and a Gain, it's time to look at the State of the Candy Nation and figure (no Pun intended) out WHO from WHERE exhibited WHAT (a/k/a: the Best Product Line(s) for the 12TH Annual ACE: ALL CANDY EXPO transpiring in Chicago on May 20-22, 2008. Known as the largest Confectionery Show in North America, the 'ACE' was created and produced by the National Confectioners Association, one of the oldest and most respected Trade Associations in the World in order to acknowledge, advance and publicize the immediate Interests of the Confectionery Industry, its Customers and Consumers.

In other Words, ALL of us.

Needless to say, it's the Sweetest Event (albeit Halloween) to attend and primarily sets The Wheels in Motion and eMotion to sample and ultimately, discover, purchase, consume and share the Moment with others of (a) Tasty Confection(s) that are making and/or premiering on 'The Scene.'

"Is it a Trend or is it Mars?" is the consistent Question I have been ASK-ing since I learned to speak and speak-up, out-on, for and behalf of CANDY. At times, I feel the Family's last name should be changed to Candysmith instead of Koopersmith, but then, alas, there would go the Inheritance...

It is safe to say that Chocolate is past 'The Trend State,' coming into its own Sphere with a Giant Leap from the Mega-Bar Corporations to finer Designer Chocolate Boutiques that can only be culled, called and classified as 'elegant.' You know WHO you are and WHY you're in Biz!

Whether The Candy is a Trend or not, long or short-shelved, a Lifestyle Choice like Chocolate, the #1 Titillation of 'all Things Candy,' that endlessly grabs the active Consumer after the aromatic Smell is unleashed is: THE PACKAGING. Candy just makes you smile, especially if it's wrapped up and can be(come) a Collectible. It takes a Village to design and harvest a Crop of Confection, a new Candy Concoction or Snack. It takes The Planet (with all its little Villages and Villageteers) to accept and embrace it as its own. Then, add in the Price Factor even without accounting for transporting the Product to The Town Square Grocery. The Profitability Factor erodes away (and a weigh) before the swallowed and digested 'Bar' finds its home on your Hips. Confections + Snacks are a Sweet and Tasty Business, but it is a Business, nevertheless with every (perishable) Pitfall imaginable.

Inquiring Minds are curious as The PQ: Pervasive Question so many asked was: "How much do 'they' have to give away before someone will actually buy the Product at the(ir) local grocers and food outlet? With what People were hauling off the floor, it looked like their Household would be sufficiently set-in-sweets till the next Expo came to town!

"Business is baffling, but it's sweetened up quite a bit(e) by Candy."

Quote of: ASK
Friday, May 23, 2008 - 11:34 AM

Unfortunately, few 'Sweet Dreams" remain on the Open Marketplace. Products flop. It depends on a vast Array of Circumstances and endless Factors.

However, Three of the primo deciding Factors are:

Taste, Timing & Trends.
(The 3-T's have you).

If you got those Mileposts (as in: "GOT CANDY?") set in place, the Customers will come; the Bloggers will blog; the World will live as one big happy Candified Lot and Junior's College Education will be paid off.

Therefore, in order to get your Sweets Allotment for Memorial Day Weekend (or any Weekend for that matter since Candy is a Universal Commodity when People have The Tendency (yet another T-Term) to SPLURGE more,

ASK's Top 'Sweet 16' Sweets' List ®

(that originated in June of 2004 begins with these Morsels all found, tried and sampled during the ACE (All Candy Expo). It was demanding work. Rumor had it that if you sampled and kept walking up and down The Aisles (even at a slower, less brisk pace or clip), the Calorie Content of each Morsel would lessen substantially. That made perfect Sense to me. This was an Impossibility to do many times with a mouth-overloaded with Sugar. Furthermore, Talking burnt up numerous Calories. Listening and its Side-Kick, Concentration ate up more. After all, Somebody had to DO IT on my Way to Eternal Martyrdom.

Since Candy is strictly (of) a Personal Taste and what I like may not be enjoyed by another, the Name and Website are only listed. Easy Access to their Website is given so you can locate a Seller in your Region in order to try these New Treats. This Tip-Off-Sheet lets you know WHO rated at the Candy Convention. If you only need to eat Candy & Snacks, this 'Top Sweet 16 Selection of Recommendation' are the preferred Elites in which to indulge. Contrary to popular and unpopular Belief, I am only human. Besides, I'd rather spend my time eating Candy than reading about Candy. Priorities rule. After all, it was (the other) Dr. Koop who told you so.

GO AHEAD: Be brave. Go forth and savor-their-flavor while flavoring-their-savor. On a more serious Note, the One Main Criteria that was honored and upheld to the last Shred of Coconut was the Golden Rule of Sustainability and how Earth-Friendly or 'GREEN' the Parent Company was.

After all, like the Red-Eyed Tree Frog (whose Family lost 179 Species to Extinction) although Frogs outlived the Mighty Dinosaur and have inhabited the Planet the last 217,000,000 years now, it is Our Generation that is diminishing their Numbers and killing them off. That is past SHAME-FULL. Said in a differnt, more alarming and all-encompassing Diagram or Diorama: that direly and directly affects YOU and YOURS:

THE TIME TO WISEN UP: 'Do the Math' is now.
In a nutshell, or in just 1,511 Words, 212 Lines and 7,696 Characters (with no Spaces) here...

If there's no Amazon, there's no Rain Forest.
There's no Cashews; no Chocolate.
No amphibians and therefore, ultimately, no All Candy Expo.

Such is the Shuffle of Life that operates here on this Plain We call Planet E(arth) in a Domino Affect which is more of a Defect these Days. There is nothing too sweet about that Eye-Opening stark Koopersmithian Realization & Revelation (that too few do not consider in their Daily Regiments and Routines to GO GREEN). Except, by that time, it won't really matter, if at all, will it?

Without further adieu, ASK's Top 'Sweet 16' Sweets' List ® Candy-dates (ie: that's really 'Candidates,' but the Pun was just too clever not to include here) are:

1. Storck, USA, LP.

2. Walker's Shortbread, Inc.

3. Chocolate Impressions.

4. Otis & Betty's.

5. The Incredible Chocolate Company. "Where Crocs rule."

6. Betta.

7. Wondertreats, Inc.

8. Landrin Waferatto Gold from Russia.

9. Sahale Snacks.

10. Java Rocks. 'Get beaned.'

11. Hazelnut Council.

12. Arabian Delights. Chocodate with Almonds. Laronda Emirates LLC in Dubai.

13. Stewart Candy Co.

14. Goetze's Candy Company, Inc.

15. Choclatique.

16. Yummy Earth. "Phil Lempert-approved."

Three additional Awards that deserve a Citation are given out as:

Most Innovative Award to: Hardwood Products Co., LLC in Maine.

Most Elegant Award to: Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates (Handmade).

Most Eco-Logical Award to: Mellace Family Brands, Inc. Mama Mellace's Nut Hut; Old World Treats. All Natural. No Trans Fat. No Cholesterol. Pure Snacktrition. A likely Motto for them (it seems would be): 'Get out of your Rut, eat a Mellace Nut!' Found online at:

ie: 'Bar' none...

Today, it is not enough if it's an Iconic Brand. The Competition is fierce. The Battle for the 'Best Bar' is ongoing with each T-T: Techno-Trend that pops up. To get to that Level of Iconicism, that means you've arrived and are 'branded.' If it tastes good and now is good-for-you (with Diet and Longevity leading the Way and in Total View of what gets to the Plate and subsequently, the Palate), then gracefully rising through The Ranks to ICONicism is just a few strategically-sweet Steps away...

As Jennifer Walker of Madison, Wisconsin poignantly stated on our Ride back into the City on Wednesday, May 21st at 5:02 PM: "The All Candy Expo is a dignified Trick-or-Treat Event. Everybody comes dressed in the same Business Casual Costumes."

Truer Words were never spoken or eaten.

©1979-2008. Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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