Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday, 4-5-9 OR 4 + 5 = 9

Chicago, IL USA:

For those into Numerology, there's a simple formula those gamblin types play if a Lottery Game is being held on that day and date. Therefore, for the winning 3 numbers are:


a stellar phenomena that will not happen ever again in this Century.

With that said, for those interested in Ecology so that our Grandchildren do see the DAWN OF A NEW DAY, tonight on PBS at 7 PM CST, a documentary on FROGS will be aired. Not many people realize that the Amphibious FROG is 217,000,000 years old meaning he outlived the Extinction of the Mighty Dinosaur. Many think he did that by holding out in Miami Bogs that were quite huge at the time. No matter how funny that may be, it can be ascertained that FROGS were smart enough to survive such a massive extinction. However, the sad facts for today show that 68 Frog Species is now extinct and/or on the Endangered Species List - dying in Our Generation, which is not a humane legacy to have.

Therefore, instead of being behind the lines, take an active role in Earth Day that falls within the Month of April and think Green. It's alot easier to be green these days than ever before and not only are you saving a Species that is near and dear to us, but the Planet, our only Home.

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