Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Help Pounce heal...calling all CAT Lovers...Unite to help a Kitty.

Chicago, IL USA

There's nothing sweeter than a little Cat -- and this one at:


needs our immediate help. As a kitten, she lost one of her eyes and needs surgery. She's in the hands now of humans who love her, but she has many fulfilling lives ahead to lead. Check out her video made of her escapades at:

And you will see how she still acts as a frisky darling kitten regardless of her disability -- indeed a story we can all learn from.

More info on POUNCE is found at:

Read Full Story:
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Support the Help Me Heal Program... This extraordinary program helps animals receive the surgery and medical care they need to live healthy and happy lives.

As an animal lover, this organization is one of the tops in America. My Mother turned me on to it several weeks ago. Every day at:

you can FEED the Animals - by just clicking a button - you are feeding a hungry animal. This takes a fraction of a second and yet it fills a hungry tummy.

Don't just read this, due your part today!


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In honor of my Siamese CAT, THA HIN KOOPERSMITH (June, 1962- July, 1970)

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